MBL - What the hell are you doing?

MBL - Money went out from Company but Stuck with a Share Market bet (Part 4)

Publish date: Sun, 16 Jan 2022, 10:41 PM
Uncovering MBL, a little known company from Muar with well published negative news


More leaked documents on the non-publicly-disclosed "transaction" by a few MBL directors. 





This email was from Wong Kah Yeong, ex-Group Accountant of MBL, to the Vendors of the company that MBL "wanted to purchase".


For reasons known only to a few, Wong Kah Yeong abruptly resigned one month before the "transaction" closes. Rumours in the office had it that he sees big typhoon ahead and doesn't want to be a part in it any more!!



Note the signatory from our previous article https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/MBL/2022-01-12-story-h1597326850-MBL_Does_all_the_Directors_and_Auditor_know_about_This_Transaction.jsp .

Father dared not sign this letter, now the son signed!!





The following picture reveals the truth!!




MORE jaws-dropping documents coming!!!








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writer. please forward all your evidence to SC for investigation. You are likely disgruntled ex employee but still good for cheaters to be caught

2022-01-17 09:30


Whoever this whistleblower is, you are not only nailing the culprit to death slowly but you also killing us slowly with all the revelation. It is just like watching a miniseries and waiting for the next episode to uncover. This might not be as big as serbk but it is more interesting to follow. I'm waiting for the next revelation and I hope it has a good ending too.

2022-01-17 13:10


pls expose more...really like to see the penang director tan KH kena caught

2022-01-17 23:37


I'm wondering what the outcome or any new updates? I'm quite worried about his safety. I hope Mr. ismailkarin is safe and sound.

2022-01-20 14:00


Is the slander supported by any accounting documents submitted to BURSA

accounting reports shows MBL bot the shares

accounting reports shows MBL paid the shares

accounting reports shows MBL sold the shares

accounting reports shows MBL received payment for the the shares

NO nothing cakap tiang jer

high postcount Low IQ

2022-01-20 14:11

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