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Publish date: Mon, 04 Mar 2024, 10:49 AM
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Koon yew yin, 2nd March 2024

Although my writing of this article sounds boastful but I feel that it is important to keep this record for posterity.

Engineers play a pivotal role in shaping our modern world. Their contributions are vast and impactful. Let’s explore some of the key ways engineers have made a difference:

  1. Protection and Wise Use of Natural Resources:
    1. Engineers are at the forefront of ensuring the protection and sustainable use of our planet’s natural resources.
    2. They work tirelessly to apply science and mathematics to address environmental challenges.
    3. Coastal restoration, habitat preservation, and community resilience are just a few areas where engineers make a difference.
  2. Advancements in Aircraft Technology:
    1. Engineers continuously improve aircraft design, making them faster, safer, quieter, and more environmentally friendly.
    2. Recent innovations include sustainable energy sources, such as solar-powered wings and hydrogen-based propulsion systems.
  3. Smartphones and Mobile Technology:
    1. Your smartphone’s capabilities owe much to engineers.
    2. They enhance screen size, resolution, processing speed, memory, and refresh rates.
    3. Future smartphones may be foldable, modular, and seamlessly integrated with ambient computing.
  4. Infrastructure Development:
    1. Engineers build critical infrastructure, including roads, bridges, water supply systems, and communication networks.
    2. Their work ensures connectivity, safety, and economic growth.
  5. Healthcare Innovations:
    1. Biomedical engineers create medical devices, prosthetics, and diagnostic tools.
    2. They contribute to advancements in healthcare, improving patient outcomes and quality of life.
    3. Energy Solutions: Engineers develop renewable energy sources, efficient power grids, and sustainable technologies.
    4. Their work addresses global energy challenges and reduces dependence on fossil fuels.
  6. Environmental Remediation:
    1. Environmental engineers tackle pollution, waste management, and remediation.
    2. They strive to restore ecosystems and protect human health.
  7. Space Exploration and Beyond:
    1. Aerospace engineers design rockets, satellites, and space probes.
    2. Their contributions extend humanity’s reach beyond Earth.

In summary, engineers shape our lives, making them more convenient, practical, and safe. Their work touches every aspect of our existence, from the devices we use to the infrastructure that supports our societies.

I came from a poor family of 12 children. Fortunately, in 1953, I was quite clever to get a Government scholarship to study civil engineering in the Kuala Lumpur Technical College which is currently known as University of Technology Malaysia (UTM). In 1953 Malaya was still under the British Government. All the engineers were qualified in UK. My 4 years diploma course was not recognized as an engineer. I had to work and study to pass 2 exams to qualify as Engineer and had to work 3 more years to pass another exam to become a Chartered Engineer. I took 7 years to qualify as a Chartered Civil Engineer.

At that time there were very few Chartered Civil Engineers in Malaysia. I was appointed an examiner. I examined and passed the former Chief Engineer of Ipoh City Hall.

During that period, Tan Sri Yeoh Tiong Lay was the President and Iwas the Secretary of the Master Builders Association for 9 years.

Representing the Construction industry, I was appointed a member of the Board of Engineers of Malaysia for a maximum period of 5 years as permitted by law.

The Chairman of the Board members was the Director General of JKR which was and is the biggest employer of Engineers in Malaya. Another 2 Board members were representing the Universities and Architects Association.

I was Chairman of the Engineering Practice Committee to regulate engineering consultant practice. I settled an interesting dispute between a property developer and an Engineering consultant. The Developer wanted to engage another Consultant Engineer without fully settle the agreed fee before making a new consultant.

Member of SIRIM: Malaysian Standards for Cement and Concrete: At that time under the British rule, Malaysia did not have our own  standards for Cement and Concreate. I was appointed a member in SIRIM to draft our Standards for Cement and Concrete.

SIRIM Berhad, formerly known as the Standard and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM), is a corporate organization owned wholly by the Malaysian Government, under the Ministry of Trade.

My contribution as an engineer working for PWD or JKR before Merdeka 1957. My old college mate Ng Eng Hean designed Stadium Merdeka where our first Prime Minister Tungku Abdul Raham declared Merdeka.

Ng Eng Hean designed and I was the construction supervising engineer for the National Indoor Stadium. This photo shows our first Prime Minister Tungku Abdul Raham with Deputy Razak at the opening ceremony.

The photo below shows that Ng Eng Hean and I together with others shaking hands with Malaya’s first Agong, the Raja of Perlis at the opening ceremony of the National Indoor Stadium.

About 8 years ago when Lim Guan Eng was the chief minister of Penang he visited me with an offer of Dato Sri. I politely declined.

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