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Reefs in Peril: The 4th Global Coral Crisis is Unfolding

Tan KW
Publish date: Wed, 12 Jun 2024, 04:56 PM
Reefs in Peril: The 4th Global Coral Crisis is Unfolding

12-Jun-24 15:00

Julian Hyde, CEO, Reef Check Malaysia | Alvin Chelliah, Marine Biologist & Chief Programme Officer, Reef Check Malaysia

We recently celebrated World Oceans Day and World Coral Triangle Day, awareness days meant to reflect on the critical issues facing our oceans and coral reefs. With the ongoing fourth global coral bleaching event, the urgency to address these challenges has never been greater. Reef Check Malaysia is at the forefront of marine conservation efforts, working tirelessly to monitor and protect the health of coral reefs and marine ecosystems. We catch up with Reef Check Malaysia's CEO Julian Hyde, and Chief Programme Officer Alvin Chelliah, to explore the importance of our oceans, the current threats they face, and the crucial actions needed to preserve these vital ecosystems. We'll also delve into their work at Reef Check Malaysia, and the innovative strategies they employ to combat coral bleaching and promote marine conservation.

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