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A one off incident is not an indication of good service of whole company.

2023-07-13 14:51


At least I got one off incident for self praising.
I also can find a lot of complaints to local staff from Mynews,7/11,FM, Speedmart review.

2023-07-14 07:49


Thank you goldman.

2023-07-14 07:50


@Lee88Lee, that's MyNews for u! Happy for your outcome. If it was a 7-11 consider it gone.
MyNews is among the best convenience stores in Malaysia.

2023-07-14 08:14


Post removed.Why?

2023-07-14 16:44


Lol. I also 1st time see ppl said he use Elon’s Satellite in Malaysia la. 吹水佬!
Without foreigners, many Malaysia’s business can’t operate lo.
Mynews in Malaysia more than 20 years la. If want doomed, long long time d la.
The revenue keep going up.

2023-07-14 18:13


Without foreigners, Malaysia can still survive.
It is rich with resource.
Only problem is politicians and many thieves.
But that can be overcome slowly.
Revenue go up but why negative profit??
Someone stealing or wasting on silly things?

2023-07-14 21:28


Without human
The earth can leave well too.

why negative? Like I said you didt do homework la. Just talk.

Even negative profit, I already earn handsome double digit profit within one months.

2023-07-14 22:31


You talk easy like the politicians.
Talk only.
Why got foreigners? Sure got demand and supply.
Politician just try to do what the market need.

2023-07-14 22:36


With negative profit you earn??
Of course, gamblers can make money either way.
They don't care about the company. They bet on price fluctuations.

What demand supply from foreigners you talking about?
Don't talk nonsense.
Politicians are greedy just like gamblers.

2023-07-14 22:56


"Without human
The earth can leave well too."
Then, why are you still here, leave the world to make it better.

2023-07-14 22:57


Because you are here, so I’m here la. Wakakaka

Business take time, in a growth stage, take time break even .
you don’t know go back to cave la.
I earn because I buy low la
When everyone fear I’m greedy . Wohuhu

2023-07-15 08:17


Johari Ghani finally in

2023-07-17 14:49


old news. 1 week ago we all know already

2023-07-17 21:24


Johari was able to turn around companies he bought into. But this mynews appears to be a different beast all together. KFC was a very strong brand by itself, the other like CI Holdings and KUB can get projects from the gov, but mynews is more towards retail, something the gov cannot influence. Unless gov buy stuff from mynews, then again, why buy from mynews when the gov can go straight to the distributor?

I wonder how is Johari going to turn mynews around, this is a retail business depends on walk in customers. Somemore involved food. This will be interesting.

2023-07-17 22:51


Maybe mynews going to supply food to airline

2023-07-18 05:25


I think current situation quite similar with Cypark.
Jakel group bought substantial stakes into the company , hoping to turn around the company.

2023-07-18 11:05


People here very funny.
Johari buy in means he want to turn around mynews. Only 10% share and no executive level.
A lot of PP out there, all also because the people who buy in want turn around the company ?

Do some homework la!
Mynews itself is making money, CU is making lost. Why? Simple lo! Mynews already in the market more than 3 years, breakeven already, CU only 2 years. Got business sense or not ?
You got and open a retail shop instantly want to breakeven ah?
So geng then you do la!

2023-07-19 08:41


myNEWS is profitable since Quarter 3 FY 2022
• WH Smith had been profitable since opening of international borders and lifting of travel restrictions
• FPC is gradually increasing its production capacity
• CU is still undergoing the gestation process of developing its business, currently is in the loss making position

2023-07-19 11:20


Lol. So mark & spencer doing well?
Funny la. Ppl like to use other example to explain why mynews is bad. The fact is, Mynews got business , mark and spencer also can have business.

If like that, then Starbucks got no business, Costa coffee got no business. Lol

Village park nasi lemak is good, doesn’t mean other ppl who sell nasi lemak no busines.

Stupieeed really no medicine to cure.

2023-07-19 21:54


Well, all these "brands" are indeed betting on stupiad, foolish people who likes to burn their cash for boosting ego. Their business frenzy lasts only during pay day and other days "sewer flies" are their customers. They think duplicating and franchising is a superb business model. The only one who earns in franchise is the main guy, the rest are fools.
Franchise is a monopoly business in disguise. Their main attraction is based on hype and junk foods. Only ediots spend to spoil their health.

2023-07-20 15:37


"a retail store that carries a limited selection of basic items, as packaged foods and drugstore items, and is open long hours for the convenience of shoppers." - source Google

Better for everyone to know the definition of convenience store concept rather than jumping to the incorrect conclusion...

2023-07-20 16:13


wow wow, political investor, through pp lagi. I thought the boss is someone who stays away from politics? what happened?

2023-07-20 16:25


You are foo too.
I can use cheaper example to said what you spend is stupi too.


2023-07-20 20:26


aiyoyo why u all argue about small trivial things. there is money to be made in Casino De Bursa than waste time arguing about small unimportant things.

2023-07-21 07:47


Hope results improve

2023-08-14 15:36


time to fly!!!

2023-08-15 10:40


When all the negative comment about mynews , I’m making money.
Happy to spend my money for mynews and CU. wakakakak

2023-08-19 08:22


once you do a brainwash
and refuse to classify comments into positive comments and negative comments you will find life much easier and its very easy to make money.

Its just comments.

2023-08-19 09:48


Ya. I hope to see some useful negative comment.
But I didn’t see it.

No logic at all

2023-08-19 17:40


Johari will be in the cabinet soon?

2023-08-21 11:10


Buy mynews

2023-09-14 16:16


Mynews Sell Call from Kenanga Investment Bank
Price Target: 0.31 cent

2023-09-28 13:20


Faridfet, you really bother about those IB reports? Honestly I can't keep up with their calls. This quarter say sell, next quarter say buy haha

2023-10-02 10:42


You want to follow Kenanga's young employee call or follow Johari call?
Your call haha

2023-10-02 10:44


The Dang Family already control 53%.Dato Johari only control max 10% thru JAG.The price wont go down in short term due to public spread is small & major shareholder not selling

2023-10-02 12:12


Price wont go up either, lol. Huge changes in boardroom, something is up

2023-10-02 16:44


Wow wow of all the year of losses, declare dividend? What's the purpose? So funny xD

2023-10-03 18:06


MyNews is up more than 28%!

2023-10-03 21:17


Is this another comeback or a potential downfall? Find out:

2023-10-03 21:17


Ai yo yo
Mynews go go go

2023-10-03 23:00


Only fellows buying is the DANG family

2023-10-03 23:08


Hopeless stock... Run by bad management

2023-10-04 07:30


Hahaha that's right. Perhaps heading for privatisation soon

2023-10-04 17:08


good strategy.paying dividend to encourage investor to hold while rebuiding business.initially i want to sell because it enter at i might hold it longer

2023-10-06 14:25


bought few months ago at 0.44, nt sure when only can up until 0.88

2023-10-07 13:40


With cost of goods rising, how you expect these stores to survive?
Only criminals with ill gotten gains and Ah Longs who suck peoples blood, able to buy from these stores. In short, these stores depend on blood money.

2023-10-13 18:51


MyNews upgraded as analysts turn upbeat on signs of positive turnaround - TP 0.68 by RHB & 0.62 by Maybank

2 months ago


waiting long long , time to wake up

1 month ago


Keep expansion and average per buyer only at rm10.00 how to survive. With so many similar store concept openning. The co need to use some AI or data to really see which product is order to reduce the central kitchen loss lower...

2 weeks ago

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