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Top 5 At 5: Do We Need A PJ Smart Tunnel?

Tan KW
Publish date: Sat, 15 Jun 2024, 12:08 AM
Top 5 At 5: Do We Need A PJ Smart Tunnel?

14-Jun-24 17:00

Pushpan Murugiah, CEO, The Centre to Combat Corruption and Cronyism (C4)

Today's countdown covers:

5. World Blood Donor Day, which falls on June 14th annually. We discuss the continued need for blood donations, and the importance of raising awareness and getting new regular donors.

4. The serious problem of child labour in Sabah oil palm plantations, and a new 18 month programme launched by the European Union, International Labour Organization (ILO), and UNICEF to protect the rights of children in Tawau's oil palm plantations.

3. Sarawak committing RM1 billion over the course of two years to compete with Kedah as Malaysia's rice bowl, and to ensure food security for the territory.

2. The conversation around the proposed PJ Smart Tunnel - some experts think it's a solution to congestion in parts of Petaling Jaya, while residents argue that there are better ways to address this.

1. The US has returned another RM720 million in 1MDB-linked funds: we explore what this means for the ongoing attempts to recoup the country's monies.

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NO! just like Kidex, rakyat PJ will REJECT!

1 month ago

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