Pathetic Fallacy


Publish date: Sun, 10 Mar 2019, 12:10 PM
Pathetic Fallacy


Pathetic Fallacy


Take a look at d % of IDSS done over total volume (IDSS volume to x 2) for d top 30 active counters last Friday n u wil see d highest % was Hibiscus


It is understandable to IDSS fragile counters like Armada Sapnrg Myeg as d odd is in IDSS favour so thr is money to be made n so in line wit IDSS profit making motive

On d other hand d motive to IDSS Hibiscus is not so clear as d odd is really not in IDSS favour due to strong FA IB high TP O&G theme play now n IDSS really seldom made money thus far but d IDSS is not stopping 


Take look n u wil see d CW for all d other counters r all dead due to d mothers' prices hv crashed




Well to find out u wil hv to go thru SC


So to complain to SC on potential abuse of IDSS  for SC to take closer look 



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IDDS part of the strategy la. Sell high and buy low, since U already know the facts, keep on posting. Good for us also. So, for Hib, always spare at the end of the day la. Thanks Bro.

FYI..keep on buying that drop dead one, ROI multiple times than the mother once market turn around

2019-03-10 12:30


What idss? You think too much, this counter just can't go up.

2019-03-10 12:35


The monthly oil price for Jan 2019 is the lowest. So no what idss, just can't go up due to weak oil price.

2019-03-10 15:10


All the couters with IDSS seem to share the same pattern. It is kind of open secret now. Some day the shit will hit thr fan.

2019-03-10 15:37


Same pattern?

U mean all wit CW tat is threaten by a rise in d mother price?

Thn shd report to SC

IDSS = Intra short selling

CW = call warrant issued by investment bank

2019-03-10 16:19


Pathetic fallacy

Wave after wave of big big IDSS tat made up more thn 50% or more of total daily volume tat killed d mood n killed will to buy even a good co like Hibiscus

Who hv d resources n d persistent to do tis kind of IDSS day after day for so long wit little likelyhood of making an IDSS profit??

Pathetic fallacy

2019-03-10 16:47


If u hv IDSS Hibiscus identify urself n enlighten us why u do it

2019-03-10 17:55


A reason could be that HIBI is one of those counters that have stamp duty exemption so much so that the lower transactional costs equates to higher profits even with small price changes. Stand to be corrected tho.

2019-03-10 19:13


Oay, what is IDSS fellas...I am newbie...Don't understand apa itu IDSS!! Thank you..

2019-03-11 11:38


Hahaha..idss is Intra Day Short Selling....hee haw, hee haw...

2019-03-11 11:40

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