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James Ng
Publish date: Mon, 27 Sep 2021, 08:10 PM

浅谈DAGANG NEXCHANGE BHD, DNEX, 4456 - James的股票投资James Share Investing
James Ng Stock Pick Performance:
Since Recommended Return:

a. FRONTKEN CORP BHD, recommended on 12 Aug 18, initial price was RM0.715, rose to RM5.7 adjusted, dividend RM0.1025 + free warrant RM0.3075, in 3 years 1 month 14 days, total return is 755%

b. KELINGTON GROUP BHD, recommended on 23 Dec 18, initial price was RM0.965, rose to RM3.5 adjusted, dividend RM0.053 + WB RM0.557, in 2 Years 9 months 4 days, total return is 326%

c. HEXTAR GLOBAL BERHAD, recommended on 29 March 20, initial price was RM0.505, rose to RM2.08 adjusted, dividend RM0.056, in 1 Year 5 months 27 days, total return is 323%

d. MI TECHNOVATION BERHAD, recommended on 2 Jun 19, initial price was RM1.67, rose to RM5.925 adjusted, dividend RM0.10, in 2 Years 3 months 24 days, total return is 261%

e. CHIN HIN GROUP BHD, recommended on 2 Feb 20, initial price was RM0.57, rose to RM1.995 adjusted, dividend RM0.03, in 1 Year 7 months 24 days, total return is 255%

f. UNISEM (M) BHD, recommended on 19 May 19, initial price was RM2.58, rose to RM8.8, dividend RM0.14, in 2 Years 4 months 8 days, total return is 247%

g. MMS VENTURES BHD, recommended on 15 March 20, initial price was RM0.525, rose to RM1.23, dividend RM0.03, in 1 Year 6 months 12 days, total return is 140%

h. AEON CO (M) BHD, recommended on 16 Aug 20, initial price was RM0.8, rose to RM1.51, dividend RM0.015, in 1 Year 1 month 11 days, total return is 91%

i. OPENSYS (M) BERHAD, recommended on 24 May 20, initial price was RM0.355, rose to RM0.6525 adjusted, dividend RM0.02, in 1 Year 4 months 3 days, total return is 89%

j. TOP GLOVE CORP BHD, recommended on 1 July 18, initial price was RM12.14, rose to RM16.02 adjusted, dividend RM4.612, in 3 Years 2 months 25 days, total return is 70%

我希望将我的策略分享给读者,希望他们在阅读后能够表现出色。我正在使用基本面分析Fundamental Analysis:



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James Ng

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is good if can put translation....

2021-09-27 20:26


James always here to jinx a bullish stock

2021-09-27 20:54


can't understand Chinese

2021-09-27 21:27


This james always use value investing as promo.. Bragging how his stock selection worked but still making video with a rotten camera.. He will everytime out a video during a positive momentum and talk down the stock indirectly claiming the stock has risen more than its potential etc.. N trade at ur own risk kinda statement.
Usually taking his video as pinch of salt, as he is jus stating the obvious. Just dun like the way his video jinxing the positive momentum of s stock

2021-09-27 21:53

Mini Bull

Someone is stucking in Dnex shares

2021-09-27 22:23

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