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Hi everyone we hope many of you are having a great weekend and yeahh the weekend is coming to an end and here we go back to work again tomorrow.

Before we begin our new week let us introduce IQZAN to you guys...

Yes IQZAN is PN17 company but recently some of the PN17 companies in Bursa Malaysia has seen some massive action in terms of their share price.

Before we go into some of the details let us just briefly share IQZAN's company profile

IQZAN offer a range of services to help you achieve the results you’re after. Established since 1995, the group not only provide packaging solution, but investing in Replacement & Recycled Industrial Material, transforming conventional use of Wood, Plastic, Pulp & Paper, Metals and Minerals. We also venture into processing flow design, engineering, industrial machinery and automation services. Get in touch with us today for your manufacturing, packaging and logistic needs.

Hmm the business itself looks interesting but sadly the fundamentals are not so good but hey not to worry we will share some facts on IQZAN and why it could possibly be the next "100% Goreng stock"

As mentioned above some of the PN17 stocks like KTB, BRAHIMS & FSBM share price rose quite strongly in the past week inidicating that PN17 theme could be in play next.

Secondly let's see on the recent shareholdings annoncement on IQZAN

As seen in the picture above there has been some purchase by Elite Cosmo Group Limited and Mr Cheah Chay Tiong with the latter acquired quitre a signifacnt amount of IQZAN's share.

The huge amount of shares compromises of about 16.667% of the share issued were actually taken up via Private Placement 


Since the private placement shares were listed in Bursa on 24/8/2021 IQZAN's share price nearly doubled up from 8c to as high as 0.155 and Mr. Cheah Chay Tiong has disposed some of his shares along the bull ride.


After disposing some of his shares Mr. Cheah Chay Tiong still has half  about of his private placement shares 


What's interesting now? 

Well IQZAN's share price is below from the initial rally to 0.155 so we believe it's definitely a good coup now as we believe there could be another round of push up due to the fact Mr. Cheah Chay Tiong still has 8.525% shares left.

:Lastly let's see of the future prospect of IQZAN

IQZAN is working their way out of PN17 with the actions taken which can be seen in the picture so this could possible indicate a brigther future for them. 

As a conclusion we would like to say something out even though we are talking about a PN17 company here but that doesn't mean the company is dead because with a proper plan the company can be saved and we saw that recently on KTB in which they came out with a plan to get out from PN17.

And also not forgetting we have mentioned on why IQZAN could possibly be another "100% GORENG".

Have a blessed Sunday

Disclaimer: Author is just sharing his/her opinion and shall not be deemed as a buy/sell call. Kindly consult your financial advisor for more information. 

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