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2022-04-28 17:03 | Report Abuse


yup this is year 2022 and yet pupil go to school using flying tong air.
When i criticize this pariah country, got one CHOW KOW engineer hiding in sabah say i am not grateful.



2022-04-27 14:53 | Report Abuse

next monday lar Bodo


2022-04-27 09:00 | Report Abuse

Insas net cash is RM 1.40
If Inari drop to zero
Insas net cash still remain at RM 1.40



2022-04-25 13:33 | Report Abuse

in the whole world
there is only ONE pariah country
that have different weekend days.

Some use Saturday and Sunday
Some use Friday and Saturday
and some use Friday-Saturday for public,
Saturday-Sunday for private.

Apa lanciau is this ?
U don't find these is BODO ?
when u live too long in Pariah country
either u accept this as norm,
or your brain have become numb

Because even if u say something about it
then what ?
Nothing will change right ?
Be grateful because it could be worst
who knows KL suddenly decide
Tuesday and Thursday are weekend instead.



2022-04-24 22:23 | Report Abuse

I already mention about unemployment of university graduate many times.
Today TMJ said about it in his facebook.
But he is not someone intellectual enough to see the whole scenario.

I tell u this Hard reality and bitter facts :
1. this has become an acute on chronic disease of local universities.

Chronic mean it is something happening for very long time.
Acute on chronic mean, it suddenly getting severely worst on top of already bad condition.

We spend millions of millions of our money in these UMP, UIIM, UITM, UMS, Unimas, UniKL, Unikelantan, Uniten, UniTunhussinOnn, UUM,...
All producing taik kucing. Wasted the students times, wasted the money, and energy. My kucing also can produce taik every day.

The things is this Taik kucing will become your problem. No job but can still kahwin beranak 5-6 anak, cerai, anak pi lajak basikal, hisap gam, hisap dadah and so on and so forth.

What is the solution ?
There is no solution for these.
It is a Chronic irreversible gone into parit depan rumah liaw.
Why ? Don't believe ?
What solution ?
Tell me lar.
Ada ?

TMJ suggest wujudkan persatuan anak johor in every universities.
Huh ? TMJ cadangkan this persatuan anjurkan pertandingan bola sepak.
APA ? Bola sepak ? Kenapa bukan bola tampar atau tennis ?
Pelajar boleh berkongsi pendapat.
Tiap hari bersembang dalam dan luar kuliah tak cukup lagi kah ?
Tak mau berkongsi pendapat dengan anak pahang atau anak KL kah ?
Pendapat apa pelajar boleh kongsi ? Cara main video game kah ?
Cara merawat kanser paru paru ? Ya kah ? Hebat. Tapi keluar jual nasi lemak, kenapa tak jual ubat kanser nya ?

TMJ mau inculcate 21st century skills in education.
Ello ... 20 century skill pun tak ada, macam mana boleh tetiba 21st century nya?
19 century matematik skill pun tergolek,
everyday religion, religion, religion
but i mention religion become angry.
I say something wrong kah ?

21st century language skill - English and Mandarin
aikk ... marah lagi.
I say something wrong again kah ?

Highest demand for engineering job are US, and China.
Highest demand for management are US and China.
Highest business and trading countries are US and China.
But here people want to close down SJKC and open more arabic school.
See ... some one marah lagi.

So, still can see solution kah ?
If u can see solution, i tell u straight to your face,
the solution u see is just an illusion.

This country cannot be saved anymore.
We already know the problem, and we know the problem is too late to be solved.
U know what to do.
Plan now, share this or at least discuss this with your adult children.



2022-04-24 13:19 | Report Abuse

3 suku now got makan ubat
cannot open eye at 3 suku pagi anymore
hantu will miss him a lot



2022-04-24 13:08 | Report Abuse

saying city doctor is better than rural doctor
or rural doctor is better than city doctor
is obviously not right.

Based on personal experience that u encounter, fair enough.

But what he try to do is, to attack me, with whatever he want.
If i say i am city doctor, then he will say city doctor is incompetent
if i praise the corrupt gov, he will say i am a traitor to rakyat.
If i buy serba, than he say i am not intelligent.
If i buy insas, i am not intelligent as well.
Insas give free warrant - no mention at all.
Serba crash all the way down to 30 sen, no mention at all.

If fail in his personal attack,
he will spam until 3 suku pagi.
I am proud to have someone spam here until 3 suku pagi.

u trust a 60 million fake dolar man with no name in annual report ?


2022-04-24 12:43 | Report Abuse

oh ... self-claim engineer now hiding inside sabah jungle is consider very competent in share market lah ?
The part he admit cheating his famili and friend money to gamble in share market how leh ?
The part he ask people to use margin account to gamble how leh ?
So, sabah jungle is consider city or not ? I heard student need to climb tree to get internet worr ....


2022-04-24 12:29 | Report Abuse

any one who critisize the corrupt goverment is non patriotic.
BODO lah lu.
10 year in rural sarawak is incompetent.
wow - there are 4 chinese GP + at least 5 in goverment hospital in my area
they are all must be incompetent doctors.
Only those in city are competent doctors.
So does this tell us about u ?
From our analysis - u are bias, bodo dan tak pandai berfikir.


2022-04-24 11:55 | Report Abuse

okay got to go.
Kuku holder malulah
nanti i change my profile to become your mother
okay or not ?


2022-04-24 11:54 | Report Abuse

tak ada malu eh.
name in multiple annual report
kuku-holder ada nama kah ?


2022-04-24 11:53 | Report Abuse

wah ! 3 suku pagi the onli one know graham number
even graham also dunno.
no wonder he is top 30 kuku-holder.


2022-04-24 11:52 | Report Abuse

another fellow put he own rm 60 million portfolio
3 suku pagi sure believe one.



2022-04-24 11:50 | Report Abuse

if someone put profile saying he is your mother
u also believe aaaa ?
I sure believe one.



2022-04-24 11:49 | Report Abuse

sslee top 30 insas shareholder
3 suku pagi top ape holder ?
top kuku holder ke ?



2022-04-24 11:46 | Report Abuse

but we a bit worri,
this few months,
he no more post at 3 suku pagi.
what happen lar?
ada makan ubat ker ?



2022-04-24 11:44 | Report Abuse

Do not worri about people spamming anywhere.
The time he spend to spam, is a time loss for him mar.
He enjoy wasting time, and we enjoy wasting his time.
Win-Win mar.



2022-04-24 11:42 | Report Abuse

hundreds of us here trading or investing.
Anyone ever use so-call Graham number ?
The answer is Ada ..... ada SATU orang use.
The one who stay up to 3 suku pagi to post here for hantu to read.



2022-04-24 11:30 | Report Abuse

if u are me, who do u trust ?

U trust someone who bought serba all the way down to 30 sen ?
Oh no no ... we are not allowed to talk about wrong call on serba.

U trust someone who write long long report on projected revenue and profit of hartalega ?
Oh no no ... we are not allowed to talk about that too.

Insas give free warrants.
Oh no no ... free warrants are not dividend, we must pretend there were no free warrant at all when calculate insas .... unless he buy insas, then only we can calculate the free warrants received.

How bias could u be ?
If u want to discuss fairly, then discuss fairly.

Any stock u buy go down, nothing wrong with u, must be someone else fault.
When my stock go up, it must be luck.

How can u explain i make multiple millions with my name in multiple annual report.
Oh no no ... we should not consider this because his name is not in annual report, so cannot use this to say anything.

We must check the website cantik or not before we buy.
If cantik must be good, apa lanciau u talking lar ?
Ini maciam no need read annual report, just check website cantik or not.
Serba dinamik website sangat cantik, go buy more lar BODO.




2022-04-20 11:59 | Report Abuse

correct lor
everyone know what is the next report
the real question is what is the report after the next report will be.
Do u ?
I only know Insas ... other i never comment.
Cannot speak portugese, i say i dunno how to speak portugese mar.
No pretend pretend like some 60 million fake dolar man
any stock he no buy must be bad stock.



2022-04-20 11:39 | Report Abuse

correct lor .... 5 X cheers to plantation stock mar
hopefully can cover back all the loses in 1 xingquan.


2022-04-20 11:15 | Report Abuse

So, if u do not know anything about 5 stocks.
And someone put a gun on your head,
and say
rule 1 u must invest all your money, and
rule 2 u must not lose all your money
rule 3 u cannot sell as u wish
than u may choose to diversify into the 5 UNKNOWN stocks.

By choosing to buy into 5 reduce chances u lose ALL in 1 go.

The 3 elements here are "UNKNOWN" , "LOSE ALL" and "cannot sell"

But in real life these 3 can be manipulated.
Unknown can be change to known.
Lose all can be compensated with monthly salary earning from your job
cannot sell - to who say cannot sell ?

Take Serba, in June KPMG give big hint about Fraud, but why instead of sell, someone go and buy more ? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH !!

If u are young guy, with RM 10 k to invest, how fak are u going to diversify into 10 stocks ? RM 1000 per stock ? Why not put RM 10k in 1 stock, then with next few months salary, u can put in another "known" stocks. Even u loss all RM 10 k, your next salary will cover or let u restart again.

Even if a company take a bad turn, u can sell them
or u can sell them just to buy a better one
or if u need cash, u can sell them
agaain who say cannot sell ?

If u got RM 1 million cash like sslee.
And after invest, u are going meditate inside some cave for 1 whole month, then u may choose NOT to put everything into Xingquan or any ONE stock,
U worry later come out from jungle, u found xingquan has disappear from Bursa ... forever.

But diversify into 5 companies like serba, kpower, scib, sapura, etc .... doesn't make u any better.

So, If u REALLY need to meditate 30 days inside some cave, just keep your cash in bank for 30 days, and re-invest after u come out from the cave mar. No ?



2022-04-20 10:43 | Report Abuse

If i to put up something like
sometimes we must diversify
sometime we must not diversify
sometime we must only hold cash
doesn't this sound a bit more reasonable ?

I can give u many many funny analogy that does not make sense
something like

If 5 of u and friends going to Australia makan angin
will 5 of u take 5 different flight or 1 single flight ?
If u take 1 single flight, and the flight got delayed or cancelled,
all your 5 persons hotel booking and other things will be burnt.
What happen if that flight crash into indian ocean ?
Doesn't taking 5 different flight make more sense ?


If u have 5 children,
would u send each of them to 5 different schools ?
U never know which school suddenly perform better than the other
and u also can avoid sending all 5 into 1 worst performing school.
Sound familiar ?

On top of using so much petrol and time to drive to 5 different school, .. oh ... i can use 5 different school buses to send my kids to 5 different school ... HAHAHAH.

Isn't it obvious just to check the 5 different schools and choose the best school to send all your 5 kids to ? No ?
What if suddenly the school principal change to a useless principal.
Just take out ALL 5 of your kids and send them to other school lor.
WHY ? U plan to take 4 out and leave 1 there is it ?

this is just some funny anology.
don't angri okay.



2022-04-20 09:36 | Report Abuse

diversify or not has neutral effect.
to diversify - not wrong
not to diversify - not wrong
telling others must diversify - wrong
telling other must not diversify - wrong

Me ? I am the most intelligent investor.
I don't hold on to useless belief.
Both beliefs contribute nothing so ever
like i said - NEUTRAL effect.
Do what u like - again Neutral effect.
Believing your belief is better than other ?
This one is BONGOK

Your belief is better than other
is when your Total result is better than other people.
Total result is better than other is reflected by
how much money u make in percentage and in real number.
Making 1,000% but in real number is only RM 100 ringgit doesn't count.
Making 10% but equal to RM 1 million give us a lot more information.
Claiming got RM 60 million but not a single name in annual report is cow sheet.


I have held 11 companies at one time, 1 company at another time,
and sometime Zero company with 100% cash on hand.
And my result and effect on me is a total AWESOME !!



2022-04-19 11:23 | Report Abuse

A country become PARIAH when
PM and cabinets are so corrupted.
MACC are corrupted
Judge and court are corrupted
Many head of department are corrupted
Education for majority is of low quality and bad syllabus

When rotten people got power, they will breed more rotten people
When majority is feed with low quality education.
will produce more low educated or no quality people
Crime rate will increase
corruption could not be avoid anymore

When u live among cacing,
either u become cacing or got eaten by cacing

U may not feel it now because it's like cancer
no pain, no sign, and no symptom
until late stage, suddenly explode or implode.

We can detect it if we screen for it,
If u willing to CT scan the Pariah country
u will detect all these cancer tissue has spread everywhere.

Actually, we are at stage where we already feel the consequences
We can see what is wrong, where is wrong,
and unfortunately we also know we cannot right the wrong no more.

Stage 4 - no cure,
but fortunately we can get away
by removing ourselves from this rotten place.

Times will be running out for those who live in denial.
Plan now, invest in Insas, Migrate tomorrow.


2022-04-18 12:50 | Report Abuse

Ingat !
This country cannot be saved anymore.
Anyone here disagree ?

U know, i know, everyone know.
Most keep silent - because already know cannot be save mar
shout also no use - why shout leh.

Some diam diam migrate.
Some diam diam plan to migrate.
Some diam diam because cannot migrate.

To those who think u cannot migrate because old age - BODO lah lu.

Those who cannot migrate because no money - like i say - plan now, by work hard, spend less, invest more (especially in Insas), then migrate.

Mau seribu Daya.
This one pariah counrty, sejuta daya also mo tak kau liaw.



2022-04-18 11:38 | Report Abuse

Compare Crime rate between Taipei and KL

Compare Crime rate between Taipei and Singapore

Taipei and Singapore are 2 of the safest countries in the world.
But as we can see, Taipei is much SAFER than Singapore.
The reason is because Singapore is located beside a Pariah country.


2022-04-18 10:50 | Report Abuse

Another good country to retire to is TAIWAN.

Taiwan is like Singapore.
Singapore is clean, Taiwan is cleaner.
U can find many rubbish bin in Singapore, but u can find almost ZERO rubbish bin in Taiwan especially at street. People bring just back their thrash home, simple as that.

Singaporean are well manner and polite, But Taiwan people are the most KINDEST people i have ever met. First day in taiwan i already shock of their response and behaviour.

I ordered a wrong potion of dim sum in street coffee shop, and the lady boss took back telling me it is okay, don't worry, just a mistake, even though they have gone all the trouble to heat it up.

A lot of salesman at front door of shop, politely ask me to try their product. I am very reluctant because i may not buy, but they say please try, no obligation to buy at all, she even ask me just go try other shops, and come back ONLY if i found out hers is the best.

Early morning, Me with my kids standing at street looking at phone trying to find some location, from FAR a teenager girl quickly walk over to us and ask us whether we need any help. And walk back after helping us !!
And many many more.

And i found out later, this are not coincident events, where i happen to meet kind people by luck. Everyone say the same things and share the same experience. It is their culture, and i suspect these been taught at school and at home. And no, they do not teach arabic culture or syllabus in their school at all.

At Taiwan airport, they prepare 4 types of room for prayer to the passenger waiting for flight. Room for Muslim, Buddhist, Christian and Jews !! These are how much considerate they ARE !!
U go KLCC see got this room or not.

Not only they are kind to people, but to the animals as well. My tour guide stop his van in middle of road, full of cars, to remove a small bird lying on the road to the side bush, give some prayer and told us so sad that the bird is dead.

There are some con about Taiwan. The road is small, a lot of motobike, small accident happen easily, some knock here and there, but they just move on - because they know it is just a simple accident, not intentional.

Some more cars are CHEAPER - One CAMRY in taiwan cost around RM 90 k - not like in Pariah country cost almost RM 200 k !! Ptui !

Night time is very safe, I walk empty street with not a single worry at all.
Now, Try this at your PARIAH neighborhood, count how many nights u can walk before u never come back home again.


2022-04-18 10:22 | Report Abuse

For old cina who worry cannot find rice in Australia,
U can find rice everywhere.
They sell rice by 10 Kilo guni sack at Asia supermarket.
And Asia supermarket are everywhere nowadays.



2022-04-18 10:14 | Report Abuse

Australian is becoming multi-racial multi-cultural country of the world.
Last month Monash U celebrating Indian festival in their campus. All indians from Melbourne, Claytone, Waverly and elsewhere all come to Monash campus to celebrate. All cina, mat salleh, thailand, filipino, vietnam, arabs, muslim, vegetarian people join the celebration together.

Try celebrate this at our local pariah U - u know what will happen lor.

Last time, one school organize their pupil bawak tanglung inside their school got compounded RM 10 thousand for trying to proselytize the people outside the school and street that may happen to drive pass or glance into the school compound.
How pariah can this be ?



2022-04-16 11:23 | Report Abuse

last time indian open mouth, gov ask him to balik india
cina open mouth, gov ask us to balik cina
other open mouth, mentri ask them to live on the moon

i am going to migrate soon - nobody can stop me from telling the truth.
Only ONE "chow-kow" aka fake millionaire - hiding in Sabah trying to prevent others from exposing the true.

Chia yiu CHOW-KOW !!


2022-04-16 09:59 | Report Abuse

This is Pariah country.

Remember how one Pastor was kidnap in broad daylight
involving more than 15 kidnappers, at least 3 SUV, car and motorcycle.
So many CCTV - and yet police fail and refuse to investigate.
Pastor koh is gangster ? Drug seller ? Murderer ? How can anyone kidnap and kill him just because he is Christian ?

Remember altantuya case ?
Both murderer were found guilty.
Suddenly the result is over-turned to say not guilty
just to let Sirul escape to other country.
U still trust the pariah court.

Do u know one brother of selangor minister was caught with large amount of drug in his bag at Sabah airport. The judge said not guilty because he said his wife packed his bag for him. Ini maciam pun boleh kah ? The wife was not charge at all. He is free just like that. Few years later he shot someone at sabah and run to filipina.

Kedah case of one undergraduate been kidnap, rape, kill and dump at roadside by anak datuk. The datuk give false alibi. Anak datuk claim that girl is prostitute. And judge say not guilty.

The injustice is so GROSS !!
This is not some grey area, or something difficult to decide
but a clear case of INTENTIONAL misjudgement with bad motive.

Latest case ah moi try to avoid 16 mak lajak middle of highway, middle of night until her own car terbalik and patah tangan. Majistret say not guilty, but suddenly one bodoh say bersalah kerana cuai ?

Langgar lampu isyarat - cuai.
Lawan arus - cuai,
tak bagi signal - cuai,
langgar pendestrian crossing zebra cross - cuai,
potong kereta at double line - cuai,
but terlanggar mat lajak berlumba tengah malam ?

I really want see this "fake 60 million dolar" man one day kena as well lor.
then i can clap hand.


2022-04-16 09:35 | Report Abuse

not surprise coming from someone who cheat his family members and friends to gamble in share market lor.

When sslee kena con by xingquan - he curse the directors like no tomorrow, he criticize the SC and Bursa for slow and no action.

But the monopoly trader never say a bad word about Serba conman. Why ? A conman flock together with conman mar.

RM 60 million but no name in ANY annual report ?
U think we first time invest in bursa meh ?

Even Our famous Pundan investor aka 3i-investor also got name in his blue chip stock annual report lor - and yet he does not have RM 60 million in his portfolio.

U got RM 60 million u still want to stay in Pariah country ?
U got RM 60 million u still want to write long-long BODO analysis in this forum ?
U got RM 60 million u still want to post your portfolio and update it everyday ?

Come back to Pariah country.
Work Hard, Spend Less, Invest in Insas, then Migrate to Australia !!


2022-04-15 10:52 | Report Abuse

When invest, always invest in yourself.

Do not follow me.
I got no accounting degree.
I only got medical degree, that also i already retired more than 10 years already.
Some more I only make multiple millions from share market, and my name only appear in some annual reports.

Also, do not follow someone who buy Serba dinamik all the way down to 30 sen.

Do not follow some stranger in forum, even though he claimed he got RM 60 million. Your pig and dog also can claimed anything in forum, especially u cannot find his name in any annual report.

Finally but not lastly, do not follow some mental patient who stay up at tiga suku pagi to post here for hantu to read.



2022-04-15 10:21 | Report Abuse

I have been to Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne.
I have been to New Zealand.
But what caught my attention is the Western Australia.

Australia is divided into 6 BIG states + 1 ACT:
1. Western Australia - Perth
2. Norther Territories - Darwin
3. Queensland - Brisbane
4. NSW - Sydney
5. Victoria - Melbourne
6. Tasmania - Hobart
plus ACT (wilayah persekutuan) with Canberra as capital city.

From Perth, I have drove 900 km north to Monkey Mia, and also 300 km down south to Leeuwin and Margaret River town.
In total I have already spend 2 months in Western Australia.

1 word - WoW !!

Back to Pariah country,
I was born in KL, live in Ampang Selangor, secondary school at Taiping, Matriculation at Penang, Medical degree at Kelantan, GP at Sarawak.
Kota Kinabalu Sabah is my favorite town to visit - airport, city, island, mountain and jungle are all in one place.
But things is going south with this pariah country.

Start by PLANNING NOW !!

Work hard, Spend less, Invest more, then migrate.
Simple as ABC kacang puteh.



2022-04-14 09:35 | Report Abuse

U cannot save everyone
that is what i said to sslee when he said he want to save everyone in xingquan
u don't want to sell, he will buy from someone else.
Simple as that.

This is a PARIAH country.
I know i cannot save everyone.
but i will still say the same - Migrate if u can.
If cannot, that start PLAN for it.
Plan for your children and grandchildren.

When u live too long in Pariah country,
u will be scare to leave it, because u are worry about new place.
New place come with new challenge.
But new challenge come with new and better BENEFIT !!

Our ancestor can come all the way, why can't we ?
There are so many people have migrated.
Nobody coming back.

My in-laws brother and sisters migrated to Canada, England, Singapore, and Australia.

My younger brother migrated to Sydney 20 years ago, now with 4 kids, all Australian citizen.

My accountant friends migrated with 3 children 10 years ago. Her daughter going to graduate as Accountant this year.

5 years ago, My neighborhood GP age 60 years old, very reluctant to move to Perth even though His daughter and son (both doctors) in Australia ask him and their mother to move in with them. He said he is too old to live in new place.

I said just go live there for 1 month, treat it as cuti-cuti makan angin, if not happy, just fly back back here (5 hours journey niah). Since then he only come back ONCE, to sell off his house here. He kept smiling and laughing non-stop when he came visit me at my home.

My friend who sell car also have relatives migrated to Australia, and now his form 5 daughter also want to migrate there after SPM.

My son's friend sister move to Sydney 4 years ago. She can't speak fluent English (chinese educated) but less than 6 months, my son cannot tell she is angmo or cina from her voice anymore.

Age is just a number.
U got live once.
Better live in non-Pariah country


2022-04-13 22:07 | Report Abuse

u cina better buy insas and migrate later
i am not going to force u to buy
i am not going to scold u for not buying
maybe u got better stock than insas
go buy lor

I will continue rilek rilek cheering for my insas lor here

mind u - insas is non-halal stock
non-syariah compliant
because their main directors and shareholders suka makan babee.
Don't say i no remind u all okay.



2022-04-13 20:39 | Report Abuse

If u are a judge
will u dare to acquit someone who rape and killed a innocent girl, someone daughter, someone sister ?
U are the judge, looking at evidence, u know he is a PEMBUNUH dan PEROGOL
will u dare to say tidak bersalah ?
But this is a PARIAH country lor .... u all better be careful.
Jangan main main with PARIAH country.


2022-04-13 19:35 | Report Abuse

dont forget the case
where one fellow go kidnap a chinese girl U undergraduate while she out jogging in daylight
got rape, kill and dump on side road
that murderer air mani found inside her
but hakim say not guilty because got other dna.
Buang tepi jalan of course lah got other dna
Hakim also accept reason from suspect claim that student is a prostitute.
The part all other witness, friends, family say is not accepted.
Ini lanciau punya hakim.
Suspect got away to other country.
At the end after so many year, come back because no money
baru dibicara semula.
My question is how much that lanciau hakim receive to acquit the suspect at the first trial ?

U all better MIGRATE before anything happen to your daughters, family or even yourself lor.


2022-04-13 19:17 | Report Abuse

when i bought analabs, ppl say same thing like when i buy insas now mar ....
but i born heart of steel, no problem one ... some more already a multiple millionaire mar ....

my son school u come and see yourself lor ...,it is a SMK and in 2nd division
so they give ciput fund to the SMK.
All fund go to sk agama, and mrsm nearby.
Nearest SMJK is 200 km away.

Lanciau people know cina and iban can only go to SMK, so they purposely give ciput fund to all the SMK here. Poor malay also go to SMK .. and suffer with us too.

yet they claim they are very religios lar, their religion is justice lah, simple lah
lanciau lu lah.

At the end, u all better wake up sooner
this country is PARIAH country.
cannot be save anymore.
Start planning now.
I will be out of this PARIAH country by 2025.


2022-04-13 12:57 | Report Abuse

i was also known as Analabs Queen
during recession 2008 i dump all into analabs
analabs selling at 80 sen, with net cash RM 1.20
analabs own a lot of Public bank shares.
Exactly like INSAS now lor.

2 year later ANALABS shoot up RM 1.80
Can go check analabs Top 30 shareholders.

Annual Report no lie one.



2022-04-13 10:12 | Report Abuse

I never tok nonsense one
i curse a lot ... but never nonsense one
everyone will say the same.

claim got RM 60 million but no name in any annual report
ini baru tok real nonsense.
no ?



2022-04-13 10:10 | Report Abuse

i dunno apa lanciau u are talking about

i have been in investment forum since 2004 when internet still using 1515 dial up system

i always cool and calm
my job here is to promote i3 forum
i will make u come here day and night everyday
that is my specialty.



2022-04-13 09:56 | Report Abuse

During recession, banyak bisnes not enough cash
meaning more BISNES for M&A credit company.
M&A 100% own by INSAS mar




2022-04-13 09:53 | Report Abuse

when shoes company got cash, they use cash to build more shoes
when plantation got cash, they use cash to plant more
when investment company got cash, u think they going to build factory aaa ?
Why fak want to build factory, just buy up their share, and the factory will become yours mar. U don't like the factory, then sell off their share and buy others lor.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA ... this is the BEAUTY of INVESTMENT company.
u no hear Warren Buffet Berkshire company meh ?



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Insas is investment company with RM 1 BILLION cash
recession is the WONDERFUL time for investment company with RM 1 BILLION cash
Lu tau boh ?

22 years in share market .... i've been thru more things than all of u all lor.


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CASH is KING KONG during recession


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what is a Pariah country.

U go indian school - all india only
U go agama, mrsm, science school - all melayu only
U go chinese school - all cina only (some exception is my town where 50% is non-cina)
U go SK or SMK - mixed race, but cina sit with cina, india with india, melayu with melayu, iban with iban.
U go see medical undergraduate year 1 (my batch 1990) - 100 melayu, 10 cina, 4 india, 0 iban, 0 kadazan, 0 orang asli. (what happen to MUST follow quota 50:30:10:10 ?

U go Australian school - all school facility SAME regardless u live in big city, small city, remote town, village, middle of desert, up north, west or south.

Go inside u see - 5 cina sit with 5 white student -
but when u go ask - the 5 cina is actually 1 korea, 1 japanese, 1 vietnamese, 1 cina malaysia, and 1 cina china.
and the 5 white is 2 australia, 1 european, 1 Egypt, 1 afghanistan.

Ini baru betul MULTICULTURAL
- bukan maciam pariah country with FAKE multicultural.

And we cannot change it anymore.
Nasi sudah jadi bubur,
dan bubur sudah jadi TAIK.



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My son was 1 of the top 10 spm scorer in sarawak 2019

Do u know out of these 10, not even 1 come from mrsm or science school or religious school.

2 of them from small town - my son is one of them, from the school with poor lab, open air hall, toilet no water.

Gov throw so much money, yet produce taik onli.
Do u know how much country spend for these school ?
big classroom, air-conditioning hall (yes - these school hall are AIR-CONDITION !!)
some got bridge connecting first floor to a a flower garden,
some got horses for their student to learn memanah sambil menunggang kuda,
many got zoo and big kolam ikan koi in the middle of school
got olympic standard volleyball court
got olympic standard hockey, football field with astaka (mini stadium)
yet every time compete dapat nombor last.

All these external things are useless
It is all about internal culture
nothing complicated
common sense

belajar memanah sambil menunggang kuda ?
apa lanciau are they thinking lah ?