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FULL EVENT: Donald Trump Foreign Policy Speech In Gettysburg, PA (10/22/2016) First 100 Day Plan


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No matter how local media spin the fact, the truth is elected president Trump currently facing two charges. One is Trump collage fraud, the second is the assault of woman.

How did people suppose to test a president that over the pass year,
a) Accusing Preident Obama is a Muslim and ask for his birthday certificate

b) Accusing Obama and Hilary as the person behind ISIS
c) Do not dare to release his tax return and described his act of tax invasion as smart act.
d) Threatening to deport all Mexican and foreigner back to their own country.
e) Keep on assaulting woman and pussy grabbing
f) Don't believe the truth of global warming and described it as an act of Democrat to cheat others.
g) Homophobia to LGBT, don't believe that black life matter.
h) Do not have an actual plan on how to lead a nation but keep on saying have a fantastic plan that never think of yet.
I) No idea on foreign policy
The victory of Trump is an act of rage by angry voter. They will find out that how wrong they are after one year.

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haha interesting. let's judge him in 4 years. nothing is impossible

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