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2019-04-02 08:51 | Report Abuse


All our politicians and all Malaysians must watch this video to improve our economy. Of course the PH government must employ more people in MACC to catch all the corrupted officials and construct more jails. This my advice. Please circulate this to all your contacts so that they can circulate it to all their contacts. Eventually it will reach Tun Dr Mahathir.



2016-11-24 08:54 | Report Abuse

My response to all the angry commentators of my articles on Gadang:

All the angry commentators of my articles on Gadang are losing money and they refused to see the truth. I have nothing to gain if you buy or sell because I sold all my Gadang shares which I openly told you in my previous article. In fact, I advised people to sell openly before I did. Even my wife and a few close friends who were holding Gadang were angry with me for telling people to sell before we sold. I told them that I must tell the truth even though we suffer more and the truth hurts.

I even told Mr Ooi Teik Bee that I was selling Gadang but he refused to follow my advice. He even asked my permission to buy a little more to round up the number of shares he bought for me. I allowed him to buy Gadang for me even though I know that he will lose my money.

Ooi Teik Bee told me not to write article to tell people to sell any shares. Why? I cannot watch people losing money. It is just like I cannot watch people committing suicide.

The truth is that Gadang cannot make more money in this current year than last financial year and when it announces its annual reduced profit, the share price will surely fall further. All the angry shareholders who do not believe my share selection golden rule and refused to sell, will be shocked to see that they lose more money when Gadang announces its reduced profit at the end of its financial year.

All the losers must look at the truth as explained by stockmanmy's article. Stockmanmy is a chartered accountant who is a very good stock analyst. I have my highest respect for him.

Remember I have been using my share selection golden rule to find Latitude Tree, VS Industry, Lii Hen etc which went up a few hundred per cent per year. I have a proven track record and I want to teach people how to use my golden rule to make more money.

All the stupid losers must change their method and follow my golden rule which Gadang cannot comply. All losers will continue to suffer losses and will be shocked to see Gadang announces its reduced profit at the end of its financial year.

Can you see a miracle to help Gadang make more money in this current year than last financial year???

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2016-01-03 16:55 | Report Abuse

Dear Editor,

Please kindly submit this revised list to the organiser

Favco 10,500 shares at Rm 2.74 = Rm 28.770

Chin Well 9500 shares at Rm 2.10 = Rm 19,950

Focus Lumber 7,000 shares at Rm 2.88= Rm 20,160

T.Guan 7,600 shares at Rm 2.14 = Rm 16,264

CanOne 3,000 shares at Rm 4.56 = Rm 13,680

Total cost Rm 98,824

Koon Yew Yin

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2016-01-01 13:05 | Report Abuse

Dear Editor,

With reference to your email, I would like to participate in the competition. Here are my stock selection:

VS industry 19,000 shares at Rm 1.57 = Rm 29,830

Chin Well 9,500 shares at Rm 2.10 = Rm 19,950

Focus Lumber 7,000 shares at Rm 2.88= Rm 20,160

Thong Guan Wa 7,600 at Rm 2,14 = Rm 16,264

Can One 3,000 shares at Rm 4.56 = Rm 13,680

Total cost = Rm 99,884

Please kindly forward my submission to the organiser.

Koon Yew Yin

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2014-07-14 17:20 | Report Abuse

arv18 and other abusive commentators, if you want to ask questions about Xingquan or any thing, you don't need to be so abusive. Someone even said that I was a fake and asked if any reader have seen face to face? You have forced me to blow my own trumpet.

You can know more about me if you type koonyewyin.com. on google search.

I was a founder of IJM, Gamuda and Mudajaya. I gave Dato Lin Yun Ling, Gamuda CEO, Ng Ying Loong, former Mudajaya CEO and Dato Richard Fong, Glomac Dy Chairman their first employment.

I am a Chartered Civil Engineer and I was a member of the Malaysian Board of Engineers and SIRIM for drafting the Malaysian Standards for Cement and Concrete , the highest professional achievement for any Engineer.

I was the Secretary General of the Malaysian Master Builders Association for 9 years when Tan Sri Yeoh Tiong Lay was the President.

Fobes selected me as one of the 4 philanthropists from Malaysia. Now I am a member of the Penang Institute, an advisory think tank for the Penang Chief Minister and also a member of the Penang Future Foundation.

I have interviewed hundreds of engineers, lawyers, accountants etc and I know how to judge people specially people like arv18.

My reason to engage Ooi Teik Bee, Peter Yang and KC Chong is because they have some special knowledge which I do not have. They have bought some shares which are new to me.

As far as Xingquan is concerned, there are so few buyers and whenever I try to sell a few lots, the price comes down. That is why I have decided to give most of holdings to my children and grand children so that they can wait.

I have visited the factory twice and I am very impressed with their operation. They have hostel accommodation for more than 3,000 workers and huge multi storey factory buildings. I understand they got the land from the government for a song.

Moreover, the senior partner of Foo, Kon Grant Thornton, the auditors is my cousin who is also about 80 years old. He is a chartered Accountant and I believe the audited accounts. The company has been generating lots of cash since its IPO.

I just spoke to Ooi Guan Hoe, a Malaysian Director, about giving out dividend. If they do not give dividend, investors do not believe their accounts. He said that he would bring this up in their next board meeting.

My wife often tells me not to lower myself and waste my time writing on this forum. I will take her advice. This is my last posting.

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2014-07-14 13:36 | Report Abuse

Fat Cat Tim Buddy, I do not think these 3 managers like me to tell in this forum the amount of fees I pay them. First you must write to me to show proof that you have a successful track record. The fees I pay will depend on your track record.

Up till now, I have not seen any article you have posted. All I see is some short stupid comments about my mistake in buying Xingquan which may be a profitable investment eventually. In spite of my telling you that I admit my mistake and beg you all to stop talking about it, you 'keep rubbing salt on my wound' as you said.

Until you post an article to show how good you are, all the readers, including me think you are just an empty drum making the loudest noise.

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2014-07-14 12:14 | Report Abuse

Wah! you all sound so smart. Please contact me koonyewyin@gmail.com because I wish to engage you to manage some of my money. To show you that I am serious, I have to tell you that I have engaged KC Chong, Ooi Tiek Bee and Peter Yang of Kaisutraders to manage a portion of my money totalling of about Rm 20 million.

These often publish their writings on this forum and I found out that they have been making consistently more than 35% per year in the last few years.

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2014-07-13 19:07 | Report Abuse

Please stop talking about Xinquan because I already admit my mistake and I have given almost all my shares away.

Luxchem and Liihen are very good shares but they have already shot through the roof in the last few months.

I do not buy any share that has already gone up more than double its price within such a short period.

I have been buying TH Plant at around Rm 2.00 in the last few months and I am not afraid to tell you. You may say I am stupid to buy this when no body wants it.

Time will tell who is right. Remember, I made all my money using the same method of selecting shares. If you have not been making money, please don't teach me how to make money.

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2014-07-13 15:54 | Report Abuse

Fat Cat Tim Buddy and tjhldg, if you type Jaya Tiasa is my best bet or Xinquan on the top right hand search, you will find that I have written about these 2 stocks and the reasons why I bought them.

I have written to state that out of hundreds of shares I have invested Xinquan was my worst investment. But I still have hope. The share price is so depressed because it did not give out dividend.

Last annual report shows that its NTA is Rm 2.50, ROE is 17.56%, Cash value is Rm 2.54 per share, 49.5 sen EPS and the company has very strong cash flow.

I have given almost all my shares to my children and grand children that they can wait for it to turn around. I still have hope but I am not asking you to buy it.

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2014-07-13 14:48 | Report Abuse

Alphabeta, from your comment, you seen to have a good understanding of doing business and Mr Market. Readers will recall that I have been saying the same as the last paragraph above to make money.

I said that no share price can continuously going up or coming down for whatever reason and investors must take advantage of this phenomenon to make money. After having identified a good company, buy the share and accumulate more when it is selling at a low P/E and sell some to lock in profit when it has gone up. Buy back when it is cheaper if the fundamental of the business remained unchanged.

I would like Alphabeta to tell us what are the good shares to buy.

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2014-07-12 16:59 | Report Abuse

zamsaham, who is a real Dato you mentioned? I am not a Dato. In fact, I have rejected a Datoship offer before. If I am a Dato, I cannot criticize the BN government for all its wrong doings.

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2014-07-11 19:10 | Report Abuse

saynotoracistdap sounds like Hitler Bung Moktar Radin

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2014-07-09 23:18 | Report Abuse

cy1988, I am accumulating TH Plantation when there are lots of sellers. I think I have been the largest buyer in the last few weeks. Today I could buy it at Rm 2.00. I strongly believe the result for the next few quarters will show increased profit. It is the cheapest in terms of market Cap per ha.

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2014-07-09 18:39 | Report Abuse

Koonbigfatliar, why don't you use your real name? Judging from what you wrote, all readers know how successful you are. I am sure your friends know how successful you are.

Why don't you write some thing for us to judge you. Educated people do not behave like you.

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2014-07-09 17:37 | Report Abuse

bigdigkai, I think you would like me to answer your question which should be interesting to all the readers.

At my age, I want to make more money to give it away to help poor people which makes me happy. In fact, I have written in my will that I will give Rm one million to each of my 7 dependants and the remaining of all my wealth will be for charity.

While I am doing it, I also help investors to buy good stocks with good profit growth prospect. For example this article which I posted a few days ago. Since its publication, the price has been going up with heavy volume.

Another example is Jaya Tiasa, when I recommended buy a few months ago, it was selling about Rm 2.10.

Very often, good share like Mudajaya, remained depressed for many years because investors are tired of waiting for good news and they sold their holdings.

It explains the frustrations of investors trading on fundamental analysis and valuation as to why sometimes despite the wonderful fundamental results, the share price does not budge, or worse drops. It is because it failed to increase expectations.

Expectations are a function of the number of investors and their expectation level.

If the shares are not known to many investors, in other words they are below the radar, then any fundamental result would have a minimal effect on the shares simply because there are not going to be many investor affected by it. That is why research reports and newspaper highlights are crucial. That is why investor relationship are vital for any publicly listed company.

If we have discovered a gem of a share based on our own fundamental analysis, no matter how accurate our calculations were, it would mean nothing if our expectations are not shared by others. Not that we are wrong or anything, it is simply that other are not aware or worse not interested.

I must admit that when the price of Mudajaya and Jaya Tiasa goes up, I feel so satisfied and happy knowing that I have help investor and myself make some profit.

bigdickkai, have I answered your question?

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2014-07-07 10:06 | Report Abuse

Lohman, I appreciate and understand your comment. My main object in saying that I bought large amount of Jaya Tiasa and Mudajaya is to show my confidence in them, although it may sound like bragging. Can you imagine what the readers will say when the price of these 2 counters come down after I boasted? I will have to find a place to hide.

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2014-07-07 08:59 | Report Abuse

Pak Lah, the real reason why I was so sarcastic is because I was annoyed by one stupid idiot hiding behind the name koonpastsix who made an abusive comment. My intention in writing this article is help investors understand Mudajaya's Indian power project and to take advantage of this latest news to make money.

Like most investors, I was tired of waiting and I sold some at a higher price and recently I have been buying back. As I said many a time before, no share can continuously going up or coming down for whatever reason, we must take advantage of this phenomenon to make money.

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2014-07-07 01:49 | Report Abuse

Pak Lah, I am sorry for being so sarcastic in telling you that only Allah can answer all your questions. Like any public listed company, Mudajaya has a investor relation officer who can answer all your questions.

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2014-07-05 15:02 | Report Abuse

Pak Lah, Only Allah can answer all your questions.

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2014-07-03 17:41 | Report Abuse

A big desperate seller sold Mudajaya and I bought more than one million shares at about Rm 2.40. Now Mudajaya is my 2nd largest holding. I am so sure to make several millions soon.

I think the desperate seller must be tired of waiting for Mudajaya's Indian power plant completion which has been postponed a few times. I was told that the 1st 360 mw will start firing up before end of July and all the 4 units will be completed before year end. The CEO will make the appropriate announcement when the 1st unit is operational.

When all the 4 X 360 mw coal fire plants are completed, Mudajaya will have an additional about Rm 70 million guaranteed profit per year for 25 years.

I was told the desperate seller is from Credit Suisse which is a world-leading financial services company, advising clients in all aspects of finance, around the world, around the clock.

As I said before, the computer is like God. It will tell you that 95% of fund managers cannot beat the market index.

Now johnny cash do you believe Credit Suisse or KYY who was the original founder of Mudajaya?

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2014-06-28 08:04 | Report Abuse

What can you say or do when the BN Government awards the Water, Electricity and Highway concessions without open competitive tender? These are essential monopolies we must have. Without competitive tender, all of us will have to pay higher rates. That is why Malaysia is lagging behind.

Can you imagine the Singapore Government awarding large concessions without open tender?

Elected MP cannot even question these in Parliament because they are under the NEP. Allah only knows when the toll collection will stop!

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2014-06-25 10:19 | Report Abuse

The worst corruption is the awarding of the water, highway and electricity concessions without open competitive tenders by the Barisan National Government. Even elected Members cannot question these irregularities in Parliament. We all have to pay higher prices for these essential facilities.

Moreover, Allah only knows when the toll collection will stop. It is so ridiculous to increase toll when there are more and more people using the highways.

I hope someone will explain to koonsenile so that he can understand. If he refuses, he must be one of the BN cronies who has benefited.

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2014-06-25 09:11 | Report Abuse

Let me answer Koonsenile, if you look at his writing you will know what kind of person he is.

Pak Lah, I swear on my mother's grave that I did not collude with any architect or consultant to cheat any of our clients. I started working as an Engineer in JKR in 1957 and as a Consultant from 1962 for 5 years before I founded Mudajaya in 1967 as a contractor. We are also property developers. So I have experience in all the 3 branches of the Industry.

Our companies have always been competent and efficient and we do not need to cheat to make money. We do not need to offer bribe to secure any contract. We can even secure contracts under open competitive tender in India.

I have never blown the whistle when I was working in Mudajaya or IJM.

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2014-06-23 23:54 | Report Abuse

These are the only 3 sentences written by koonsyioksendiri "Mahathir fault for kowtow to chineses until economy suffer. Now PM Najib no more give ass to chineses. Economy now rate among the best the in the world".

The rest of the long commentary is from the statement made by Idris Jala to the press.

Can you tell me which university did koonsyoksendiri attend? Did he pass?

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2014-06-23 19:08 | Report Abuse

sunztzhe, I think all these comments and arguments are good so that all the people can understand the real problem our beloved country is facing. Everybody can express his opinion as long as it is not abusive.

Up till now, I am sorry to say that people like anwarib mistakenly thinks that I hate the Malays. That is not true. I wrote this article because I love my country and I hope the Bumiputeras can see the real problem so that we can achieve vision 2020.

I am in the process of writing another piece under the title "Why Malaysia is lagging behind our neighbours"

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2014-06-23 17:35 | Report Abuse

This article must be affecting so many readers and I read all the comments with great interest. One quick and effective way to produce smarter people to manage the country is to reform all the public universities.

Currently all the professors and heads of faculties are Malays and almost all the students are Malays. What product do expect if the factory with 'not so good machineries' and the raw materials are 2nd class? The product will be 3rd class.

What do you expect if these 3rd class graduates manage the country? The country will be 4th class.

My heart aches when I have to write this.

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2014-06-23 12:47 | Report Abuse

The main reason why Chinese cannot integrate with the Malays is the Mulim religion. If a Chinese marries a Malay, he or she has to be converted to accept the Muslim Faith. Even all the children will automatically become Muslims.

The Chinese in Thailand are quiet happy to marry the Thais because the Buddhist religion is more acceptable. As a result, you cannot tell the difference, because everybody speaks Thai and they all have Thai names.

Now we all know anwarib is not the real PR opposition leader. He cannot use the real Anwar Ibrahim's name in vain.

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2014-06-23 12:12 | Report Abuse

anwarib? are you the real PK opposition leader?

I do not agree with you that Public Universities do not accept the Chinese because they are good in sports and Bahasa. Moreover they are not interested to integrate with the Malays. All the readers in this forum know what you said is not true and they will shoot you down.

I do not believe you are the real Anwar Ibrahim, the PK leader. He is not so stupid to say such things here.

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2014-06-22 19:06 | Report Abuse

Wah! I am surprised to see 112 comments for this article I posted about 18 hours ago. I appreciate all your commentaries, even those that are not useful. For a change, you may like to read this:

Subject:The pleasures of an After Life !

Gwen was one of those women who had never had a boyfriend.
>She went to a Psychic for help.

>Honey! - said the Psychic. You will not have luck in love in this life. But after death, you will be a much desired woman and all men will fall at your feet.
>Gwen left very happy and so excited, as she went over a bridge she thought:
>"The sooner I die, the sooner my next life begins”
>She decided to jump off the bridge right away. Incredibly Gwen didn't die!
>She fell on the back of a truck full of bananas; she lost her senses and
>As soon as she recovered, still drowsy and not being able to see very well,
>and not knowing where she was, she started touching her surroundings,
>feeling all the bananas she mumbled with a huge smile on her face and said:

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2014-06-22 08:28 | Report Abuse

calvintaneng has written 5 comments out of the last 10. Please look at skyland's remark quote "skyland Calvintaneng seems like malaysia warrant buffet...all his share bought earlier all 100-300%...but dunno how true is it? 21/06/2014 21:14"

He sounds like a big gas bag, an empty drum makes the most noise. If he writes down all his current share holdings including Mulpha, I can easily tell you how successful he is.

Since he has given us the impression that he is a big shareholder of Mulpha. If that is true, I think he has to examine his track record to find out why he has failed in making money.

Four years out of the last 10 years, Mulpha lost money. The total net earning for the last 10 years is less than one sen per share. I will not buy Mulpha now until it shows a much better result.

There is a saying "In the stock market you can still buy the winning horse after the race". It means that you can still buy Mulpha after it has shown its fantastic profit.

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2014-06-21 19:17 | Report Abuse

calvintaneng talks like an expert with proven track record of a rich and successful investor. How many Mulpha shares do you own and when did you buy them? When do you expert the Mulpha share price to shoot up?

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2014-06-21 15:37 | Report Abuse

calvintaneng, please tell me why you think MULPHA share should perform better than Plantation shares. I like to learn new tricks from you.

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2014-06-19 09:05 | Report Abuse

I am surprised to see so few commentaries on this article. I notice that all my articles on politics attract a lot more comments.

When you keep quite, are you buying this stock quietly?

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2014-06-10 22:30 | Report Abuse

Mudajaya and I in 70:30% JV signed a MOU with the Chief Minster of Mandalay Region more than one year ago. This announcement was properly made in accordance with Bursa Malaysia.

We are still searching for coal and without sufficient coal we cannot sign the legal contract to start work.

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2014-06-09 08:53 | Report Abuse

Chee Fook Weng, I do not buy IPO because almost all IPO companies could not achieve their projections in the past. There are so many well established plantation companies selling much cheaper eg TH Plantation selling market cap per ha about Rm 22,000. Although its 1st Q EPS is not impressive due to amortisation of assets. You can read its press release when it announced its 1st Q result from Bursa Malaysia.

You can compare this with Boustead before you buy. You must remember many who have bought it at pre IPO price, which is cheaper will sell after IPO causing the price to come down.

I may be wrong because I have not studied the prospectus.

Anyway, this is my opinion and you are not obliged to accept it.

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2014-06-06 06:16 | Report Abuse

chang0509, I should have said that SOP is much better than Sarawak Plantation. It has a refinery and buys crude palm oil, CPO, from all the plantation companies in the nearby region. It also has a specially built ship to carry refined oil to China. Moreover, it is cash rich.

I believe it is undervalued.

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2014-06-06 06:04 | Report Abuse

kcchongnz, thank you for defending me. As you are famous, readers will take your words more seriously.

I would like you manage a portion of my fund. How can I meet you? Please write to me directly: koonyewyin@gmail.com.

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2014-06-05 23:21 | Report Abuse

RHB Research recommends SOP and I have it for a long time but I sold some to buy Jaya Tiasa. Now I have sold some JT to buy SOP and Sarawak Plantations. I cannot say which is better for long term.

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2014-06-05 22:54 | Report Abuse

oldgoat88, please read my reply to wt222 above. Why are you complaining? If you have bought Jaya Tiasa when I told every body to buy at around Rm 2-2.10, you could have sold them in the last few weeks at Rm 2.70. If you did not sell earlier, you can still sell at Rm 2.60 now and make 25% profit. How often do you have someone, like me, teaching you how to make 25% within a few months?

Why should you complain?

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2014-06-05 22:11 | Report Abuse

ramkarpalsingh, the real Karpal Singh will turn over his grave if he knows that you are using his name in vain. You are a disgrace to your community.

I have just posted one with the title 'Dyna Sofya shoots at a political frog'on this forum. You will see it soon.

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2014-06-05 21:54 | Report Abuse

wt222, I have nothing to hide and my intention is honourable. As I said during my seminar on 1st June, I sold about 50% of my JT in the last few weeks at Rm 2.70 when there were lots of buyers. When the price was steady at Rm 2.70 for a few weeks and it did not go higher, is a sign that it could not penetrate the resistant level of Rm 2.70. It was time to sell.

It does not mean that JT is not good any more. I still have about 20 million JT shares. I will buy back JT when it goes lower.

As I said 'no share can go up or down indefinitely for whatever reason'. I must sell some shares when they go up so that I have money to buy shares when they go down. In this way I can use my margin finance more effectively.

You can still sell at Rm 2.60 and make a profit of about 25%. wt222 remember this lesson how to sell to make money. Don't not fall in love with the shares you have bought.

How often do you have an opportunity to make 25% in a few months?

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2014-06-05 18:53 | Report Abuse

mmtalents, I cannot tell every to sell. What happen if I told you to sell and later the the price went up?

I have nothing to hide and my intention is honourable. As I said during my seminar on 1st June, I sold about 50% of my JT in the last few weeks at Rm 2.70 when there were lots of buyers. There were more sellers than buyers in the last few days. I suspect some people who attended my talk, heard that I sold JT. It does not mean that JT is not good any more. I still have about 20 million JT shares. I will buy back JT when it goes lower.

As I said 'no share can go up or down indefinitely for whatever reason'. I must sell some shares when they go up so that I have money to buy shares when they go down. In this way I can use my margin finance more effectively.

JT was trading at Rm 2.70 for a few weeks with fairly high daily turnover and it does not move higher. That is a good time to take some profit bearing in mind that it was around Rm 2.00-210 a few months ago. You can still sell at about Rm 2.60 and you get about 30% profit for a few months. How often can you make 30% in a few months?

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2014-06-05 16:30 | Report Abuse

sop, I am using my IQ,EQ,MQ,&BQ to keep all my readers entertained. Thank you for your concern of my health. Often I cannot sleep through the night and I have to take an intermission. That is why sometimes you see my writing at 3 or 4 AM.

Ever since I found i3investor.com I am enjoying myself. I notice that there are very few abusive readers. Now I notice that there far more supporters whose commentaries I appreciate very much.

I am sure many of the readers attended my investment seminar on 1st June in KL. Only sunztzhe came up to identify himself. What a pleasant surprise!

I also notice that my articles on politics attract a lot more responses.


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2014-06-05 09:00 | Report Abuse

sunztzhe, I am not moving away from "Value Growth Investing". I allocate a small portion of my money on KLK, Batu Kawan and PBB. Most of my money is on undervalued growth stocks such as JT, TH Plant, Sarawak Plant, Kulim, Mudajaya, MFCB, and Successful Transformers.

I have nothing to hide and my intention is honourable. As I said during my seminar on 1st June, I sold about 50% of my JT in the last few weeks at Rm 2.70 when there were lots of buyers. There were more sellers than buyers in the last few days. I suspect some people who attended my talk, heard that I sold JT. It does not mean that JT is not good any more. I still have about 20 million JT shares. I will buy back JT when it goes lower.

As I said 'no share can go up or down indefinitely for whatever reason'. I must sell some shares when they go up so that I have money to buy shares when they go down. In this way I can use my margin finance more effectively.

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2014-06-05 05:24 | Report Abuse

GGmalaysia, I do not have any selfish reason in writing this article. You can see from the long term chart that the share price is always selling at its peak. It may come down a little but it springs up again. I think the reason for the recent price rise is because of the right issue announcement. Investors rush to buy the share because of the discount for the right issues.

I have nothing to gain if GGmalaysia or any other reader buy or not buy PPB because you cannot push up the price as the daily turnover is so large.

Please look at the daily turnover and see how you can push up the price and make me richer.

My object in writing this article is merely to point out that PBB has an exemplary track record and it is a good investment with minimum risk as the title suggests.

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2014-06-04 20:50 | Report Abuse

I have never written an article to recommend buy on Mudajaya. I may have said that I have Mudajaya among some other shares. I know many investors are tired of waiting for their Indian power project completion. Its completion date has been postponed a few times and that is why there are more sellers than buyers. AS a result the price is slowly tumbling down.

If you cannot wait, you sell Mudajaya and buy PBB. But I am prepared to wait because the profit from the Indian project is guaranteed for 25 years.

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2014-06-04 17:37 | Report Abuse

Saikong83, if MAS has SIA type of management, MAS would be making more than Rm one billion a year. SIA is currently making more than S$ one billion a year.

As you know, I am already 81 years old and before I die I will try my best to change the Malay mindset so that Malaysia can be a developed nation.

Saikong83, if you give me your postal address, I will send you my book called 'Malaysia: Road Map for achieving Vision 2020'. Tengku Razaleigh wrote the Foreword and endorsements form Dr Azly Rahman, Professor James Chin of Monash University and Dato Ambiga Sreenevasan.

I trust you will read my book so that you will be better informed.

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2014-06-04 17:14 | Report Abuse

Saikong83, before I die I want to see Malaysia become a developed nation like Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea which were the same as Malaysia in 1970 in terms of GDP per capita.

If Malaysia has Singapore type of management Malaysia would be one of the top class nations in the world, because we have all the natural resources, like fossil fuel, palm oil, rubber and timber.

The trouble you Malays do not like to see the truth. Almost all the civil servants are Malays. The BN government should employ some Chinese and Indians and promote them basing on meritocracy so to increase management efficiency.

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2014-06-04 11:58 | Report Abuse

Tengku Ibrahim Omar, I appreciate what you have just said. MAS can be profitable if it is managed like SIA which has been profitable. The recurring losses of MAS are a great mystery especially when they are compared with the performance of SIA. I972 Malaysia-Singapore Airlines (MSA) became MAS and SIA. In the last 10 years from 2002- 2011 SIA reported a total pre-tax profit of Singapore $13,992 million, averaging S$ 1.4 billion per year.

I hope Tengku will use his influence to persuade the BN Government to manage MAS like SIA

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I am not anti Malays. I am a patriotic Malaysian. I am most concerned is that the BN Government is corrupted and racist. As a result, MAS and the whole country will go bankrupt soon.

Even Tan Sri Tengku Razaleigh appreciates my writing. He wrote the Foreword of my book, "Malaysia: Road Map for Achieving Vision 2020".

Duitbesar, ramkarpalsingh and other BN supporters should read my book. In a nut shell, all I said is that in 1970 when the NEP was introduced our GDP per capita was about the same as Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea. Now the GDP per capita for Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea are 3.5 times, 3 times and 3 times ours despite that they all do not have natural resources like fossil fuel, palm oil, rubber and timber. They have to import every thing. They have to buy our palm oil and timber.

Please open your eyes. Don't be blind just because you are BN supporters.

You all must read Malaysian Chronicle where Dyana Sofya wrote an interesting article in response to Tengku Aziz's comment on her loss at the recent by election in Teluk Intan.