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Posted by sianglong91 > 2023-02-17 10:05 | Report Abuse

Alamak the results...not very wow-ING, the authorities for the grants keep delaying and delaying. Its like a four legged table lost one leg...


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Posted by cwc1981 > 2023-03-04 19:21 | Report Abuse

Just going through the results. Just wondering y the dividend payout is higher than earnings? Is this sustainable?

Posted by cooledhawk123654 > 2023-05-23 09:51 | Report Abuse

jz releases 1st q result, anybody know what is investment designated at fair value rm 97m under the current asset??


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Posted by Pinky > 2023-05-23 18:11 | Report Abuse

@cooledhawk123654 see note B13


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Posted by Pinky > 2023-05-23 18:12 | Report Abuse

Most likely unit trust money market funds

Posted by cooledhawk123654 > 2023-05-23 23:53 | Report Abuse

thanks Pinky..


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Posted by getingreal > 2023-05-26 09:06 | Report Abuse

Star 25th May 2023:-
PETALING JAYA: Taliworks Corp Bhd expects steady contribution from water and solar segments, with a slight dip for its highways, going forward.
Recognition from its construction segment is likely back loaded in financial year 2023 (FY23).

The company expects to pay 6.6 sen dividend per share (DPS) and its dividend yield of 8.1% remains its key focal point.
It foresees no issues in maintaining the 6.6 sen DPS going forward, HLIB Research said after attending a briefing with the company. Based on previous guidance, it said, optimising the capital structure in its renewable segment could add another RM120mil to RM130mil to its existing RM191mil cash pile, including investments.

Posted by DividendGuy67 > 2023-06-05 17:46 | Report Abuse

cwc1981, that's a tough question to answer. Clearly, EPS is not a good measure, because it is an accounting measure that doesn't reflect TALIWRK's cashflows properly, because it is after depreciation and non-cash adjustments that understates its cash generating abilities.
However, committing to 1.65 sen every quarter requires RM33 million cash payouts - that's a lot of money.
Q1/23 cash has improved than Q4/22 and Management indicates they can further improve from their renewables segment by over RM100 million, but Management can say anything.
One measure is EBDA (Earnings Before Depreciation and Adjustment). For Q1/23, it improved to RM23.6m vs RM20.0m the prior quarter. But RM23.6m is still less than RM33m dividends. So, I'm wondering if investors should be worried?
However, its EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Tax, Depreciation, Adjustment) is 36.3m, larger than 33m. But doesn't TALIWRKS have to pay interest costs, and taxes? And after payment, they don't really belong to shareholders anymore isn't it? So, how to justify?
However, if you look at its Cash holdings, after paying out 33m, its cash balance grew from 48m to 76m.
In short, yes, it looks fishy, but:
1. Management indicates they have no problem to support 1.65 sen dividend (but do you trust them?)
2. Cash increases. (but do you understand how cash has increased?)
3. Management further indicates there's room to improve the renewables segment (but do you trust them?).
If unsure, keep it a small proportion of your portfolio and don't be greedy with the high dividend yield.
Because Return OF Investment is much more important than Return ON Investment.


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Posted by cwc1981 > 2023-06-18 10:38 | Report Abuse

Thanks DG 67. Haha after seeing your analysis I think I need to do more homework. Thanks


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Posted by Pinky > 2023-06-19 11:27 | Report Abuse

I think we don't need to worry about Taliworks at least until year 203X, so long as they still have the highways and the water contracts. Worst case scenario drop a bit dividend per quarter, but easily still more than 6% annual yield.


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Posted by getingreal > 2023-08-03 16:13 | Report Abuse

Dividend announcement is coming later this month. I expect 1.65 cents, again.

Posted by DividendGuy67 > 2023-08-07 23:09 | Report Abuse

Looking forward to see its quarterly report in 2+ weeks time ... can't wait.

Posted by DividendGuy67 > 2023-08-07 23:11 | Report Abuse

Price has taken a dive since Feb 2023 when swing high was 0.985. Today 0.800. Fortune favors the bold, dare to buy at 0.800?

Posted by DividendGuy67 > 2023-08-07 23:17 | Report Abuse

Typo. swing high 0.985 Mar 2022. Nearly 18 months of downtrending, testing the patience of long term traders/investors.

Posted by DividendGuy67 > 2023-08-07 23:18 | Report Abuse

If 1.65 sen quarterly dividend hold, that's 6.6 sen per year. Divide by 80 sen = 8.25% dividend yield! Tempting!


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Posted by Pinky > 2023-08-08 12:54 | Report Abuse

@DividendGuy67 check out their cash flow statement...

Posted by DividendGuy67 > 2023-08-09 22:48 | Report Abuse

@pinky, thanks, when I saw the Q1 cashflows 2.5 months ago I thought it looks like it has potential ... my buy price at 0.80 finally filled after a long wait. Still, future is uncertain, I look forward to Q2 report in next couple weeks.


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Posted by speakup > 2023-08-10 07:52 | Report Abuse

anyone can share what so good about this counter?

Posted by Lester Teow > 2023-08-10 12:18 | Report Abuse

DIVIDEND: High(8.3% DY), Consistent (1.65 cent), Frequent(pay each quarter)

Posted by Lester Teow > 2023-08-10 12:20 | Report Abuse

But sustainability of this dividend trend is in doubt.

Posted by DividendGuy67 > 2023-08-12 05:37 | Report Abuse

Lester, why do you say dividend sustainability is in doubt? (I hope you look beyond reported EPS, as reported EPS can be artificially lower than cashflow, due to accounting depreciation. Cash is a cleaner way to look at this company).

Posted by DividendGuy67 > 2023-08-12 05:46 | Report Abuse

@Lester, saw your past comments that you own this stock "quite heavily" - would your view on its dividend sustainability change if you only own this stock small (e.g. 4% of your portfolio)?

I have an unbreakable policy to never buy any single stock more than 5% of my stock portfolio. This keeps all my buy "relatively small, relative to my total portfolio" in order to be objective about every one of them. When we invest say 50% in 1 stock, it is hard to sleep because any small variations will cause worry and lack of objectivity.

Posted by Lester Teow > 2023-08-16 11:16 | Report Abuse

It is around 1/3 of my total portfolio. I am still holding it, wait for the latest quarter report. Since the langkawi water concession end and highway tax waiver end, the cash flow was impacted, the JV also not doing good, bad things keep coming.


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Posted by getingreal > 2023-08-21 11:52 | Report Abuse

Div announcement due Friday 25th. sure 1.65 cents, no worries.


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Posted by Pinky > 2023-08-22 19:41 | Report Abuse

No surprise, 1.65 sen divvy. But, see their cash flow statement. Nearly 100% of operating cash is paid out as dividend.


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Posted by sg999 > 2023-08-22 20:27 | Report Abuse

1.65 SEN again

Posted by Intelligentinvest13 > 2023-08-22 20:39 | Report Abuse

up tomorrow

Posted by DividendGuy67 > 2023-08-23 00:45 | Report Abuse

TALIWRK dividends will cost RM66.5m for H1/23, vs Net Cash from Operations (NCfO) of RM66.7m. H1/23 NCfO of RM66.7m is a significant improvement over H1/22 figure of RM37m, so at least this part is positive trend. The renewable energy is also doing better than prior year. Still looks to support RM1.65 dividend payment, with perhaps a positive bias, but the margin is thin, so, any negative surprise / bad news might cause the price to fall. That's why the dividend yield is so high. Dividend yield = 6.6 sen / 80 sen = 8.25%!!

Posted by DividendGuy67 > 2023-08-23 00:53 | Report Abuse

If you feel pessimistic on TALIWRK, you may consider alternative hypothetical scenario of dividend cut to 4.8 sen per year (1.2 sen per quarter), similar to what they used to pay in Q3/2019 and prior. Under this scenario, 4.8 / 80 = 6.0% dividend yield, still beat EPF.

If you own small, you will not unduely worry about future adverse result or future dividend cut, because if the cause is temporary, then, low price is a friend to average down once price stabilizes. Very hard to lose if not greedy. (However, if you are greedy, it's a different story).

Posted by DividendGuy67 > 2023-08-23 00:57 | Report Abuse

This kind of result seem to indicate that next quarter dividend has good chance to be 1.65 sen again, IMHO. I could always be proven wrong later since 3 months is a long time, and noone knows what will happen next 3 months. So, let's collect the 1.65 sen first after payment on 29 Sep, and then see what Q3 will be next.


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Posted by Pinky > 2023-08-23 16:08 | Report Abuse

@DividendGuy67 if 6.0% dividend yield I might as well buy more YTL 😁

Posted by DividendGuy67 > 2023-08-24 00:09 | Report Abuse

@pinky, I'm not greedy. I already let go of my YTL after it delivered capital gains (net of comms) equal to 19 years of dividends, by holding a few short months.


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Posted by Yippy68 > 2023-11-08 15:31 | Report Abuse

Why price suddenly surge


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Posted by Yippy68 > 2023-11-08 15:42 | Report Abuse

Any good new

Posted by cooledhawk123654 > 2023-11-08 15:51 | Report Abuse

what happens to taliwork??


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Posted by Yippy68 > 2023-11-08 16:04 | Report Abuse

Pinky may be able to answer

Posted by Lester Teow > 2023-11-08 16:12 | Report Abuse

sometimes fund buying will easily push up due to less transaction

Posted by Lester Teow > 2023-11-08 16:13 | Report Abuse

definitely not surprising result

Posted by Lester Teow > 2023-11-08 16:26 | Report Abuse

Such transaction volume last seen Jan'22, almost 2 yrs

Posted by DividendGuy67 > 2023-11-08 19:45 | Report Abuse

Thanks to TALIWRK, my portfolio made a new high again today. That's 3 consecutive days of new highs!

Posted by DividendGuy67 > 2023-11-08 20:07 | Report Abuse

@Lester, agree the transaction volume is very high, although this kind of action reminds me of 18/12/2020 volume/price action than Jan 22 volume/price action. In Dec 2020 action, the huge spike up was not sustainable and only good for 1 day. Whereas Jan 2022 action was high, but the price was already uptrending for quite some time and continued to make new highs higher than the day's high eventually. The question now is how does today's high volume portend for the coming days/weeks ....

Technically, it looks with majority odds, that the bottom after 1.5 years of downtrend may have been sighted. Today's price action hit 86 sen, which is the 38.2% Fibonacci retracement, a common resistance. Given the 1.5 years downtrend, it won't be so easy for TALIWRK to continue to rise - low odds. More likely, it'll dip down to retest the bottom. So, if I didn't have a position, then, I would not chase and the high probability play is to wait for a retest and buy the dip.

Posted by Lester Teow > 2023-11-09 16:21 | Report Abuse

I guess fund is collecting

Posted by DividendGuy67 > 2023-11-10 02:04 | Report Abuse

Thank-you TALIWRK! On 20/10, I added at 79 sen. Today, my queue to sell part of this purchase was executed at 86 sen! THANK-YOU for contributing to make my portfolio hit a new high again today! That's 4 consecutive days of portfolio new high!

Posted by Lester Teow > 2023-11-10 08:37 | Report Abuse

Insider move:
Changes in major shareholders, tariff hike expectation prompt rally in water-related stocks

Posted by Layla123 > 2 months ago | Report Abuse

Taliworks Corp Bhd's Q3 2023 net profit rose to RM13.54 million boosted by increased results from jointly controlled entity Grand Sepadu (NK) Sdn Bhd, attributed to toll compensation. https://urlis.net/2hciy6d1


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Posted by Yippy68 > 1 day ago | Report Abuse

waiting for QR since 16 Feb , apa sudah jadi ya?


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Posted by Yippy68 > 1 day ago | Report Abuse

hold 500 lots for 6.6 sen dividend /year, better than FD


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Posted by calvintaneng > 1 day ago | Report Abuse

Aiyoo Yippy68

You got see properly Taliwork balance sheet or not?

Earn less than 1 sen
Cash only Rm104 Millions
Long term borrowings Rm269 Millions

Mana ada duit pay good dividend leh?

Better switch to Hs Plant

See very carefully



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Posted by Pinky > 1 day ago | Report Abuse

Calvin u don't understand concession business accounting

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