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......gomen fails. From subsidy for all to targeted subsidy and then no subsidy- all because gomen fail to curb illegal smuggling out of locally subsidised goods to neighbour countries by enforcer-linked profiteering syndicates

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The unfortunate journey from universal subsidies to targeted subsidies, and eventually to no subsidies at all, reflects a troubling trajectory shaped by the government's inability to stem the tide of illegal smuggling facilitated by profit-driven syndicates with ties to untouchable VVIPs and enforcement agencies.

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....with subsidy cut when corruptible ppl are put to key positions and further plunder the country coffer, leading to subsidy cut.

When musangs are assigned to jaga reban, this is the end results: The staggering losses incurred by Felda in 2022, amounting to RM1 billion, nearly double the losses from the previous year, highlight the consequences of entrusting unworthy individuals with leadership roles. The auditor-general's report sheds light on the mismanagement and poor decision-making that have plagued Felda, ultimately leading to dire financial outcomes.

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prk KKB issue: Ra0001

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