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Gen Z - The Most Stressed Generation?

Tan KW
Publish date: Wed, 22 Feb 2023, 03:25 PM
Gen Z - The Most Stressed Generation?

22-Feb-23 12:00

Dr Anasuya Je-gathevi Je-gathesan, Dean of Psychology and Social Sciences, University of Cyberjaya

The instability, insecurity and relentless upheaval of the past several years has left workers anxious. And now, as layoffs proliferate, and pay fails to keep pace with rising inflation, they're still worrying – in some cases, more than ever.

Research from Cigna International Health 2023 survey indicates Gen Z is emerging as the most stressed demographic in the workplace, and struggling to cope.

In short, the youngest workers are having the most trouble wrestling with demands of professional life. What's going on?

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