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What is Privacy These Days?

Tan KW
Publish date: Sat, 30 Sep 2023, 08:49 AM
What is Privacy These Days?

29-Sep-23 21:00

Kam Raslan | Dhanya Nair | Matt Armitage

…that's what our guest of the week, Matt Armitage ponders as he returns on A Bit of Culture, together with BFM News Producer, Dhanya Nair. Matt questions how privacy is defined these days as we continue to redefine, or test its boundaries, especially with how we've been utilising tech. Prior to that chat, our host, Kam Raslan talks about the revenge trope in movies, and what makes it so fun, and whether it's relatable and replicable in real life. Later on the show, Dhanya talks about parasocial relationships and what makes them so appealing and human, despite their slightly one-sided nature.

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