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Publish date: Tue, 16 Aug 2022, 07:26 PM
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I watch and trade markets based on observation and logic. Leave the emotion and ego at the door and you will survive!

Since my last article, stocks and commodities have rallied very strongly, Crude palm oil (CPO) has moved up from RM3900 levels to the current RM4170 level. KLCI has also hit multi month highs closing at 1520 versus 1410 levels a month ago. So where do we go from here and what should we do with our investments?

CPO price has another leg down

So we have digested a lot of data last week with regard to CPO and also the US agriculture markets. MPOB released its monthly supply and demand data which was pretty much in line with market expectations. This sparked a nice buy the news rally which saw prices touch RM4495 on Friday before retracing to close RM4420 that day. It has seen pulled back further to close at RM4168 today. 

Meanwhile the data released by USDA in its monthly WASDE report was deemed bearish with end stocks higher than expected which sparked a selloff in the US agriculture markets notably in the soybean complex on Friday.

Short term CPO futures is a sell 

I have exited all my CPO longs which were initiated 1,5 weeks ago at RM4450(half on Friday) and balance at RM4300 today. Plantation stocks performance have also been disappointing versus the overall market. I believe it is still grappling with peak earnings concern and hence the price reaction compared to the gains in the futures market has been lagging badly too. I have also decided to exit my basket of plantation stocks  for a small profit of 7%.

I believe there is another leg down in the CPO futures market with a retest of RM3800 likely in the next couple of weeks. As for plantation stocks, we should see how price reacts to the quarterly earnings reports which are slated to come out by month end starting with KLK reporting tomorrow.

Tech stocks and political stocks are in play

Money still seems to be flowing into the technology and growth sectors .Many of these stocks have outperformed the overall markets with nice gains of over 20% in the last 2 weeks alone. Another sector that seems to be in play is election theme stocks and political linked counters. As with past General Elections, this sector tends to heat up 4 to 6 months before the actual event.

My strategy for the near term

I remain fully invested in technology stocks and have moved my funds from the sale of plantation stocks into some General Election linked stocks like KPower Bhd and KUB Bhd. Sector rotation and thematic plays are key to making the best trades in the current market environment. Also to keep in mind that risk management has to be placed whenever a trade or investment is made and there is no such thing as 'buying and locking it up" for long term as advocated by some irresponsible writers.

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To : skoh888 From : SEE_RESEARCH issued on 10.30pm., 16 August 2022 1. Your write up on the overall situation on the KLSE is very meaningful on the Plantation Sector of 41 + 1 = 42 stocks , with the Plantation theme is already on the downtrend with its technical charts and analysis , after 5 May 2022 , a long stretch of Hari Raya holidays , the first day reflecting clearly on its downward drifts . 2. The peak prices for Plantation stocks were on 25, 26 ,27 ,28 , 29 April 2022 in fact there is a WhatsApp Group __ that is known as Eagle Group , the main leader instead of advising the members to exit on its peak prices for good gains , contrary he had advised his young members to chase at RM 1.72 for TSH and higher with incredible his own 2 target prices of RM 10.00 / blue chip status and super duper price of RM 150.00 that can surpass the top of blue chip __ Nestle . This reflect very badly on this writer of such unattainable 2 target prices of RM 10.00 and RM150.00 whereby these 2 target prices definitely had its primarily hidden motives of this writer as he had continously urged his members to buy the long list of 10 plantation stocks , worst to lock up in the locker and throw away the key ___ finally , what is the hidden motive , more so for his own personal agenda .

Eagle Vision Invesment
Invest Smart Today.

Quote __
Meanwhile we happily follow them buy as much

Tsh now Rm1.72

Short term target is Rm2.00
(very soon will reach there)

We expect TSH to Reach
Rm3.00 to Rm4.00
(historic high before bonus)

We expect TSH to reach Blue Chip Status of over Rm10.00 We compute that TSH Can Reach the Astounding Figure of Rm150 per share (that means it will have overtaken Nestle )


2022-08-16 22:34


your market timing has been spot on from your previous articles. Thank you for sharing!!

2022-08-16 22:40


Thanks for your view on the shorter term market trends. Not a trader at all so I'll hang on to my plantation stocks in the meantime pending quarterly earnings results and market response. Election theme stocks can be risky plays.

2022-08-17 10:47


@Berlin...nice to hear from you. Yes short term trading is the toughest business to be in but tape reading and price action is what I am best at. The end goal should be the same and that is to be profitable, unlike some clowns who put their egos on the line and have the need to be RIGHT despite huge losses to their acts!

2022-08-17 16:18


Thanks for your article, buddy. Suggestion : Give it a rest regarding that dude. Don’t get hung up on it anymore. In fact, laugh about it. Focus on what you do best. And on yourself

2022-08-17 16:21


The thing is everyone behaves and act differently depending on scenarios. I mean, look at me. Who would thunk I’d go into gloves at this time? I never wanted to go into gloves. But I did. On Monday. In TG. Coz I spend time monitoring the trades daily, analyzing the momentum, the queues, the IDSS

But I only did this coz I had time. Berlin, for example, is almost certainly an astute and learned investor and very rarely trade. Everyone’s different. Most important thing is protecting capital. Profits are a bonus

2022-08-17 16:27


@anthonytkh; The most money I ever made was when I bought into an out of favor stock for a fraction of its potential and held it for more than 10 years through thick and thin. I cashed out most of it when the majority shareholder made a GO as I suspected he would. I still hold some. As for short term trades, my track record is not good to say the least as I hate to cut when I really should. I think skoh beats me hands down there.

2022-08-17 16:40


Berlin, it’s good to follow a strategy and innate research that’s been proven to be good for you. Your comment very closely resemble something I’d been doing the past month. I’d been nibbling at Inno. The interest in the counter is very low (to say the least) as witnessed by the volume and queues. I bought at 1.23 and stopped buying at 1.28

I’d hinted about this in the TSH thread (more than once) although I can’t recall if I’d ever identified Inno over there. This is my bet regarding GO on Inno

2022-08-17 17:01


Skoh, do you remember the very first time I commented in the TSH thread with a coupla hints that was something along the lines of :

“I’m gonna have a dialogue with Yall Better Sit-tight”

You recognized my latter hint ie. YBS (circa round bout 0.500 back then) and I hope you are happy with it. But you unfortunately said nothing bout my first one ie. “dialogue”. It was just north of 2 bucks at the time. Perhaps my teases and riddles are frustrating :)

2022-08-17 17:30


@anthony...haha I think my comments on YBS got sandwiched amidst the trash in the TSH forum...I actually gave you a big thank you after I sold at RM0.63 for an almost 30% profit! Thanks again bro!

2022-08-17 18:31


@anthony...I do remember Dialogue was at RM2.18 when you mentioned it...but I was buying lots of tech at that time which has done well too '))

2022-08-17 18:33


@berlin...always enjoy a good banter with you bro from basketball to stocks and money heist!

2022-08-17 18:34


@sherlockman...thanks a lot for the comments and just keeping it real!

2022-08-17 18:35



To : supersinginvestor
From : SEE_RESEARCH issued on 5.30 pm., 20 September 2022 /
1. You , supersinginvestor , are right as the Plantation Stocks with its theme is game over . Enclosed : with further extraction from the official data from KLSE / not from the Big Blower / Prof Kevin on the Plantation stocks , a cross section of 14 stocks showing its downtrends mode Plantation Stocks in KLSE / a cross section of 14 stocks that are well traded in KLSE Technical Analysis as at 15 September 2022 / closing at 5.00pm.,
For this year from January 2022 to current / 15 September 2022 With low / high / closed in RM

2022-09-23 03:43


Post removed.Why?

2022-09-23 03:46


Post removed.Why?

2022-09-23 03:53


Post removed.Why?

2022-09-23 04:00


To : Big Blower of the 10 Plantation Stocks in KLSE From : SEE_RESEARCH as at 11.00 pm., 22 September 2022

1.. We wish you on your best efforts , spending your time and your best refined kon methods ; that you can kon other newbies into your mouse traps of your T he S hittin _ H orse / T S H so that they can you can pass to them the musical chairs at your penthouse prices of above RM 1.72 / after all we are not so bad , with that bad heart to you , the perception by milk fella is a little cloudy , that is also not to blame milk fella ; of inviting Mikecyc from B P Plant forum to your TSH domain __ it is you , Prof Kevin had been too stingy not to offer your depleting stock of milk to him .

2. Who to blame , just blame all these nonsense to the " victims " that are the investment banks /
strictly direct to the point. ============================================================================= ============================================================================================= ============================================================ The Great Pretender / please sleep soundly like the innocent baby ---
thanks , do not disturb your friendly neighbours by shouting in your normal nightmares , countless nightmares

2022-09-23 04:12


To : The Big Blower in KLSE and SGX

issued 9.45 am. 22 September 2022
============================================================================================= 1. Your T S H / T he S hittin_ H orse / is gone that is what your beloved Eagle Group members offered you a new name _ most be fitting for you T S H /9059 / RM 0.92 low / RM 1.89 high / closed 5.00 pm., 21 September 2022 / RM 0.995 REMARKS /
A.. How come after all the
""" BEST FINANCIAL QUARTERS """ as promoted by you , the Gigantic Big Blower _
all your stocks prices of
plantation stocks __ are playing * go stan / making reckless u turn to the south , like to Singapore *.
B. Are you offering out the musical chairs _
buy 1 and __ 2 are given free ? ?? ???
C. Very kaw ,kaw ,kaw , slick and slimy like all your comrades / milk fella __ No milk today /

kon stockraider /

the ooi fella __ your side kick who had deserted you as he ran off to quietly
very naughty ,curi , curi bought gloves stocks _ whether you had given your special approval for him to buy rubber gloves stocks _ ? /

and most important your die hard supporter / chon888 __ honestly also
* see you no up * in Chinese / still not shame __ Big Blower ?

C . Remember when you drop by into Malaysian town , either in Johor Baru , please remember to announce your impending visitation on the date _ ?
as your beloved followers in the Eagle Group will like to present you __
the Big Blower a special welcome gift.
D . After best , best , best financial quarter reports issued on end month August 2022 ---

The biggest losers list inside the KLSE official data as per closing

5.00 pm., 21 September 2022 /
how come your 10 plantations are parading with spotlight shinning your
* best * or *** rubbish *** stocks prices
inside this losers list with attention

1. Batu No Kawan you / 1899 / RM 21.80
( minus RM 0.18 )

2. Gen P / 2291 / RM 6.25
( minus RM 0.13 )

3. Kluang / 2453 / RM 3.93
( minus RM 0.12 )

4. N S O P / 2038 / RM 3.38
( minus RM 0.12 )

5. PPB / 4065 / RM 16.26
( minus RM 0.12 )

2022-09-23 04:36


Post removed.Why?

2022-09-23 09:11


T he S hittin _ H orse is GONE
NOW _ 26 September 2022


To : All

To : All especially those who are stucked in the penthouse prices of plantation stocks in KLSE

Your last call to cut when there are rebound do not keep on average down as practically all the 42 plantation stocks in KLSE are dead __without any more positive strength to inch up.

Re _ Issued on 9.30 Pm., 26 September 2022 / Monday

2022-09-26 21:46


Your last call to cut when there are rebound do not keep on average down as practically all the 42 plantation stocks in KLSE are dead __without any more positive strength to inch up.


2022-09-26 21:47


Post removed.Why?

2022-09-26 21:48


1. B Plant / 5254 / 0.565 / 1.25 /0.705 / RM 0.615

Example __ RM 0.565 is the low /
RM 1.25 is the peak price _ high /
RM 0.705 was the closed
5.00 pm., 15 September 2022 /

26 September 2022 /

RM 0.615 / 5.00 pm., 26 September 2022 .

2. Cepat / 8982 / 0.625 / 1.27 / 0.67/ RM 0.63

3. FGV / 5222 / 1.32 / 2.12 / 1.46 /
RM 1.44

4. Gen P /2291 / 6.29 /9.63 / 6.33 /
RM 6.03

5. H S Plant / 5138 / 1.81 / 3.50 / 2.35
RM 2.15

6. Inno /6262 / 1.08 / 2.20 /1.46 /
RM 1.43

7. IOI / 1961 / 3.57 / 4.76 / 3.88 /
RM 3.74

8. J Tiasa / 4383 / 0.57 / 1.25 / 0.59
RM 0.565

9. K M Loong / 5027 / 1.47 / 2.23 / 1.70 /
RM 1.68

10. NSOP /2038 / 3.05 / 4.04 / 3.50 /
RM 3.69

11. R Sawit / 5113 / 0.145 / 0.30 / 0.15 /
RM 0.135

12. S W K Plant /5135 / 1.99 / 3.38 / 2.07 / RM 2.02

13. Ta ann / 5012 / 2.83 / 6.75 / 3.69 /
RM 3.37

14. TDM / 2054 / 0.18 / 0.33 / 0.19 / RM 0.175 ====================================================================================================================================================

2022-09-26 21:48



Pls view carefully on the closing of
15 September versus 26 September 2022

All are making low __ and low , new low
A. ( i ) For the 14 stocks are now / 15 September 2022 / are trading on its low bends of this year low ,
( ii )the peak prices were created on 25, 26 ,27 ,28 ,29 April 2022 ( 5 days )
( iii ) after 5 May 2022 / it was the beginning of the plantation stocks showing the 1 st day of its downtrend __ in its technical charts and analysis , even with the CURRENT FINANCIAL QUARTERS REPORTS / GOOD FINANCIAL QUARTERS REPORTS THAT ARE ANNOUNCED IN END AUGUST 2022 , INSTEAD THE PRICES / SUPPOSED WILL GO UP BUT TANKED DOWN BADLY , THIS IS A CLEAR TECHNICAL SIGN OF ITS DOWNTREND with its bearish trend AND BY THE END YEAR 2022 , ANOTHER FINANCIAL QUARTER REPORT WILL REFLECT ON ITS BEARISH SHARE PRICES OF THE

2022-09-26 21:49


Post removed.Why?

2022-09-26 21:50

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