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2017-03-22 15:35 | Report Abuse

Conjie, haha more like Me At Catching Up Work then reading postings


2017-03-22 12:40 | Report Abuse

Just back to business today from break late last week. So much major movements...can say missed opportunities as well as missed possible catastrophe if not careful.

Happy to see many here made huge profit on Friday n Monday.


2017-03-16 17:45 | Report Abuse

Today is index driven day by global sentiments.....must show some happy ending no matter how reluctant. Otherwise the AA stewardess might as well serve 'kopi basi' on board.


2017-03-16 17:08 | Report Abuse

Lol,,,if you see my comment /posting, mean I must be here in the forum mar....


2017-03-16 17:01 | Report Abuse

Haha me at here...


2017-03-16 16:50 | Report Abuse

Tech category or Ind Pro category as long good opportunity to trade still ok mar


2017-03-16 16:26 | Report Abuse

Give a ring when the rally starts...when it start, it will last, otherwise don't hold your breath...just get an oxygen tank for pete's sake....


2017-03-16 15:57 | Report Abuse

0.240 n 0.245 buyers keep in freezer or pray hard hard....listen to hot calls some more


2017-03-16 10:39 | Report Abuse

How did Alibaba get its name?

Ma liked the name because "Alibaba is a kind, smart business person, and he helped the village," he said. "Alibaba opens sesame for small- to medium-sized companies."


2017-03-15 19:41 | Report Abuse

Every time come for coffee also see the same chats...........boh sien meh you all?


2017-03-10 18:47 | Report Abuse

Bitter sweet old style coffee n toast......see Monday is the day meant for instant 3-in-1 coffee or Starbucks coffee in the making if AA Kopitiam not doing a brisk business. If AA Kopitiam continue roasting coffee beans instead, then look for another kopitiam. Maybe other's coffee suit even better.


2017-03-09 12:43 | Report Abuse

It is within their original intention to divest all its investment assets (non-core business) .........

AirAsia Bhd, which was offered US$1 billion (RM4.1 billion) for its aircraft leasing company, has not set a timeline for the disposal but will eventually monetise all its investment assets, said group CEO Tan Sri Tony Fernandes.

Shellhouse AAC sale aside, dividends are the most tangible form of returns a business can give. Everything else is fugazi, fairy dust. Share prices are merely a quantifiable form of perception towards a company.

On the other hand, the AAC sale is exciting as it represents monetization of assets. On a long term time horizon, i would say its damn good business sense to monetize a non-core asset for such a high price. Albeit it not being the original intention of AAC to be spun off during its inception.

stockmanmy dividends makes no business sense


2017-03-09 12:03 | Report Abuse

Banks cannot/did not give the dividend amount because even TF tried to be elusive when asked on the matter but at the same time he wants to rally support for AA and to paint a positive view and to give what investor wants to hear and expect. Hence he said there will be a dividend but gave a caveat is really up to the board member to decide with the hint they (AA) would prefer to have more cash for AA reinvestment/pairing down/working capital.

So if you cannot read between the lines, don't expect the banks/IB to spell it out for you since they have their own vested interests as well so the report will always skewed.


2017-03-08 17:37 | Report Abuse


Icon8888 already in AA way back 2015 (even longer than me). What you quoted him of holding AA shares are not the full history and definitely not the earlier entry batch price avg around RM1.00-1.10. Throughout the years there were profit taking, reduce risk, as well as re-entry, so there no need to reach RM3.00 to break even for him. On contrary he is aiming for much bigger 'tilapia'.


2017-03-08 15:52 | Report Abuse

spartans become mice n run away lol


2017-03-08 12:40 | Report Abuse

Dayang free falling now....when bottom out then Dayang tread.....u trapped?


2017-03-08 10:17 | Report Abuse

ahhh ha!! You know the moment when like a light bulb just kind of lights up in your head? If I ever return to be vested in AA, I can just don't return here to avoid the agony of filtering, ignoring, and/or not read 90% of the comments here right.....

Wow, what a revelation of insight indeed. Why it never occurred to me before? (mybe my subconscious mind already know this, but the best AA Kopitiam kopi & kaya toast effect - sentimental value?). Oh well...

Happy trading ;)


2017-03-07 12:07 | Report Abuse

Read postings you like only or from the ppl you like only; and use the same principles when replying comments.

Peace in forum and to your soul.


2017-03-07 11:28 | Report Abuse

Haha...ppl make money is their money, ppl lose money also none of your business, you make or lose money also nobody care.

So all this bickering/attacking for what.......... to feed one's huge EGO?

Pleasa la....go increase your EQ not EGO.


2017-03-07 09:05 | Report Abuse

Really? Is that so simple? Ohhhh amateur. Ok enough said.

AmateurPlayer Genting = AirAsia made RM 2 billion profit. Hence, Genting shares = AirAsia shares = RM 9
07/03/2017 07:58


2017-03-03 15:02 | Report Abuse


We here meant in stock trading in general. Just here to chat-chat. You know, after 1 year plus in 'AA kopitiam' sure miss the best kopi kaw & kaya toast in Malaysia, Singapore, & some say in Asia.


2017-03-03 13:11 | Report Abuse

We are here to make money. As it is, investing/trading the stock mrkt is already complicated and can be stressful. Why let our self to be occupied with unnecessary over analysis and then trend the slippery road towards self comforting which then tend to lead to further self denial?

We are not here to do a PhD thesis paper on the illogical mkt scenes let alone to lose our focus on our trading and let our mind to be bewildered to the extend we want to accept any excuses that is thrown to us.

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2017-03-02 16:05 | Report Abuse

Nothing wrong. In God we trust, money we trust no one. With additional money can do more charity. No money, cannot take care wife and take care 'special' child. Your understanding is much appreciated.


2017-03-02 15:48 | Report Abuse

AirAsia say's....."suckers ehh I mean my beloved investors. Invest your hard earned money & if things go my way, I might just throw you a bone or two. In the meantime our fortune already soar by more than 50%, you all wait till I earn more ya. Btw, keep pumping more money, one day you sure will earn as well"


2017-03-02 12:36 | Report Abuse

Can't compare like that one. The quantum up or down for each counter is different base on many other factors. From business prospect itself, BB investor perceptions, to the uncle aunty at pasar.....


2017-03-02 12:01 | Report Abuse

Buy n put into deep freezer...many many moons see still good to eat or got worms...


2017-03-01 16:51 | Report Abuse

For Pete's sake who? By this thread's legendary toxicity/non-essential/numbskull comments standards I don't see anyone shy of giving their 2 rupiah opinion.


2017-03-01 16:39 | Report Abuse

plzzz la.....who being attacked? Who are attacking? Anyone fear of commenting? who who? LoL what a bunch of wussy


2017-03-01 09:26 | Report Abuse

Yesterday is not really 'gap up' in the sense really up....just month end window dressing to prop up the price. lol seeing all the hoo haa wow oooooo ahhh..


2017-02-27 17:24 | Report Abuse

Excluding 'lalang' views....


2017-02-27 13:42 | Report Abuse

Wahh you all sure like to rub salts kaw kaw.....I won't rub no matter in or out. But I am already out of AA week before result. Majority new kaki's here now, only few 'old' kaki.....happy investing....


2017-02-24 14:53 | Report Abuse

The shorter the period one take to evaluate the trend, in general the less strength it has and easier for the trend to change but since end of Nov trending line should carry some weight base on the volume and price actions. I am talking from chart wise only or TA. I am not a day trader so pay less attention to daily or hourly chart formation.


2017-02-24 14:30 | Report Abuse


........DRBH downtrend? are u kidding me? how u read from the chart?

Answer: Fair enough. Let's break it down and take a look. I assume you know how to draw a trend line from 2013 till todate. Can we all agree the line is down?

Is the trend reversed I asked earlier:

If so, you think the new trend line should be drawn from end of November 2016 lowest point? If you bought at that low point and sell last week or early this week you make the most money (less than 3 months).

In conclusion the main trend since 2013 till todate is still downtrend (never go above 2.90 since then), is the trend CONCLUSIVELY reversed after Nov 2016? Maybe on the making, maybe not.


2017-02-24 13:48 | Report Abuse

The main trend for DRB since 2013 (highest peak at RM2.90+) till todate is DOWNTREND. So if you invested any time since 2013 and hold longer than 3 months you are basically losing your investment and up to 51% maximum lost if you bought the shares at 2013 peak time. If your trade & hold between days to <3 months, you can make some money if you time it correctly.

But I ask you, is it worth it? Is the main trend has reversed? Ask those so called sifu who promoted DRB fiercely, is it for them to trade short term? You buy pushing up the price a bit and they sell on the higher liquidity/price? Actually I got nothing against that, if you can time the market and make money out of it, good for you. But if someone promoted with ill intention than is a different story. This beg to my next question:

Why would the so called sifus so fiercely promote certain counters? Why spend so much time and effort to write up? Comments etc? What in it for them? Safe all the newbie investors? safe the world? Promote their seminar/product/tips/telegram? Think about it.


2017-02-24 09:39 | Report Abuse

Good business executions not necessary translate to good trading opportunity forever. When it was like RM1 to RM3.10 everyone thought is unstoppable (I entered around RM1.20 n remain loyal since then but last 2 QR results do not give the same lucrative trading opportunity. I decided to stay out before this QR result n do a wait n see stance.

Maybe when come April will have better trading opportunity. In the meantime use capital in other counter that has better trading opportunity.

For past 1 year plus, I see many ppl come n go. Very few remain till today since I joined. Good to know in trading, can't too attached to a counter, trade when is good to trade (even if the business is sustainable n profitable, lucrative trading opportunity changes). That is what I learned the most in this 1 year plus in AA.




2017-02-23 16:46 | Report Abuse

Look at it this way....if AA is full of integrity and no QR leak then there should no insider buy or sell b4 the result you all should be proud of it regardless of the result tonight....

Anyway, good luck all. Hope got great opportunity to trade AA again soon.


2017-02-21 15:47 | Report Abuse

let me check with my crystal ball 1st


2017-02-21 15:47 | Report Abuse

close 2.66-2.67?

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2017-02-17 13:18 | Report Abuse

I suppose to re-visit when reach 1.50.....but never got the chance but time already proof enough dy.


Dec 1, 2016 12:39 PM | Report Abuse

But Calvin.....lets revisit this postings and continue our sharing when it reach 1.50 ok.....time will tell.....good day.


Dec 1, 2016 12:36 PM | Report Abuse

So in conclusion if I buy say yesterday, I need it to go up to around 1.50 in order to break even all the 3-4 round of losses including transaction fees.....

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2017-02-17 13:14 | Report Abuse

How? What happened?


Dec 1, 2016 11:53 AM | Report Abuse


Can you explain why you still bulish with DRB? On Oct 25 you wrote in below article & I quote you:

'Calvin Has A Target Price of Rm2.80 for DRBHICOM In One Year's Time. This is based on One Third The Share Price of POS Malaysia. So From Rm1.42 Calvin Expects DRB To Double in Price!'

But since that day till now dropped over 30%

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2017-02-17 13:12 | Report Abuse

Finally come? Err to be fair you been promoting since last year. But really holland calls. See below tracking records of your calls. Got proof. Pity those newbies a bit lar...


Dec 1, 2016 12:28 PM | Report Abuse

Understand you can't predict the future price 100% to be fair..BUT, let me give you my illustrations.

>> If someone enter around 1.42 at the time you promoted, by the time it downed 8-10%, prudent investors should already cut loss ---> so you lost money - ok, fair to say in investing sure got win n lose

>> throughout early November Calvin still continue to promote; if someone enter around 1.20 when Calvin wrote below article to promote, down another 8-10%, so cut lost AGAIN - ok, still fair?

>> on 24 Nov, even so bearish Calvin still promote with below article, the price closed at 1.10, down 8-10% again to current price, so cut lost AGAIN - you think investors print money? how to enter again? within 1 month cut lost 3 times.....

>> Now you say follow Calvin again.....not to be rude or disrespectful to anyone here ..but the investors who still believe in you are stupid or the one recommended just got it wrong, again, n again, n again?


2017-02-15 15:40 | Report Abuse

buy on dip or adious mu cha cha


2017-02-15 15:39 | Report Abuse

ohhh just broke 2.60 support....zhau liao zhau liao


2017-02-15 11:45 | Report Abuse

zhau liao zhau liao....this thread so full of nonsense. Good luck all.


2017-02-14 12:59 | Report Abuse

EPS 60-80 sen, who spread rumors?


2017-02-14 12:30 | Report Abuse

I don't think between now and next 2-3 weeks will be any big news out for AAC. The possible catalyst for AA share movements (if any) during this period will be the QR report.

Will see if is bear or bull coming out of hibernation :)


2017-02-14 12:06 | Report Abuse


MM Hedging:

Warrant Liquidity:

It is a common misconception that issuers and market makers benefit when investors lose money and therefore are trading against the investor. Issuers would much prefer that investors make money trading warrants, so that they continue to trade warrants. This is why issuers invest so much time and money in educating investors.


2017-02-14 11:48 | Report Abuse


will be good experience for you on the c34. But if you thinking of using the payout from c34 to buy AA mother share, the timing could be off a bit if AA mother share decided to jump ahead in anticipation of the 4Q16 report end of this month. Or it will be a blessing in disguise if AA actually down upon the QR.

Very exciting huh? Welcome to the world of stock investment!


2017-02-14 11:40 | Report Abuse


MM for all warrants make money from the whole warrant issuance period and also hedge with mother share. They still make good money whether the warrant in the money or out of money.

In the case for c34 the MM don't care to push out of money neither do they are able to. Beside they already make money by buying lower n selling higher during whole period of the warrant issuance. Go and see any warrants, everyday the MM will place buy n sell bids because that is what MM of warrants do. Placing asking n bidding bids to provide liquidity to the warrant. At the same time they make money on it.

MM also can hedge by buying into the mother to balance if they expect the pay out for the warrant is huge due to the increase of mother share.

Go read up on MM functions.