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Digital Ministry: Microsoft’s US$2.2b investment in Malaysia sets benchmark for industry players to drive national innovation

Publish date: Mon, 24 Jun 2024, 09:31 PM

KUALA LUMPUR, June 24 — The Digital Ministry sees the latest US$2.2 billion (RM10.3 billion) investment by Microsoft as an aspiration and a benchmark for other industries in driving national innovation.

This commitment encourages the development of digital talent and drives Malaysia towards becoming a global digital hub, the ministry said in response to Dr Richard Rapu @ Aman Anak Begri (GPS-Betong).

Rapu had asked the Digital Ministry to explain how it views Microsoft’s latest investment vis-à-vis Malaysia’s digital potential.

The ministry explained that the investment will enable Microsoft to develop cloud infrastructure and artificial intelligence (AI) in the country.

Microsoft also plans to strengthen collaboration with the government to establish a national AI centre, improve the country’s cyber security capabilities, train more than 300,000 workers in the digital sector by 2025 and support Malaysia’s target to produce a million digital talents by 2030.

The multinational computer technology company also aims to create more high-skilled job opportunities in areas such as AI, cloud computing and cyber security and support the growth of Malaysia’s software ecosystem.

The investment will also help more than 200 local companies integrate AI into their operations by 2025 to improve efficiency and innovation. — Bernama

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