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谢谢分享, 赞


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can not understand your calculation !!

no head , no tail , don't know what you are talking about


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Q3 2016 季报, 太阳能的业务数据不理想. 太阳能产量有增加,但太阳能solar cell价钱一直下降, 从七月USD $1.50 下降到现在 USD $1.10!!! http://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2016/11/28/tek-seng-expects-net-profit-and-revenue-to-improve/ 至于,太阳能solar cell价钱会上升吗?可以阅读阿笔对Dufu的看法。 过去Semiconductor价钱都是越来越便宜。 http://www.jcmit.com/mem2015.htm


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阿笔对Tekseng solar cell未来的看法

最近,阿笔阅读美国上市公司(从事solar cell)年报。这间公司市值大约RM15,000M( 71倍的Tekseng 市值RM205M) 该年报有提到solar cell市场是非常竞争激烈!

We face intense competition for sales of solar modules, which has resulted in and may continue to result in reduced margins and loss of market share. [可能继续导致利润率下降和市场份额的损失。]

Certain competitors may have direct or indirect access to sovereign capital, which could enable such competitors to operate at minimal or negative operating margins for sustained periods of time. [某些竞争者可以直接或间接获得sovereign capital,这可以使这些竞争者在最小或负的运营利润长期持续运营]

Among PV module and cell manufacturers, the principal methods of competition include sales price per watt, conversion efficiency, energy yield, reliability, warranty terms, and customer payment terms. [竞争包括每瓦销售价格,转换效率,能量产出,可靠性,保修条款和客户付款条件。]

If competitors reduce module pricing to levels near or below their manufacturing costs, or are able to operate at minimal or negative operating margins for sustained periods of time, our results of operations could be adversely affected. [如果竞争对手将定价降低到接近或低于其制造成本的水平,或者能够在持续时间内以最小或负运行利润运行,我们的运营结果可能受到不利影响。]

At December 31, 2015, the global PV industry consisted of more than 150manufacturers of solar modules and cells. In the aggregate, these manufacturers have, relative to global demand, significant installed production capacity and the ability for additional capacity expansion. We believe the solar industry may from time to time experience periods of structural imbalance between supply and demand (i.e., where production capacity exceeds global demand), and that such periods will put pressure on pricing, which could adversely affect our results of operations.[ 生产能力超过全球需求]

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