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Missing SPM candidate case nears resolution with discovery of human remains by roadside

Publish date: Tue, 25 Jun 2024, 01:02 PM

BATU PAHAT: The mystery of a missing Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) candidate for the past month is expected to be resolved following the discovery of human remains by the roadside of Jalan Yong Peng, near Kompleks Penghulu Linau, here today.

The remains were found earlier today along with a motorcycle that closely matches the one used by Hafiz Fauzan Abd Halid, 17, based on the registration number shared by his family on social media after his disappearance.

The motorcycle was found stuck in between tree branches next to a durian orchard. Additionally, a jacket and helmet were also found.

Johor police contingent headquarters (IPK)'s forensic team rushed to the location upon receiving information about the discovery of the remains.

Hafiz Fauzan, a form five student at Sekolah Menengah Agama Parit Raja (SMAPR), was reported missing after leaving home on the night of May 25 to watch a football match with his friend in Parit Ju, Tongkang Pechah.

His father, Abd Halid Sugiman, 44, has been searching for him, including surveying several roads that he might have used along Jalan Tongkang Pechah to Parit Raja and Jalan Sri Bengkal, but no clues were found.

His father was concerned about the possibility that his third child out of seven siblings might have fallen into a ditch.

Since then, various efforts have been made by Hafiz Fauzan's family with the help of his father's friends, but they met with no success.

Hafiz Fauzan reportedly asked his father's permission to watch the football final while riding a motorcycle.

"After picking him up, we went out to eat together in Yong Peng, so we arrived home around 10pm. He then asked for permission to go out to watch the football final at his friend's house," said Abd Halid.

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