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Tinplate selling price remains moving upwards as stated by Johortin in the latest quarterly report.

Prospect - Johortin
Steel price continue its uptrend and with the higher raw material costs, we will have to adjust our selling prices accordingly and this will create a challenging business environment for tin cans.

2021-04-17 14:56

lionel messi

Based on the previous 3rd qtr result, coming 4th qtr result is likely to be good. Hopefully dividend will go back to pre pandemic level of 30 sen per financial year.

2021-04-27 12:09


Perstima may not be able to pay high dividend as cash is needed to fund the new factory in Philippines. Expecting dividend of 30 cents to 50 cents when Philippines factory starts contributing profit.

2021-05-03 13:15

lionel messi

Good results and big div coming?

2021-05-05 15:08


Good news to Perstima to increase profit margin on their products.

2021-05-05 15:14


Electrolytic tinplate products are under HS code 7210 which is within the range of the removal of the of export rebate.

2021-05-05 15:34


Currently, Persima was merely enjoyed net profit margin 9% in the latest QR, at much lower than export rebate given by China. The potential of margin hike is imminent in near future as Asia electrolytic tinplate prices is mostly driven by the influx of products from China with the fully refund of 13% VAT for export overseas.

2021-05-05 16:08


Buy n keep
Good dividend!

2021-05-06 21:08


Electrolytic tinplate market works in an oligopoly manner. It seems they have a common consensus in setting up a factory in each country of SEA.

Factory capacity per year
1. Perstima Malaysia - 200,000 mt
2. Perstima Vietnam - 120,000 mt
3. PT Pelat Timah Indonesia - 160,000 mt ( controlled by Nippon Steel)
4. Siam Tinplate Thailand - 140,000 mt ( controlled by Nippon Steel )
5. Perstima Philippines - 200,000 mt

2021-05-06 22:22


Perstima is actually controlled by JFE Shoji, the second largest shareholder and the sole raw material (black plate) supplier. Electrolytic tinplate manufacturing does not require high capital intensive or technology skill. The high bearer of entry is to obtain reliability long term supply of black plate for producing electrolytic tinplate.

2021-05-07 09:07


JFE Shoji and Nippon Steel don't sell the black plates to outsiders other than their related companies. It is highly capital intensive for setting up black plate production facilities as the products are typically catered to automobile and ship building markets. Black plate for producing electrolytic tinplate market is obviously too small in contributing to the turnover.

2021-05-07 09:18


Information about the Philippines market as extracted from the funds raising in 2018:

1. Philippines has a population of approximately 100 million with no existing tinplate manufacturers
2. Tinplate in the Philippines are mainly sourced from other countries. (China, Korea & Japan)
3. The annual domestic demand is approximately 220,000 mt

2021-05-07 10:59


Coming quarterly report should be good.
Hope they give 30 to 50 cents dividen

2021-05-14 15:02


Good QR results but why no declare any dividend?

2021-05-26 06:52

lionel messi

not no div but not yet. last year was in Jul

2021-05-26 08:40


This year 20 cents possible?

2021-05-26 10:01


Perstima result is excellent mah!

2021-05-26 12:57


Dividend will be declare later loh!

2021-05-26 12:57

Bgt 9963

Post removed.Why?

2021-07-04 09:46


Buy very strong...good dividend mah!

2021-07-04 12:50


Post removed.Why?

2021-07-04 14:11


propose a Final Single-Tier Dividend of 20.0 sen per ordinary share in respect of the financial year ended 31 March 2021

2021-08-16 15:30

lionel messi

Back to paying high dividend again after a one year break due to high capex requirement. If the upcoming 1st qtr result is good even in the middle of the pandemic, confirm it's a well managed, inelastic, monopolistic, low p/e and high dividend yield stock. Share price will explode. Cheers to all investors.

2021-08-22 09:15

Bgt 9963

Post removed.Why?

2021-08-22 11:41

lionel messi

About the only issue with this counter is liquidity. There is very little free float. Even after their recent rights and bonus issue last year. Any big buyer put a squeeze on it, price will fly. But fundamentals are so so good.

2021-08-28 16:47


Go for it

Just Buy lah!

Superb earnings growth mah!

2021-08-29 12:55

lionel messi

Thanks stockraider. Totally agree with you. This is a high growth and high dividend stock waiting to be discovered and explode. When their Philippines plant start to contribute in a big way very soon, earnings growth is going to be exponential. But it is so small cap and the sellers are so far and few in between. Cheers.

2021-08-29 16:41

Richard Lee

20cents DIV not bad.

2021-09-21 13:05

Sebastian Power

Slightly disappointed with the QR yesterday. With higher REV but lower profit? What to do? this is the nature of business

Good potential with the demand of tin. Good chance to add more today. 20c DIV (assume RM4 purchased price translate to 5% interest liao)

2021-09-22 09:30


New PERSTIMA tinning line in the Philippines expected to be operational by Q4-2021
Jan 20, 2021
Tenova reports that it has been contracted for a 200,000 tonnes/year new high-speed electrolytic tinning line with insoluble anodes by Perusahaan Sadur Timah Malaysia (PERSTIMA) Berhad, premier producer and supplier of high quality tinplate in South East Asia. This cutting-edge technology will be implemented in PERSTIMA’s plant in Batangas (Philippines). The electrolytic line is expected to be put into operation by Q4-2021.
The electrolytic combined tin-plating and tin-free steel line will work at 550 meters/minute at entry/exit and 420 at the process section, for annual production of 200,000 tons. The steel strip will be 550-1000 mm wide and 0.10-0.60 mm thick, and the line will process all the main grades of steel for a product mix which will satisfy the most recent demand of the high-quality market. A minimum tin coating thickness of 1.1 g/m2 is guaranteed.
The line is equipped with a dedicated section (cells and recirculation equipment) for the production of tin free steel process as well. Tenova will provide the state-of-the art automation with an enhanced Web-Based Level 2 and Roll Management Software to automatically schedule roll activities in the processing line.
“Tenova insoluble anodes technology will permit an easier handling of the process section with highest safety for the operators. Tenova developed an advanced system for the tin-dissolution reactors, achieving very low tin losses in the sludges. This represents a very positive aspect both for economic and environmental reasons”, affirmed Giuseppe Zanzi, Tenova Italimpianti & Strip Processing Sales Manager SEA & India.
“This new project will allow our customer to address the request of higher quality tinplate and TFS in the region, confirming our position in high-standards tin-plating market, after previous important contracts in Spain and in China, among the others”, affirmed Stefano Marelli, Tenova Global Sales Manager South East Asia.
Finally, a further improvement in the quality of the tin-plate has been achieved through the development of special edge-masks. These devices prevent the “white edge defects” due to tin overcoating at the edges while processing strips with different widths. In addition, Tenova edge-mask design guarantees easy inspection and access to the cell. Tenova Insoluble Anode Technology with IGBT Rectifiers globally permits a large operating saving in tin and electrical consumption, guaranteeing the top of quality.

2021-10-06 00:39


2022 will be a good year with revenue from Philipine market realised

2021-10-06 08:30

Richard Lee

last day for 20cents DIV. Next year DIV confirm 50-100% more after Philippine in operation

2021-10-06 09:29


Perstima is solid as a bull

2021-10-06 12:34

Sebastian Power

after exDIV macam sudah puncit

2021-10-07 15:20

lionel messi

Normal behavior of such small cap illiquid counter. No more excitement after div. Furthermore with poor recent quarterly result. Unless next qtr result is going to be good. Then some excitement with insiders slowly and quietly buying.

2021-10-08 12:01


Potential more than 20 sen dividend for this share loh!

2021-10-08 13:26


TIN prices were at $21,000 in Jan 2021.
It is now at $37,500 now.
The uptrending looks so strong.

2021-10-24 20:57

lionel messi

Diamond7, is this considered good or bad news for Perstima? Cheers.

2021-10-25 12:19

Richard Lee

time to wake up! All my other stock up for a month only this drop for a month

2021-10-25 14:14


@lionel messi, according to an article by thedegemarkets a few years ago, it'll negatively impact Perstima profits.

2021-10-25 18:45

Sebastian Power

if tin price up then Perstima also can increased selling price lo. Important the order book need soar when the Philippine market in full capacity

2021-10-25 19:29

lionel messi

Thank you Passionate and Sebastian. Great info.

2021-10-26 12:15

Richard Lee

up or down determined by operator. We ikan bilis only need to have some luck. Hahahaha!!!

2021-10-26 15:18

Sebastian Power

Not looking good because Everyday people waiting to sell only.

too bad I dont have extra bullet to buy again now. Waiting for dividend to bank in then can buy a bit more

2021-10-27 14:46


this one can buy ? being main reasons is Philippines expansion ??

2021-11-08 16:04

Richard Lee

need to be prepared if you want to beli because this useless counter only up one day then drop one month. Hahahah!

2021-11-09 14:39

lionel messi

wow, volume was unusually high yesterday with sharp rise in price. good results and div coming?

2021-12-17 11:23


volume coming. Hope for good QR & dividend

2022-02-11 13:51

lionel messi

Insider trading?

2022-02-11 16:16


Up up...
Good fundamentals
Coming quarterly report will be excellent

2022-02-11 16:34

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