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“What are you waiting for?”: Netizens slams inaction over “chicken cartels” defiance

Publish date: Sat, 21 May 2022, 07:40 PM

IN a follow up to the chicken cartel issue, a Malay daily today reported that the former was lying to the authorities to shutdown certain farms, claiming their chicken was having “growth problems”.

According to Utusan Malaysia, the cartels plan to shutdown certain chicken farms starting today or tomorrow but so far, only four operators have closed their farms for now.

“Other companies are planning to join the conspiracy soon. This is being done to pressure the Government over the delay in providing subsidies to the operators,” it added.

Following the expose that the cartels were undeterred despite media reports, netizens questioned on why the authorities are still not acting against the cartels.

(Either the Government is just going with the cartel or the cartel is holding the Government to ransom, the reality for us is still the same. Authorities must act without fear and favour)

Echoing his sentiments, user Raja Melaka added:

(It looks like the chicken cartel is has made a “chicken” out of our Government and yet you claim to be an Islamic Government. Now what? Do you want the return of the “Kerajaan Gagal” movement?

Netizen Nazri Kocheng retorted:

( I miss the “Kerajaan Gagal” movement)

Two days ago, the daily alleged that a group of cartels involving in the poultry business were planning to shut down chicken farms this coming weekend to protest against the Government’s purported delay in providing subsidies; 60 sen per chicken.

The closure over the weekend is expected to skyrocket chicken prices, affecting consumers and retailers.

“The ‘hidden hand’ tried to ration chicken supply in the market in the past but failed. So now, they are attempting to shut down farms.

“Their excuse is that the Government have been delaying to provide subsidy, given that chicken feed costs have escalated. They claim the authorities are unsympathetic towards the supply issues despite rising costs,” the daily quoted a source as saying.

Boycotting is the only way

On that note, several users said that a massive boycott from buying chicken is the only way the people could teach the cartels a lesson.

“Let us boycott chicken for a week. Let the cartels makes suffer major losses at the hands of people’s power…provided the people are united)

Netizen Khabil Hashim remarked:

(Use people’s power and don’t purchase chicken from the cartel. Let show them how powerful we can be. By the way, what is the National Farmers Organization (NAFAS) doing?)

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