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Posted by 2meWin > 2015-09-29 11:31 | Report Abuse

uncle koon,pls give some kind advise or comment for xinquan5155.....once that you recommended.

Posted by LabuanLiew > 2015-10-03 15:18 | Report Abuse

Yes, indeed, Tungku Razaleigh & TS Rafidah are very correct as all the very important posts and positions in our Malaysian government & sector are occupied by Malays (though some are very funny looking Malay looking more like Arabs, Chinese, Indians, etc than the typical Malay features) and so where exactly are the perceived and imaginary threats to the Malays?
The way some of our politicians talk, it seems as though our Malaysia is a superpower country and not, in reality, just merely the size of some minor province in China or a small state in the US.
With fast changing global economy and other emerging market economy that have overtook our Malaysia economy, I really wonder what we will have left to sell/offer to the world in 20-30 years from now?
Our PM recently made a statement in the US that Malaysia is still on track for a "high income nation" by 2020. I really would like to ask our PM just how exactly is he and his government are going about in achieving that feat without some real economic growth?
What exactly are Najib's economy plans to simulate real economic growth to propel our country into a developed nation status?
So far it's all talk and more talk with no real concrete action in addressing our fast dwindling resources. Technologically, our country is quite a distance from most of our neighbors and global market competitors. Our biggest trading partner China is heavily investing in South America and Africa to secure and insure their raw material requirements which basically mean our Malaysia will have very few items that other countries will need from us in the not too distance future.

Posted by Desmond Leong > 2015-10-04 18:02 | Report Abuse

Dear Mr Koon, I wish to meet you and also to learn about stock market. If that's possible, you may reply to my email (desmond@flexitrans.com.my or contact me through my mobile no (0167182005).I'm an active social worker based in Johor Bahru. Thank you for reading my humble message.

Peter Lee

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Posted by Peter Lee > 2015-10-07 11:16 | Report Abuse

you r a great man ,if our leader like you,malaysia will be in first world,tq

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