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2019-11-07 10:30 | Report Abuse


Subang, 3 hrs workshop (Stock Value Investing・Financial Knowledge)
21 Nov, 7:30 pm – 10:30 pm
Empire Hotel Subang, Jalan SS 16/1, Ss 16, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

any1 wanna go tgt?


2019-11-07 10:28 | Report Abuse

this louis seems to be quite famous?


2019-11-07 10:28 | Report Abuse

Malaysia Stock Analysis Report – ARBB (7181)

ARBB - A former wood-related business but transformed into an IT business. Currently, the IT business is the largest profit contributor.

Turnover: RM33.9m YoY rose 792.7% QoQ rose 200.9%
Net profit: RM 8.3m YoY rose 4359.1% QoQ fell 3.7%

Main Reason:
Compared with the same quarter last year, ARBB's turnover increased by 792.7%, mainly contributing to IT business, about 99.7%. This also led to a rise in profits.

Compared with the previous quarter, the 2019 Q3 turnover mainly contributed to ARB Development Sdn Bhd and ARBBOIT Sdn Bhd.

The two subsidiaries mainly sell ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, IOT, Internet and consulting services.

Future Prospect:
Previously ARBB was a wood-related business that was suspended during the quarter but will be relaunched again in Dec 2019.

For the IT department, the subsidiary ARB Development Sdn. Bhd. already has a contract and has already started in 2019 Q3. The contract is expected to be worth approximately USD 20mil. Management believes that it will attract more potential and interested customers in the future.

At 2019 Q3, ARBB's profit was 3.54 cents recorded on RM 8.3m EPS. Compared to the previous quarter, ARBB earned up to RM 8.6m, but EPS recorded 6.54 cents.

Almost the same profit, but the EPS is so much different. The main reason is that too many "Conversation of Preference Share" caused the EPS to be diluted.

Although the company's earnings are good, for long-term EPS dilution, this will adversely affect the stock price. After all, more and more shares will lead to lower and lower EPS. In theory, the stock price will gradually decline.

To understand the further detail on the ARBB Preference Share conversion:

Preference Share is considering a stock for the shareholders. Usually preferred stocks have some special offers, such as dividends.

Preference stocks are not equal to ordinary shares. Therefore, EPS does not need to be included in Preference stock.

And since earnings per share (EPS) is a measure used to measure the return on ordinary stock. Therefore, stock exchange websites and software in the calculation of EPS will not be included with the Preference stock.

ARBB has released a maximum of 1,008,150,000 preferred shares on Dec 18, and shareholders were able to convert into (1) 20 Preference shares convert into 1 ordinary share or (2) conversion price of 20 cent per Preference Share.

In the past few months, shareholders have been converted Preference shares into ordinary shares at 20 cents. It has already converted 179,666,400 units, and balance of 828,483,600 units.

As of today, ARBB's shares are 246,876,400 units, assuming the remaining 828,483,600 Preference shares are converted into ordinary stock. ARBB's shares will be as high as 1,075,360,000 units.

In the latest 4 quarters, the company's profit is 26.943m, the number of shares is 246.8m, and the EPS will be 10.91 cents. Calculated at a price of 38.5 cents, PE will be 3.53

If the company can remain its performance in 3Q19 (8.3m), it will be as high as 33mil in the whole year. Based on the maximum number of shares (1,075,360,000), the EPS will be 3.09 cents, the stock price is 38.5 cents, and the PE is 12.48.

Louis Yap



Web Site:



2019-10-15 10:59 | Report Abuse

chris i also know u r aunty, tats y u cant tell lot is how many b4 this..then became laughing stock on klse..its ok, eveery1 also can learn step by step, just stop telling ppl negativity for your own gain


2019-10-15 10:58 | Report Abuse

chris again..? damn, i'm so fed-up with her..FYI actually chris is female, she admitted b4 on KLSE, but i guess u newcomers dunno that though haha. so pls call "her" and "she" not "him" or "he"


2019-07-14 17:26 | Report Abuse

after seeing recent spam from the same user repeatedly. i can even list down those users w/o even scrolling up to see who is that . KENIE , CHRIS KHO, ZUL, FAIZUL. These 4 same user repeatedly post stupid, negative things on here but then they r still here. Like wat superwisdom said, if they really hate ARBB y still comment here? If you look closely to their profiles, they only comment about ARBB and not other stocks though. What is their TRUE INTENTION? Another psychology tactic to make PANIC BUYER, PANIC SELLER because of own gain?

I3 too many these types, i rather go KLSE read warren analysis. *salute warren*


2019-07-13 17:02 | Report Abuse

i think no 1 wants to entertain these spamming guys anymore, sudden give negative sudden give positive..just sharing here https://app.sinchew.com.my/amucsite//pad/index.html#/detail/2083077/6662

ARBB 0.88 soon


2019-05-02 15:58 | Report Abuse

guys, buying PA more worth or buy mother now?

News & Blogs

2019-03-27 14:09 | Report Abuse

i rmb 15 april got agm meeting..see how first


2019-03-17 11:32 | Report Abuse

after this good news, tmr will go up? can buy?


2019-02-20 16:58 | Report Abuse

KUALA LUMPUR (Feb 19): Pesona Metro Holdings Bhd has bagged a contract worth RM408.8 million from Malaysian Resources Corp Bhd (MRCB) for superstructure works for a mixed development in Seksyen 98, here.

In a filing to Bursa Malaysia today, Pesona Metro's wholly-owned subsidiary Pesona Metro Sdn Bhd has accepted the letter of acceptance from MRCB's wholly-owned subsidiary MRCB Builders Sdn Bhd.

The works involve three blocks of apartments with 734 units, eight floors of parking as well as six units of retail space with two floors of basement parking.

The project will be for 30.5 months, commencing on Feb 18, said Pesona Metro.

Pesona Metro noted that the project is expected to contribute positively to the group's earnings and enhance its net assets for the duration of the project.

"The project is expected to be funded via internal generated funds and accordingly, has no effect on the gearing of the group," said Pesona Metro.

Shares of Pesona Metro closed 1.5 sen or 6.82% higher at 23.5 sen, for a market capitalisation of RM163.31 million. Over the past year, the counter fell 36.66% from 37 sen.


2019-02-20 16:55 | Report Abuse

taliwrk seems alright, maybe worth to enter


2019-02-20 16:54 | Report Abuse

where is the 40 sen?


2019-02-20 16:51 | Report Abuse

why notion going opposite direction from everyone else?