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Posted by Mohd Fahmi Bin Jaes > 2016-04-18 09:24 | Report Abuse

very experience

Posted by Hiu Chee Keong > 2016-04-18 09:28 | Report Abuse

When people bo away, it is bargain time for me, since i am more a middle term, and have holding power for long term. So short term not much affect me. but i have no problem sell it if it hit 10%-20% in short term.


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Posted by zaqwerty > 2016-04-18 09:55 | Report Abuse



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Posted by bagan > 2016-04-18 10:00 | Report Abuse

in 4 seasons economy thats probably true cause fm will take a long summer holidays, but here in malaysia, if you do that then you are going to miss hari raya special...


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Posted by moniekj > 2016-04-19 08:16 | Report Abuse

Another sin ka


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Posted by speakup > 2016-04-19 16:07 | Report Abuse

GO AWAY LAH....dont write dooms day articles and scare ppl away


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Posted by CUTLOST > 2016-04-19 21:26 | Report Abuse

Why go Away..market Bullish coming soon


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Posted by richDad1 > 2016-04-20 07:23 | Report Abuse

Speakup, please read the article in full. I say I will sit through the volatility.

Posted by Jonathan Keung > 2016-04-20 08:52 | Report Abuse

the financial power of the western countries has dwindled. their presence is still there but less impact with rise of China and India. A clear case is the collaspe of Lehman, Baring and other old investment banks. Even the old British icon Standard Chartered , HSBC , WestPac has lost their presence in the Asian countries where they once hold the monopoly. THis is what we called shift in balance of power ( where once the mighty British and Americians are beginning to feel they are playing second fiddle ). The World Bank and IMF is going to be rival by CHina led AIIB. This is just my personal view ( nothing for or against anybody )

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