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to help me read only..

Steel horse, CSCSTEL

China's largest manufacturer of cold-rolled steel coil, current PE ratios remain below 10, zero debt and holds 320 million cash. And most of the big debt compared to their counterparts, the lack of a dividend, class, thanks to good management, is the type of value investors like.

Steel horses annual production of 624,000 tonnes of cold-rolled steel sheet in coil, as we all know, cold rolled steel coil material is hot-rolled steel coils, mega steel ceased to promote the former from parent company buys raw materials at cheaper prices, reaping higher profit earning site.

Last month, CSCSTEL the lowest price was 1.41, the highest price of 1.89, up 48 cents, or 34%, is more stable. Now there is still a lot of space, because before there was a large shareholder in the market sell a huge number of shares, lowering prices.

Steel smooth rose to Malaysia in the short term target price from the market, is not out of the question, provided that the price must be maintained at the current price of steel, and the mega steel operation still in suspension.

Poly-us steel mills, CHOOBEE

Shares 109,900,000 shares only, most bright medium steel stocks, the latest quarter's performance, up to 9.14 cents in earnings per share. Cash flow, debt free, is net cash company. Dividend of 12 cents the year before last (2 times), 6 cents of last year (1), 4 cents this year, dividends will be??

In June this year in an interview with Executive Chairman MARK TAN referred to since the beginning of 2009, poly-us steel is not hollow and gas pipes products exported to the United States, Australia and the Middle East, because of the high cost of raw materials cannot be to overseas customers low, competitive prices.

Mega steel plant to stop operations will mean that poly-us steel mill in the future can then send the product to restore exports to overseas markets, to increase sales??

I 1.70 at bought some, and then on the last trading day of this week and bought another batch of 2.10 at, the current average price at 1.90. The author is convinced that poly-us steel mills of limitlessness, on the earnings per share, or share assets, poly-us steel's share price in the short-term may 3 million or higher, the next performance, really worth looking forward to.

(A share, sale of ego)


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What about AISB?


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Tripled u think ChooBee share price will go up higher in near term?


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Tripled. Can u pls email ChooBee change their name to BeeHun.


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Coz if BeeHun i have more confidence. Cheap and delicious. I will buy.


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Agree. Charbee hoon is cheap and delicious meal but not ChooBee.

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Coz if BeeHun i have more confidence. Cheap and delicious. I will buy.

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