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Putin dismisses 'stupid' Western sanctions 'blitzkrieg'

Tan KW
Publish date: Fri, 17 Jun 2022, 10:58 PM
Tan KW
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 Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the West on Friday of colonial arrogance and trying to crush his country with "stupid" sanctions that amounted to an economic "blitzkrieg".

Addressing the St Petersburg International Economic Forum, a showcase event this year being held with almost no Western participation, he told Russia's political and economic elite:

"We are strong people and can cope with any challenge. Like our ancestors, we will solve any problem, the entire thousand-year history of our country speaks of this."

Putin drew applause from the hall when he reaffirmed his determination to continue the "special military operation" in Ukraine that has unleashed what he said was an "unprecedented" barrage of Western economic sanctions.

He said the main aim of the incursion was to defend "our" people in the largely Russian-speaking Donbas region of eastern Ukraine - a justification that Kyiv and the West dismiss as a baseless pretext for a war that has already led to the occupation of parts of southern Ukraine far beyond the Donbas.

Putin said the Russian soldiers in the Donbas were also fighting to defend Russia's own "rights to secure development".

"The West has fundamentally refused to fulfil its earlier obligations, it turned out to be simply impossible to reach any new agreements with it," Putin said.

"In the current situation, against a backdrop of increasing risks for us and threats, Russia's decision to conduct a special military operation was forced - difficult, of course, but forced and necessary."

Putin said the United States considered itself "God's emissary on Earth", and that Western sanctions were founded on a false premise that Russia had no economic sovereignty.

Washington and its allies were trying to "change the course of history", he said, to weaken a sovereign, independent Russia.

Shortly before Putin was due to begin speaking, the Kremlin announced that a "denial of service" cyber attack had disabled the accreditation and admission systems of the conference, forcing him to delay the scheduled start of his speech by an hour.


  - Reuters


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The most s.tupid sanctions in history.

Sanctions lead to:
1. Russian Ruble best performing currency in 2022.
2. Highest rating for Putin at 80%
3. Record high O&G prices leading to record revenues for russia
4. Decline in value of Bitcoin of 50%
5. Decline in S&P, Dow & Nasdaq > 20%
6. Record inflation in USA & EU.
7. Record Petrol & Diesel prices in USA & EU.

Well done!

2022-06-17 23:13


Strong ruble is a illusion! Russia can't import anything! Basically a nation stuck in timewarp! Just that it's oil is selling whichis 90% of it's economy! Then again, maybe 5 years down the road, EVs will rule the world!
Highest rating for Putin! Easy! He is master of manipulation! He kills every single opponent out there!
Record O&G price but EU eventually cutting off from Russia! Do you know Israel is now exporting gas to EU! Shocking right!
Decline value in bitcoin! I mean, Putin owned bitcoin! Bitcoin is useless! You can't buy McDonald with it! You can't take loan from bitcoin! Basically just Holland bulb!
Well, Dow will drop towards 20k level! Biden is dumbass!
Record inflation all over the world! Because of high oil price and printing dollar like toilet paper! But 2 years from now, inflation should go down alot! Plenty of cheapest oil by then!
Actually there's no shortage of oil! Just OPEC not pumping much! Beside, why listen to Biden only to be bitten by him!

2022-06-18 00:35


destroy russian ,good for the world.

2022-06-18 12:56


US is a failed country if nobody want to trade in USD. US need weapon money to survive.

2022-06-18 15:05


Racism is getting worse after Trump was elected. Gun massacres are happening everyday. US now is more unsafe to live compare to other countries.

2022-06-18 15:58


Malaysia is largely speaking Bahasa country - When does Indonesia want to do " Special Military Operation " in tanah Nusantara ?

2022-06-18 16:31


US wants to rules the world forever so that it can continue to print its currency to buy goods and services like free of charge from other countries and that is why US is finding ways to suppress the other two remaining super powers from progressing and thier possible threat of replacing the dollar.

2022-06-18 17:04


Thought he is better than the previous POUS but it turned out to be equally bad. His popularity rate has now been dropped to 39%.

2022-06-18 21:25


Post removed.Why?

2022-06-18 22:55

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