KLSE (MYR): SDS (0212)

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-0.005 (0.56%)

Day's Change

0.89 - 0.90

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Market Cap

367 Million


410 Million

Avg Volume (4 weeks)


4 Weeks Range

0.87 - 0.92

4 Weeks Price Volatility (%)


52 Weeks Range

0.58 - 0.925

52 Weeks Price Volatility (%)


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0.89 x 111,900


0.895 x 20,000

Day's Range

0.89 - 0.90

Trading Volume


Financial Highlight

Latest Quarter | Ann. Date

31-Mar-2024 [#4] | 24-May-2024

Next QR | Est. Ann. Date

30-Jun-2024 | 29-Aug-2024

T4Q P/E | EY

11.26 | 8.88%

T4Q DY | Payout %

1.84% | 20.76%


0.31 | 2.89

T4Q NP Margin | ROE

10.15% | 25.63%

Company Profile






SDS Group Berhad, an investment holding company, engages in the retail of confectionery products, bakery products and wholesale delivery of delectable bread in Malaysia. The company is based on Johor, Malaysia. The company retail brands include SDS, Top Baker and Dailys' Bakery.

The wide array of SDS confectionery includes bread, pastries, and cakes. Beside bakery, SDS Cafe is providing western food, local food, casual dining, coffee and beverages. Other than that, festive cookies, hampers, mooncakes, baby full month and wedding gift sets are also available at SDS.

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FYI Lavender revenue and profit is way lower than SDS. You can extract this information in the prospectus under the independent Market Research section. This tells me that you don't need a fancy or high class logo to succeed in life.

2023-08-29 23:37


Xiaomi logo nice? Oppo logo nice? KFC logo look low class with that uncle there. PWC logo nice? Like primary school drawing wor.... How are they doing?

2023-08-29 23:41


my question is, does it hurt to hire someone with taste to redesign their logo, branding, shops? there is a reason why people go to starbucks for their expensive coffee, and why some pay crazy price to eat in a fancy restaurant.

there is a saying, you eat with your eyes first. It won't hurt to have a good design, packaging, marketing.

zeus coffee is very good at design and marketing, so it tealive.

SDS for now is a chinaman company. if they want to move up the value chain, they have to focus on branding, design, logo, marketing, etc.

i am not attacking SDS, am just pointing the onvious....

2023-09-19 01:15


Load up will never regret... with Smile Dine Serve

2023-09-21 01:14


Anyone know where to get Top Baker or Daily's bread in Klang Valley? Can't seem to find in most convenient stores.

2023-09-21 23:51


dont touch this non performing stock... useless

2023-10-04 11:47

Chia hs

how do you define non-performing stock? Every quarter losing money? OR never have the HH-LH pattern for you to consider

2023-10-05 08:47


Moving Average: A Golden Cross was formed on 7th November 2023 between the 9-day and 20-day moving average, indicating a short-term bulling momentum. Another Golder Cross was recently formed on 9th November 2023 between the 20-day and 50-day moving average, indicating a mid to long-term bullish momentum. The 50-day moving average is approaching the 200-day moving average, and we hope that a Golden Cross can form between the two moving averages to solidify a long-term bullish momentum.

MACD: The MACD line has moved above the signal line on 6th November 2023, indicating bullish momentum. This is represented by the widening gap between the MACD and signal line. We anticipate the bullish momentum to continue in the coming week, shown by larger green histograms.

Directional Movement Index: The +DI line has been above the -DI line since 26th October 2023, indicating bullish momentum and upward pressure on the share price. The strength of this bullish momentum is supported by the increasing DX line, which has a current reading of 66.79 points, which is way above the central line of 25 points. This indicates that the upward momentum has significant strength.

RSI: When the RSI reading is above the central line of 50 points, it is considered bullish. The current RSI reading of 71.33 points is above the central line of 50 points, showing a sign of strength that more investors are buying SDS shares than selling. The current RSI reading is slightly above the overbought region, and I believe it will sustain and continue to trade at the elevated level.

Fundamentally, SDS will announce its 2nd qtr result in November.
Considering the fact that the 2nd qtr performance coincides with the mid autumn festival, the sessional peak sales of moon cakes will boost revenue and profit.

The market is expecting SDS to announce a comparatively better profit performance in the coming qtr.

SDS has built a solid base at the 60sen level. In the last few days it has attracted some buying interest.

Volumn has increased and share price has inched up.
It is expected that the momentum and buying interest will strengthen and share price continue to swing upwards.

2023-11-11 16:24


SDS will get more benefit since most customers now tend to choose local brand outlet compared to western outlet in Malaysia because of middle east conflict

2023-11-19 08:36


Monday can fly?

2023-11-24 18:27



2023-12-04 11:34


1.Yes, you are correct. Just like what the market has expected, SDS reported substantial rise in revenue and profit in the 2nd quarter that captured the raising sales during the moon cake festival.

2.In about 2 months SDS has recovered from a low of 58sen in Oct to 69sen early this morning. During this period it has soared (69/58) an impressive 19%

3.SDS has declared 0.006 sen dividend and the dividend Ex date is on the 8/12/23

4.For the 2nd quarter sds achieved 84m in revenue and a profit after tax of 9.4m as compare to the preceding quarter of 71m and 4.9m respectively.

5. The counter is now trading at a PE multiple of 11x
6. It has attracted some buying interest. Volume has increased and share price has inched up.
It is hope that the momentum will persist and the continued buying could sustain the price at an elevated level.
7. All the best and
Happy trading

2023-12-04 11:47


1.SDS has a spectacular rise from 25 sen and peak at 96sen in Mar 2023 on news for its transfer from the ACE market to the main market of Bursa.
2. After a blown out rally it started to correct itself and in July it has built a strong base at the support price of 58sen. Over the 4 months sds has soared an impressive
(71.5/58)= 23%
3.If you are among those of us who have longed the counter, you are better off today than you were yesterday.

4.Considering, that sds is a cyclical stock and its profit performance traditionally peaked in the 2nd Quarter that captured the mid autumn festival sales, it is therefore, not a bad
idea to take advantage of the rally and benefit from it.

5. SDS aspires to enlarge its manufacturing capacity and plan to open 3 cafes annually. While we appreciates its long term strategies, it is nevertheless not expected to experience explosive earning growth in the near term.

6. Hence, Sds will be a short term trading stock.
Happy trading.

2023-12-06 09:22


Anything boring is interesting.

2023-12-07 11:14


You are like Warren Buffet who enjoys watching grass grows and his partner Charlie Munger who is excited watching paints dry.

2. There is nothing wrong with the strategy. It is a sacrify one has to endure to see her investment grows.
3 Happy trading.

2023-12-09 11:27


next week expansion in price and store revenue given

2023-12-17 22:12


It needs to break 75 cents 1st now before can see potential 90 cents

2023-12-21 16:40


CNY come soon

2023-12-29 11:14


factory make many kueh muih

2023-12-29 11:14


i like eat egg rolls

2023-12-29 12:59


The are 3 possibilities for SDS stocks price in 2024:
1. Share price will go double
2. Bonus issue
3. Takeover target / taken private by main shareholders

2023-12-31 08:08


demand high CNY cookie

2024-01-03 11:00


Johor Stock......a lot of good news in 2024 for Johor state...! I park here first waiting .... :)

2024-01-03 14:52


goeng CNY cookies

2024-01-19 21:24


SDS egg rolls delicious

2024-01-22 22:13


Happy 80 cent!

2024-01-29 15:15


RM 1 let's go

2024-01-29 17:12


High ROE business not many in Bursa already plus small cap. Still got room for growth.

2024-01-29 17:14


Strong management which focuses on the business. They did not sell their shares but keep buying for the past year

2024-01-29 17:14


all new high tea cakes and cookie to new Agong by SDS

2024-01-29 21:11


Steady bom pipi

2024-01-31 00:14

Michael Kwok

Sds 78.5 cents
Sell on strength
Resistance 80 cents hard to crack.If by 10 trading days still no substain a bye bye for this shares.
Event midnight also write in i3.fir the sake of investor.
Lge sleep at 9.30 pm everyday,dun write any thing for the people.even caution also no have.
31/1/24 12.38pm

2024-01-31 00:38


Johor related stocks euphoria has started!! Let park and flyz

2024-01-31 22:43


Everybody loves it
You can taste how fresh it is
Uncle Sultan’s recipe
Brings quality,
So good you can even eat it on its own

Once you,
Take a bite
You can taste the difference in , SDS
So good you can even eat it on its own
So good you can even eat it on its own

reminiscent of good old day Gardenia song.

2024-02-26 22:18


90 cent otw!!!

2024-03-12 17:20


Probable at bottom 0.745? can accumulate 0.745 -0.76.

2024-04-08 13:27


I believe 0.745 was bottom and now a clearing bottom. yes Accumulate

2024-04-09 21:25


Wash all the weak holders first. After Raya, up up we go!

2024-04-10 01:27


Looks like 1 big institutions holder disposed some of holding

2024-04-10 14:24


Today Cyberjaya express cafe opened. Slow and steady SDS!

2 months ago


Many people buy their pastries and cakes. Stand there and observe. You will know why this company is making so much money.

2 months ago


Uptrend still intact. Good fundamentals company with strong management team. High ROE, low PER. Will rerate higher by fund house later.

2 months ago


went to putrajaya precint 15 few days ago and drove past SDS Bakery shop! wah, didnt know they expanded to klang valley i went to check sds website and realize already got 5 outlets in selangor. good.. good..

2 months ago


SDS has a solid management that focuses to improve the business. This is evident by every quarter growing from strength to strength. SDS strength lies in their low cost / no frills approach in bread and bakery targeting the mass market. They open cafes in smaller towns as competition is lower and able to obtain a good ROI. Just buy and keep for long term investment.

2 months ago


Superb FA, potential retail jewel in the making? Even other big boys can't maintain profit above 10mils every year

can it break through rm1 and go further ahead? Maybe time for special div or warrants/bonus issue?

1 month ago

Philip ( buy what you understand)


This mother company puts a smile on my face every day


SDS has a solid management that focuses to improve the business. This is evident by every quarter growing from strength to strength. SDS strength lies in their low cost / no frills approach in bread and bakery targeting the mass market. They open cafes in smaller towns as competition is lower and able to obtain a good ROI. Just buy and keep for long term investment.

1 month ago


One thing I like is that management has not sold a single share despite the share price appreciating. They focus on the core business. Nowadays not easy to find such companies in Bursa.

1 month ago


Post removed.Why?

6 days ago


no puasa low season, a better q ahead

4 days ago


Yes, will do well. Solid fundamentals.

4 days ago

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