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31-Jul-2022 [#4] | 29-Sep-2022

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31-Oct-2022 | 08-Dec-2022

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12.56 | 7.96%

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2.71% | 34.06%


2.00 | 1.66

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10.85% | 13.21%

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Scientex Bhd manufactures and sells plastic products. The company also engages in property development. The firm's two segments are based on product type. The manufacturing segment, which generates the majority of revenue, sells plastic films and packaging products used to package consumer and industrial goods. The segment also sells plastic automotive interior components. The property development segment builds and sells housing primarily to low- and middle-income families. The majority of revenue comes from Asia.

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so with the unconditional take over of Daibochi, where will this lead us as a holder of Scientex? any thoughts about this?

2021-09-13 14:36


The offer price of RM2.70 is too low for Daibochi minority shareholders to accept, but it is a bargain price to Scientex to raise its stakes in Daibochi.

Offer price should be raised to at least RM3.30 - 3.50 to get more shares in Daibochi to get to 90% stakes.

2021-09-13 15:08


Better operational efficiency across both companies when scientex takes over. Positive news for scientex overall.

2021-09-13 15:20

PureBULL ...

PureBULL >>>, [12.09.21 16:43]

Stretch.Film is on ON.

small cap bpplas is 1st n edi achieved its 100% FIBO tp.
on upside overshoot it can go crazzzyly berserk,,,
every household in north america has a jumbo roll in the kitchen. all others will follow in the world...

there r more n more newfound high demand of from bundling goods up per pellet in warehousing to avoiding check-in luggage in airport from tempering n for water-proofing, to many large usages in this pandemic,,,
SCIENTX, being # 3 largest in the entire world would do very WELL ,,,

2021-09-14 12:38

Bgt 9963

Good morning...scientex

2021-09-15 08:49


Very good result, gogogo!!!

2021-09-29 14:28


No bonus and warrant issue yr 2022

2021-09-29 17:13


Well done!

2021-09-30 08:42

Bgt 9963

Buy scientex...

2021-09-30 08:45


Legacy company. Not really bullish on Scientex. More suitable for long term investors. If you cannot wait for retirement, then better not buy.

2021-09-30 15:18


common scientx wake up please..

2021-10-06 18:03


Godzilla woke up liao

2021-11-12 15:05


Scientex result out?

2021-11-20 21:22


result so so la

2021-12-08 15:05

(马股)Scientex Bhd 2022 第一季度,业绩分析!

2021-12-08 20:44


Steady la pj lim, 5 consecutive days of putting money where his mouth is and continue to buy shares

2021-12-16 21:21


i like 4731, best ever return

2021-12-16 21:23

Trade in Peace


2021-12-28 21:31


price uptrend n gud momentum in morning session! cheers!

2022-01-03 13:01


Resilient. Will break RM5 once sentiment recovers..

2022-01-07 10:39



2022-01-07 12:01


what happened?

2022-01-14 16:54


Cutting vegetables ;)

2022-01-23 16:35


covid again cut production..

2022-01-23 19:01


SCIENTEX bank borrowing they continue expand township property development,.......the company may fall into financial difficulties, cautious,......the township development in johore not easy to make money,........high capital invesment, low return,.......

2022-01-30 14:33


My friend, Scientex packaging segment contribute 68% in revenue and their capital expenditure for 2022 to spend Rm200 million for packaging machinery. Its nice one.

While property development contribute 32% revenue which their capital expenditure 2022 for property development will use Rm800 million to grow land bank on affordable house. This affordable house is a good target market in these recovery era for post-Covid19. The construction and property sector are slowly better now due to the government has allowed the sector to make applications for foreign workers. For Feb 2022 only, almost 200,000 foreign workers has been approved their applications to work for the affected sector that rely on foreign workers.

If you want to talk about their debt, their debt to asset ratio (below 1 ratio) and the current ratio (above 1 ratio) shows the Scientex can meet its current obligations which their overall financial health is good.

Scientex also has strong operational cash flow due to their main revenue from packaging segment which is contribute 68% to the comnpany. Look at their net income also steadily increase even though in pandemic era (their packaging segment is perform well)
-2019 RM333.70 million
-2020 RM390.11 million
-2021 RM457.23 million

This 2022 Scientex told they will continue acquisition of plastic & packaging companies and this is a good thing. As Scientex will acquire the other packaging company include the existing customer of those company too. Ofcourse they will intergrate each of their factories operation will result in better cost-wise.

Take a look of Scientex's track record of Merger & Acquisition here:
2019 - Mega Printing & Packaging Sdn Bhd
2018 - Klang Hock Plastic Industries Sdn Bhd
2015 - Mondi Ipoh Sdn Bhd
2014 - Seacera Polyfilms Sdn Bhd
2013 - Great Wall Plastic Industries Sdn Bhd
2012 - GW Packaging Sdn Bhd

Malaysia reopen border is just around the corner, imagine all their packaging factories operate in full capacity because of the demand from consumer, retail, tourism, industrial and etc. It is just a matter of time for the Scientex's price stock will.................... you know the answer.

2022-03-03 15:52


SCIENTEX bank borrowing they continue expand township property development,.......the company may fall into financial difficulties, cautious,......the township development in johore not easy to make money,........high capital invesment, low return,.......

Heard that they are in deep trouble with all their customers affected across the board. Better get out while you still can.

2022-03-08 13:35


Unker is spot on this time. Never mind about rising price in plastic; Scientex would even face acute shortages in their raw material for production. None of their business portfolio is preparing them for this.

2022-03-08 13:39


I think stockpip’s view is a bit simplistic. In an effort to obtain a more considered view of the effect of an oil price (and presumably correlated availability) shock on the profitability of Scientex, I examined the profitability and share price of the company from a few years before until a few years after the Global Financial Crisis of 2007 to 2009. Regrettably I cannot present a chart on this platform, but here are the statistics in tabular form:

Manufacturing Property Share (adj as per Yahoo)
Quart Revenue Result Revenue Result Oil SP500
05M01 105,120 5,370 18,245 4,967 0.1112 48.25 1,181
05M04 114,555 5,830 18,608 4,251 0.1071 49.20 1,191
05M07 107,713 5,374 22,434 3,704 0.1125 60.71 1,220
05M10 114,262 5,830 27,853 5,122 0.1088 59.80 1,249
06M01 121,658 7,127 22,456 4,612 0.1158 67.86 1,280
06M04 111,853 6,164 24,499 5,254 0.1146 71.80 1,270
06M07 123,407 6,349 27,291 6,678 0.1158 74.56 1,304
06M10 127,525 6,531 24,604 5,930 0.1187 58.72 1,401
07M01 126,317 7,452 21,703 5,580 0.1683 58.17 1,407
07M04 121,803 4,216 18,820 4,833 0.2317 65.78 1,531
07M07 119,877 1,455 19,248 7,039 0.2283 78.20 1,474
07M10 126,565 4,468 20,655 4,799 0.2167 94.16 1,481
08M01 139,617 7,252 21,213 5,240 0.1917 91.67 1,331
08M04 142,702 8,042 22,887 5,798 0.2083 113.70 1,400
08M07 145,294 5,947 22,303 4,539 0.1950 124.17 1,283
08M10 131,117 4,836 22,330 4,317 0.1717 68.10 896
09M01 88,712 3,565 19,074 3,129 0.1583 41.73 735
09M04 96,579 7,038 17,163 4,017 0.1933 50.35 919
09M07 111,995 7,110 22,761 8,478 0.2067 69.26 1,021
09M10 136,400 7,736 28,514 6,218 0.2200 77.04 1,096
10M01 127,106 8,373 31,608 6,506 0.2250 72.85 1,104
10M04 141,541 9,969 37,961 9,399 0.2300 86.07 1,089
10M07 139,973 10,965 51,713 10,881 0.2817 78.85 1,049
10M10 138,413 7,453 48,212 13,531 0.3000 81.45 1,181
11M01 142,271 7,629 52,615 16,298 0.4500 90.99 1,327
11M04 159,170 8,129 58,142 18,015 0.4400 113.39 1,345
11M07 145,607 12,230 59,593 14,153 0.3900 95.68 1,219
11M10 154,110 9,473 59,652 17,067 0.4083 93.19 1,247

In case it gets mixed up, the columns left to right are the quarter, manufacturing revenue and result, property development revenue and result, approximate share price at the end of the quarter, price of oil at the end of the quarter (Cushing, OK WTI) and the S&P500 at the end of the quarter. E&OE.

The progressive increase in revenue as the oil price increases rather looks to me like the company is able to pass on increases in its input costs as the price of oil increases. Despite the volatility in operating profit, the company’s share price would seem to have been remarkably stable until the Lehman-precipitated recession and stock market crash of September 2008. But even under those extreme conditions, the share price only dropped 32% peak-to-trough and then recovered again within a year.

My conclusion is that although there might be some oil-price-induced hiccups in operating profit from the manufacturing division, there is insufficient evidence to support the notion that the volatility will propagated into a foreseeable reduction in share price. In comparison, a global recession is much more likely to result in such a reduction, but that in such circumstances, the company is robust and likely to recover quickly.

2022-03-13 14:43


good fa

2022-03-13 14:44


Company revenue and results, company quarterly reports;
Company share price: Yahoo
Price of oil:
S&P 500: Yahoo

2022-03-13 14:45


price hit low of RM 3.90 and reverse trend. Should continue the up trend if price sustain above RM 4

2022-04-08 15:50


Short Scientex. Main contributor of plastic and microplastic pollution. Absolutely terrible ESG

2022-04-12 07:27


Drop below support, time to reenter ?

2022-04-25 13:02


what is scientx? a developer or plastic manufacturer? so many projects signed at 2019, but now material cost went up, they still need to deliver. cement up, steel up, salary up, sand up, wood up.... will eat into their margin. sell, run before it is too late.

2022-05-14 11:29


Non stop dropping for 1.5 months now

2022-05-23 14:57


Likely to drop further, back to where it was.

2022-05-26 10:32


construction material price up.... how to make money? 30% of their profit from development.

2022-05-30 23:47


Time to fifo

2022-06-01 20:42


Up! I BELIEVE in Scientex

2022-06-02 13:55


It's all the way down for this counter. Nothing is sustainable anymore in their business. Falling off the cliff as we speak.

2022-06-13 18:03

Integrity. Intelligent. Industrious. 3iii (iiinvestsmart)$€£¥

The Group’s revenue for the current financial quarter stood at RM993.8 million compared to RM952.0 million recorded in the preceding financial quarter. The increase in revenue was mainly contributed by the packaging division. The Group’s profit before tax stood at RM120.3 million for the current financial quarter as compared to RM124.1 million in the preceding financial quarter due to lower operating profit reported in the property division.

Packaging Division continues to face operational challenges due to factors such as the ongoing geopolitical tension, global supply chain challenges, shortage of labour and rising inflationary pressures which have led to volatility in raw material prices
and elevated operational costs.

Property Division continues to see favourable demand for its affordable housing with the easing of restriction and reopening of its international border. Its showhouses have seen an uptick in the number of visitors especially in the Johor Region with the
reopening of Malaysia-Singapore border. However, the Division was affected by slower progress due to labour shortages, deferment of CCC in certain projects due to shortage of materials for the installation of power supply infrastructure as well as
delay in obtaining permits and approvals for new product launches from the relevant authorities. In addition, with the increase in material cost, the Group is also constantly reviewing the pricing of its products whilst maintaining its product affordability.

2022-06-15 16:25


hi all, we wrote about Scientex Berhad in this article. Feel free to take a look!

2022-07-07 09:39


Property n plastic packaging both also im winter , many people dump ticketz run already !

2022-07-19 21:52


Company still has strong fundamentals, and long-term prospects. The consistent uptrend in its financials says it all. Capitalise whenever people panic and dump shares, and when market sentiment looks much better

2022-07-30 22:00


V strong fundamentals should at least go back 4.50

2 months ago


Scientex just acquired Taisei Lamick Malaysia Sdn. Bhd

2 months ago

Huat 888

join the boat...don't wait

1 month ago

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