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Yes, this fundamentally good stock is still undervalued and overlooked. Slowly climb up is good..

2024-01-09 09:32


steadily moving up to break it's ATH..

2024-01-09 10:27



2024-01-09 13:40

Fabien _the efficient capital allocator

Hong Leong Investment Bank Research (HLIB) has maintained its "buy" rating on OSK Holdings Bhd, with a higher target price of RM2.04 (from RM1.77) based on a 30% discount to a revised sum of part-derived valuation of RM2.91.


2024-01-09 14:14


I bought this @ a very high price( or so it seemed until now) of $1.6617 in Apr '16 for AGM & dividends...then I checked my records & was mystified that it showed only 12 lots purchased but the dividends that have been coming in since dunno when have been for 18 lots...then discovered there was a 1 for 2 bonus in '17 SO my cost is actually $1.1078!👍

2024-01-09 18:20


This underrated gem still overlooked by many..

2024-01-16 09:19


SOLD 8 of my 18 lots @ $1.46....SWEET...after 8 yrs waiting & 16 dividends paid to wait !!!🍨

2024-01-19 10:36


still holding on to mine from 2 years ago.

2024-01-23 13:02


Slow and steady on track to break it's ATH this year..

2024-01-24 10:35


Hold for many many years, profit more than 100% and going up, current price give minimal valuation to property biz, rising star cable biz, IBS and capital financing in msia and Australia

2024-01-24 20:30


PE 10X should be reasonable in the range of 2.30 to 2.40 compare to average property sector PE 15X

2024-01-24 20:32


EPF bought 51.3 million shares or 2.45% and should be slowly increasing stake to 5% soon enough to be substantial shareholder

2024-01-24 20:35


@sephiroth where do we get info on EPF purchases when they are not substantial shareholders?

2024-01-24 20:40


Just google osk holdings shareholder and choose the link starting with market screener

2024-01-24 20:50



2024-01-24 21:39


hopefully EPF can encourage OSK to give out more dividend if Ong wishes to keep OSK price low... 10 to 15 sen dividend a year would be nice for starter

2024-01-26 13:55


Osk is already the among the highest dividend among property sector. Can't be any higher

2024-01-26 18:26


The key is OSK is a good dividend payer loh!

But for OSK bidding for HSR is a waste of resources loh!

Better focus on buying up undervalue insas which has good fit with OSK overall business mah!

2024-01-28 10:36


What are the strong point investing insas in a nutshell leh ?

Very Good Observations by Raider good old friend Probability mah!

True mah.....Insas is cash rich with more than Rm 1 billion net cash, why Insas need to sell more M&A and Inari recently to raise significantly more cash leh ?

The answer is Thong will like to Use Insas as a vehicle to privatise the Group for the benefit Thong family to benefit his next generation loh!

Without the Strong forces from the mkt.....Thong will be able to privatise Insas at Rm 2.20 to Rm 3.00 compare to Insas intrinsic value of Rm 7.00 to Rm 8.00 loh!

Thus it is very important for insas shareholders to get the valuation of insas right mah!

Many prominent value investors value insas differently loh!

1. Sifu Sslee Target Rm 1.50.
2. Insas Eps 18.2 @ pe 12x = Rm 2.20.
3.Ahmoi the best friend of Ahfah in Pasar Pudu Rm 3.00.
4. Nta of insas exclude all the potential hidden gain Rm 3.56
5. Ahfah the investment queen in pasar Pudu Rm 3.90 to Rm 4.80
6. Tong Kooi Ong of Edge Rm 4.33
7. Leno Rm 6.00 and Rm60.00
8. General Raider Rm 7.00 to Rm 8.00

On what occasion should Insas be value at around Rm 7.00 to Rm 10.00 leh ?

When there is a hostile sizeable investors coming in loh!

Sizeable means investors willing to buy more than 20% of insas share & to be a business partner to Thong loh!

Who r the sizeable partner willing to fork up so much monies of more than Rm 250m just to buy 20% of insas leh ??

It should be a value investors who understand Insas type of business n a good fit is Edge Tong & his allies loh!

It could Raider & Gangs with support of Tycoon behind the scene supporting & financing the deals loh!

Base on raider & gang matrix , the big investors is accumulating big in insas at rm 1.26 and warrants Rm 0.45, the funds require purchase 20% exposure will be Rm 250m loh!

This work out to a cost of roughly Rm 1.80 per share compare to the potential intrinsic value of insas Rm 7.00 to Rm 10.00 loh!

Thus minority shareholders should expect big volume of insas will be traded everyday from rm 1.26 to rm 1.80 over the next 6 mths loh!

People always think of getting or hoping a new major shareholder & unlocking the hidden value of insas loh!

The truth is Thong is quietly unlocking value stealthly without people noticing mah!

" Insas strength is a very strong incubator of business loh!"
Once people realized this.....there will be chasing Insas above Rm 3.00 loh!

Beyond 6 mths after this insas should be flying from Rm 1.80 towards Rm 10.00 loh!

If u r concern & fear of the mkt...........u should bet very big on INSAS loh!

Do not missed this defensive profitable opportunity loh!
Thus get ready to board the plane loh!

Posted by probability > 3 hours ago | Report Abuse

To all the young investors,

Insas one thing for sure, its value is way way higher than what market is pricing now....

But, all the available mechanism which can force the price to move to approach fair valuation as hinted by all sifus like KC Chong, OTB, TheEdge TKO, Sslee, Stockraider, Leno all....i guess will never come to fruition unless some human has the will to do so...

But, there is another natural mechanism...that is time

As Dato Thong Kok Khee ages..there is a high chance he has to take Insas private eventually before his passing

so the young investors has a very strong chance to gain from investment in Insas

If at all Thong handover the shares to his children before privatisation, these young investors can also do the same to their kids before their passing

2024-01-28 11:11


Insas will beat Osk share price soon loh!

2024-01-28 11:22


on board

2024-02-06 11:37


Yes, OSK ups ups

2024-02-20 15:13


OSK heading to 1.70

2024-02-20 16:14


please either head up to 2 or double div please... ringgit already so weak.

2024-02-21 12:19


Final dividend 4 sen, no surprise, oh well, better than nothing, expected 5 sen kinda disappointed

2024-02-22 19:51


Bonus issues: 1:2 in 2017, 1:4 in 2015, 1:4 in 2010. Reasonable chance to have bonus issue this time round.

2024-02-24 10:14


still not enough, balik kampung lah

2024-02-28 23:01


OSK Holdings carried out a corporate exercise in 2014, to merge PJ Development Holdings Berhad and OSK Property Holdings Berhad into the group. Effectively OSK Holdings is now a property counter with property development & construction, investment properties and some manufacturing as it main operations.

But is this really the case? When you look at its profit profile as shown in the chart, you will find that the bigger contributor over the past 9 years was not from its operations. The non-operating segment - its investments in RHB bank - accounted for a bigger part of its profits. https://i.postimg.cc/RhS06qnH/OSK-profit-profile.png

So, is this a property company or something else? If you are thinking of investing in OSK, shouldn’t you be looking at the performance of the Malaysian banking sector rather than the property sector? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQXpcrWj0Sw

2024-03-08 11:55


Continue up

2024-03-19 16:43


why is osk up today to 1.52? any news?

2024-04-05 15:17


My money printing machine stock have awaken, Hong Leong IB tp 2.16

2 months ago


slow and steady..

2 months ago


1. NTA 2.97 Aas compared to current price of 1.61
2. Benefit from the civil servant salary increase. Similar to RCECap, OSK also provides loan to civil servant through salary deduction. Very low risk and no impairment
3. Scaling up its loan portfolio in Australia and have better net interest margin than Malaysia’s conventional financing.
4. Capital financing pre-tax profit’s compounded annual growth rate was at 25%
5. Anticipate strong earning from property development at advance stage of construction.
6. Have total 1,977acres of landbank remaining with total GDV of 15 billion
7. Total cable sales was 20,745km which is half of scgb
8. IBS revenue was up almost 50% in year 2023 and under capacity expansion through new machine upgrade to be completed in Q2-2024.
9. Phase 2 of Melbourne Square (MSQ) has received 50% take up rate as of April 2023
10. Expand cable segment to instal new fibre optic line and new machine. Expecting fully commissioning by end of 2024
11. Own 10.24% of RHB shares. Benefited from high dividend rate.

2 months ago


The nice thing about accumulating dividend stocks when their prices are low is that they keep edging up and here, they moved up, and even though market is just up +0.14%, I have 22 green stocks, offsetting 11 red stocks, and thanks to these green stocks including OSK, my portfolio made new all time high again today. My average OSK entry price EXCLUDING dividends is 91 sen. Still holding on at 1.61. With dividends and some small profit taking in the past, my average cost price is 45 sen. As it keeps paying dividends, one day, I guess I will own the entire amount for free. And at that time, I look forward to a market crash and with the cash, buy again at low price. No need to do active trading, the cash dividends paid out does it for you and best of all, I haven't looked at OSK charts much this year or read about it, maybe once every quarter or so.

2 months ago


Chart wise, definitely can't sell ... especially when average cost price is 45 sen. Definitely not chasing, but will keep holding and ignore price movement. Got to give the bull the chance to try to break 24 year high - last time was 2.19 at Feb 2000. Minority chance within 1 year but I like to hope there's a majority chance before this bull run is over.

2 months ago


Ok, did a quick blog post on OSK to better share my thoughts. It may be low odds today, but after nearly 3 decades of ding dong, if it breaks above 2.19 its all time high over 3 decades, technicians will tell you that the breakout will be spectacular i.e. we could be looking at RM5 just using projection price methodology. Its NTA is 2.97, at the peak of a market bull run, it is not unusual for a stock like this to trade at its book value or a higher in a mania. All this payout is contingent on making a new high first and contingent on a bull run that will hit a peak. Minority odds. But my average cost is now only 45 sen, below COVID low, so, I'm very patient and in no rush and prefer to do nothing. Don't chase. Best of luck. Cheers!

2 months ago


In case you're wondering what price I sold for partial profit taking and why, it was 16 Jan 24, at 1.49. I forgot now why I did that, most likely it was trying to take advantage of the 1.50 round number resistance, thinking it will hit and fall and I can pick it back up again on the cheap ... but I never could buy it back on the cheap ... and now, it went past 1.61 today.

This is what happens when we are not a trader ...

And it's so difficult even if you can watch because the market gyrations will consume you.

Much better, much easier to ignore and collect dividends and just focus on monthly charts over 2-3 decades to pick the peak of the bull market and stay focused on the market crashes and then just bet a significant chunk of your net worth to make a difference to your life. Otherwise, most of the time, ignore the noise up and down on small moves.

2 months ago


Warren Buffet said that investing is best done if you imagine you can punch only 20 tickets over your investing lifetime. When do you punch that ticket?

The trouble with traders is that the theory sounds great on paper, but incredibly hard to practice. Whereas with only 20 tickets to punch over a lifetime, when do you punch?

I would open a 20-30 year chart and then make that decision. You can't go wrong doing what Mr Buffet recommends.

2 months ago


MSCI Small Cap May 2024 Index Review



2 months ago


This gem still underrated

2 months ago


love to see this gem past by RM 2....

2 months ago


Will quietly climb up to RM2 under the radar..

2 months ago


Other property stocks PE 15 to 20X, OSK PE just 7X, substantial upside ahead

1 month ago


Osk n mahsing will be added to Msci Global Small Cap Index as of the close of May 31, 2024

1 month ago


All these counters have big volume traded from 4.50 to 5pm

1 month ago


OSK will benefit from the data centre developments in Malaysia.
2 of the main pillars in OSK biz are cable and IBS.

1 month ago


next u say toilet paper manufacturer also will benefit from data centre development in malaysia cos more ppl work at data centre. apa apa macam ada

1 month ago


Hahaha ... apa apa macam ada in this business.

1 month ago


usually fruitcake get eaten if he goes to many parties

4 days ago

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