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Why do investors ignore MAGNI?

Publish date: Sat, 14 May 2022, 10:37 PM

MAGNI is a Main Market company which is in the Consumer Products segment. 

I am writing my thoughts on MAGNI with some info obtained from Annual Report 2021 and online sources.


MAGNI is a garments (e.g. shirts) and packaging manufacturer. Garments segment are located in Vietnam & Malaysia. Garments exports contribute 90% of operating profit.


Why is MAGNI not attractive to many investors?


1. Customer concentration risk.

MAGNI has one major customer, believed to be Nike.  Without Nike's business, MAGNI's business would earn much, much less.


2. Net profit on downtrend. 

FY 2022 net profits' first 3 quarters net profit was roughly 65million, while FY 2021 was roughly 95million.


3. Low publicity. 

MAGNI is not a heavily-promoted stock. See how no bloggers mention MAGNI. Check how many analysts' reports are on MAGNI. Watch how many interviews are with MAGNI management. 


4. Not in growth sector.

MAGNI is not related to growth sectors like semiconductors, plantations, banking, tourism & hospitality, etc..


I am purely pointing out factors leading to investors' lack of interest towards MAGNI. 

I have MAGNI since 2018. Not looking forward to add in 2022. 



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