GENTING-WA is selling at discount!

Publish date: Wed, 22 Mar 2017, 10:05 AM
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Can anyone enlighten me why Genting-WA deserves a discount when the mother price has ran up a lot recently while Genting WA has a premium of more than 10% just 2 months ago?

The warrant still has 1.75 years or 637 days to go before it expires on 18 Dec 2018.

Its resort & theme park arm, Genting Malaysia is expected to deliver excellent results when its redeveloped and integrated resort is open for business in 2017 including Twentieth Century Fox World theme park, etc. Has this factored in? No premium attached to this?

Updated: 21/3/17.



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Last time 1.4 never heard you say discount?

2017-03-22 11:05


Haha...mother expected to correct

2017-03-22 11:09



2017-03-22 11:14

Lim Jess

There was even lower price, thus you never mentioned it ? And now you emphasize that there's a discount?

2017-03-22 11:15

Lim Jess

When everyone knows that there's a good deal then it's no longer a good deal anymore!

2017-03-22 11:16


Quite a good analysis, well done

2017-03-22 11:21


just buy and stop thinking so much

2017-03-22 11:24


Buy with discount, good bargain!

2017-03-22 11:33

SuperMan 99

Thank you for sharing, myinvesting, BIG LIKE!

2017-03-22 12:14


Very interesting, SuperMan is here.

Thank you for writing & sharing, very good observation & keep it up, myinvesting

2017-03-22 12:19

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