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“Halfwit PM is anti-smart people”: Netizens jest on his defence of Kamarul’s appointment

Publish date: Sat, 21 May 2022, 07:41 PM

DESPITE public outcry, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob defended his decision to appoint controversial lecturer Kamarul Zaman Yusoff as his special officer.

“Kamarul is an experienced person in terms of expertise in the field we need. I believe he can carry out his duties as a special officer in terms of policies.

“I also choose those who I think are qualified, but if other parties feel he is not eligible, it does not mean we have to follow what they say. We have made our own evaluation,” Bernama reported the Bera MP as saying.

However, netizens were amused by Ismail Sabri’s justification and took to social media to belittle his bizarre justification.


(That’s just great. They’re all idiots)


(I was just about to say that. The Bera MP is probably against intelligent people. Even Kamarul’s face can make one sick to the stomach and lose confidence)

Netizen Komorebi jested: “turtle n kangkung (water spinach) make wonderful pair. (have) fun.”

Turtle or turtle egg are pejorative terms used against Ismail Sabri while water spinach is often used to describe dim-witted academicians in Malaysia.

Yesterday, Kamarul, who was previously accused of stoking religious sentiments, confirmed that he had been appointed special officer to the Prime Minister (PM) in December.

“I purposely did not publicise it, I prefer to work in obscurity. I am not someone who chases publicity and prefers to keep a low profile while working behind the scenes,” Malaysiakini reported him a saying.

Kamarul Zaman said his job scope includes helping the PM with daily matters and research, excluding politics or policy matters.

Kamarul has been at logger heads with several Pakatan Harapan leaders, especially the DAP, and often accused the latter of trying to “spread Christianity”.

He even accused  DAP lawmaker Hannah Yeoh of attempting to spread Christianity using her book, “Becoming Hannah, A Personal Journey“.

In April, the Kuala Lumpur sessions court has dismissed a defamation suit brought by Kamarul Zaman against Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad.

The lecturer was instructed by the court to pay RM10,000 in costs. Kamarul was represented by Mohd Harris Mohan while Faiz represented Khalid.

In the same month, the Sessions Court struck out Kamarul’s suit filed against several DAP leaders as the former did not comply with judge’s instructions.

Lawyer Guok Ngek Seong, who appeared for Kepong MP Lim Lip Eng, said the judge awarded RM5,000 in costs to his client.

Meanwhile, counsel Syahredzan Johan, who represented Lim Kit Siang, Chong Chieng Jen, Wong Kah Woh, Syerleena Abdul Rashid, Farid Mohd Azmi and Ariffin SM Omar, said they were awarded a total of RM3,000 in costs.

Rewarding lackeys, ignoring experts

This is not Ismail Sabri’s only controversial appointment. Last week, UMNO MP Datuk Seri Tajuddin Abdul Rahman was confirmed to have been appointed to become Malaysia’s ambassador to Indonesia.

On that note, user TiaradewiJakarta said it was obvious Kamarul’s appointment has a lot to do with the latter’s favourable leanings towards UMNO as opposed to his expertise.

“Hoi penyu sembap (dumb turtle), (you) took him (because) his political leaning favours UMNO. Don’t think that we are stupid to believe your expediency.”

Netizen BungkuihMak Enon retorted: “Yup, the man is an expert in losing lawsuits. Let’s hope he doesn’t advise the PM to sue anybody.” – May 21, 2022

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he has sleepy eyes

1 month ago


kangkong lose all cases in court yet turtle eye say he go qualification..jilatification i guess

1 month ago


he also founded Mara Digital ...

1 month ago


of course Mara Digital is the most vibrant and profitable center in Malaysia

1 month ago


With PM Sabri, i think we can go bankrupt faster! He only speaks bahasa to all world leaders! Biden seems to love talking to him though! It takes one senile to know another senile i guess!

1 month ago



The PM is a puppet on strings! Screen players are elsewhere.

1 month ago


Yeah! Exactly like Biden!

1 month ago

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