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2018-09-04 17:38 | Report Abuse

I believe the C43 that expire next year deserve higher than a pity 2% premium


2018-09-04 17:36 | Report Abuse

C21 back to negative premium but why no buyer?


2018-05-31 07:12 | Report Abuse

Yes, everything will be bad for Ekovest. Better PN17 the company and ask LKH to jump bridge. Government will mandatory takeover all the toll without paying any debt to bondholder and shareholder. SPE that are currently in construction will also be abort immediately without compensation. All project will be halt. Means Eko owe people a lot of money and can't pay back. It is time to push it down to 0.01.


2018-05-30 21:40 | Report Abuse

Bad company, should just close shop. Shitty QR, Revenue drop, profit drop, no more river front, no more toll, nothing. Tomorrow PN17, TP0.01


2018-05-21 16:53 | Report Abuse

Using federal government fund to buyout DUKE or LITRAK is same logic like using federal government fund to buy Penang Bridge or SPLASH. You think it is fair for people live in other states that do not use the facility but need to pay for it?


2018-05-21 15:48 | Report Abuse

As an investor, we can all shout gone case and curse the management and cut loss in the same time. How much are you going to loss? RM 1mil or 2 mil? However, when the management is also a majority shareholder of the company, they can't do that. Imagine everything you work for your whole life just gone in a few months. I believe they will fight till the end to get a great deal out of it, even if it is not for the shareholders but themselves. If botak really tabao, then who want to bid for government contract again? Once change government everything change and want to compensate people peanut. This is the definition of business friendly for PH? Don't happy just sell and go. Don't need to shout. Nothing is sure until the result is announce.

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2017-12-29 16:50 | Report Abuse

Hi Mr Tan,
My combination as below:
MBSB 25%



2017-12-21 17:18 | Report Abuse

You can look for it in latest annual report. As one of the substantial shareholder, he is required to report to Bursa if he buy / sell any share from time to time. Since, there is no announcement on him ceasing to be substantial shareholder, we can safely assume that he still holding.
Besides that, an analysis on Top 30 Substantial Shareholder, most of them are local / foreign fund. So, I would like to restate my point again, if the situation is that bad, why didnt those top fund selling?

Posted by Kang Yao > Dec 21, 2017 04:22 PM | Report Abuse

where can you find cold eye latest holding?


2017-12-21 14:21 | Report Abuse

I took the figure from latest financial result published in Bursa Malaysia website. Are there any changed subsequently?

The last time I check, EPF up their total holding from 2% to 6% and Cold Eye still holding its 8mil share. Apart from that the director still holding 35%. So, if the future of the company is bad, why did EPF triple its holding and still aggressively buying?

Posted by Snoopy仔 > Dec 21, 2017 02:11 PM | Report Abuse

Noobnew, there is some correction:

iii) Long Term Borrowing – Down* 143% (2016 Q3 RM16.8 mil vs 2017 RM6.9 mil)


2017-12-21 10:10 | Report Abuse

The last time share price hit 1.16 was July 2016. Let’s recap the company position based on the annual report compare to Jun 2016.
i) Cash and cash equivalent – No changes ( 2016 Q3 RM109 mil vs 2017 Q3 RM109 mil)
ii) Short Term Borrowing – Down 16% (2016 Q3 RM8.1 mil vs 2017 RM6.8 mil)
iii) Long Term Borrowing – Up 143% (2016 Q3 RM16.8 mil vs 2017 RM6.9 mil)

Current ratio 7.2 (2016) compare to 4.61 (2017)

Revenue from Particle Segment and Ready to Assemble (RTA) Segment increase 6.8% and 2.5% despite annual factory maintenance.

Main catalyst: i) Tokyo Olympic stimulate the demand for particle board
ii) Fungi Business start contributing in 2018
iii) New production line and automation

Key risk: Higher raw material price, labour shortage, USD MYR weakening

Management action to mitigating risk: Import new technology in creating particle board, automation of factory (Source: Focus Malaysia)

What do you get by paying 1.16?
Free RM 48 million worth of CAPEX compare to July 2016 and consistent dividend yield of more than 4%.

I will do a detail write up soon.

p/s: It is not a buy / sell recommendation but just expression of view. I hold Hevea share for more than 2 years.

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2017-11-04 23:42 | Report Abuse

Hi, as I mentioned clearly in my discussion above. IWC deal is more than enough to cover the acquisition cost. The initial payment had been made and the article from both The Edge and The Star also pointed out that there wont be any default in payment as the counterpart was China. Hence, there will be no money spent by Ekovest as the payment schedule showed that the payment in 2018 and 2019 will be cover the cost.
Put it in simpler term, it is like you are using your current credit card to purchase an item that would generate cash in next 2 month which will be sufficient to cover the cost. It is a win deal. So, why not?

Zillions 04/11/2017 22:33
There are people above asked the right question. Why need to takeover iwcity? Iwcity can hold on to all the positive aspects it have by itself. What's the benefit of consolidating iwcity in Ekovest and having to fork out a premium for it. Remember iwcity is only an 80+sen counter prior IWH takeover news. In all aspects of the potential of iwcity land, at the end of it, it's all future talk, but money spent by Ekovest is now. Make sense?

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2017-11-04 10:40 | Report Abuse
Thanks for the question about the article and overwhelming response. I think the article on The Star above pretty much confirm my theory. Of course, my number is a bit off.


2017-10-31 18:48 | Report Abuse

I dont understand, if LKH dont want to merge then why did he proposed on the first place?


2017-09-05 15:51 | Report Abuse

Posted by nikicheong > Sep 4, 2017 09:15 PM | Report Abuse

Net cash per share is at RM1.61/share. Seems rather high. Would appreciate it if someone could point out if I am missing something.

Given the uncertainty of oil and gas sector. It is wise for management to save cash for rainy day. The company still doing well. Look at their cash flow statement and also order book. Everything is fine. It is just bad year for oil and gas. Unless you have the patient to wait for a) OnG recovery or b)discovery of new business. This stock is not really for FIFO.


2017-06-22 09:33 | Report Abuse

Bro Icon, last time you mentioned that you sold all your Ekovest and never look back because of its political link during the lapse of Bandar Malaysia deal. What make you come back this time with 3 lorries warrant loaded?

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2017-05-05 07:15 | Report Abuse

If market is always right, then market is effective and efficient. Then they will be no need to study for company because current price already reflect all the effective information.


2017-05-04 22:35 | Report Abuse

Why dont people read the SSA singed between EPF and Ekovest? Keep on speculating EPF pull out la, no deal la. Everything is in the agreement. Go read before comment. OK?


2017-05-04 22:11 | Report Abuse

Thats what I am trying to say here. Money already paid EPF and for the guy say EPF make losses on FGV. Please go and read the SSA signed between EPF and Ekovet. If Ekovest unable to generate the IRR request by EPF within the period. Ekovest are required to pay the difference. So, do you think as a managing director and largest shareholder of the company, they will be so stupid to take the money from EPF just to pay them more later? FGV is totally different case. Just shareholding, no SSA sign.

Posted by swiftwind > May 4, 2017 10:06 PM | Report Abuse

noobnnew, I think people are afraid that Duke Phase 3 will be affected as it will be passing by Bandar Malaysia.

However, if I am not mistaken, Duke Phase 3 is considered a done deal and Ekovest will get the project.

Only possibility is missing out on possible Bandar Malaysia projects, however, this is looking too far ahead on something that is not confirmed..


2017-05-04 22:08 | Report Abuse

FGV and Ekovest two different business modal and sector. You must be a superb analyst to do comparison. If political cronies stock must go then first to go DRB Hicom, Gkent, MyEG, FGV, Berjaya Group, Genting Group and a lot more of listed company in Malaysia. And do you really think BN will lose the election?


2017-05-04 21:58 | Report Abuse

What is the relationship between Ekovest and Iwcity despite the same shareholder? One is doing construction and highway business. The other one doing property. Maybe I am too stupid to see the linked.
Ekovest recent project include:
1) Blue River Project by DBKL
2) Pan Borneo Highway
3) Beautification work for Dataran Merdeka and Jalan Tun Perak to Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock and Masjid India
4) Duke 2 & Duke 3
Does any of this project will be affected by Bandar Malysia?
When EPF evaluate Ekovest, project no 1 to no 3 haven't been included. Ekovest is considered undervalue due to the evaluation done on Duke 2 by EPF acquisition. So why people think Bandar Malaysia / IW City will affect Ekovest?


2017-05-04 09:14 | Report Abuse

Thanks to everyone here. Paper profit 23% and counting...


2017-05-04 08:54 | Report Abuse

I beg you guys to sell and limit down please.

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2017-05-03 13:43 | Report Abuse

Unrealistic. Let's say a fresh graduate can earn RM 3k/month. Yearly net income will be RM36k.

According to your formula, he should have RM86,400. Do you think it is possible?


2017-04-28 10:03 | Report Abuse

Cold eye hold more than 50 mil share.

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2017-04-26 09:32 | Report Abuse

The beloved Johnson Lee once claim that he dont use any brokerage house because it is too expensive on the charges. In contrarily, they themselves are their own broker.


2017-03-31 21:14 | Report Abuse

Just add Hevea RM0.02 dividend.


2017-03-01 08:52 | Report Abuse

Just include dividend of Ekovest (0.03 ) per share and 2 to 5 split.



2017-02-22 18:54 | Report Abuse

Tomorrow 0.25


2017-02-22 17:12 | Report Abuse

Result out. Better than expected. Whole year EPS 7.3


2017-02-16 11:32 | Report Abuse

Already issue warning so many time. Chase high king is in means you are doomed. Now he is in SSTEEL and RGB. Look at the share price. I suspect he load a lot earlier. Now write comment ask ppl to buy so he can unload.


2017-02-15 12:24 | Report Abuse

chase high king effect. I think will go below .30 this round


2017-02-14 10:05 | Report Abuse

erkongseng, a lot of ppl know you are chase high king. Whenever you buy, it means I need to sell d. No offence, but can you just stop broadcasting stock.


2017-02-14 09:20 | Report Abuse

Haha, erkongseng in means I should sell d. Whenever he around share price sure drop


2017-02-06 16:18 | Report Abuse

Bull markets are born on pessimism, grown on scepticism, mature on optimism and die on euphoria. When you all sell, I will be busy buying.


2017-01-12 11:49 | Report Abuse

A lot of clown like Hevea, they tend to spread fake news and bad mouthed to drive down the share price so can collect cheap. Last time during 1.1x and consilidation for few months Robertl and Saltedfish like to come here everyday say counter die. After rise to 1.5x, no news but stockraider is here. I think he will be gone if the share price rise to 2.x but for sure another clown will appear again.


2017-01-10 10:36 | Report Abuse

Wow, if Icon at 14sen for WB must be good


2017-01-01 19:50 | Report Abuse

Thanks Mr.Tan for help creating this. Have a great new year.

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2016-12-30 16:53 | Report Abuse

Dear Mr.Tan,

My pick and composition as below:
RGB 15%
MBSB 15%
OKA 10%
Thanks for the effort and happy new year!!



2016-11-25 18:51 | Report Abuse

I dont think those ppl realy read the quarterly report last quarter. That's why all those stupid comment. Higher contribution from construction sector. Overall, I am satisfy.

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2016-11-12 14:15 | Report Abuse

No matter how local media spin the fact, the truth is elected president Trump currently facing two charges. One is Trump collage fraud, the second is the assault of woman.

How did people suppose to test a president that over the pass year,
a) Accusing Preident Obama is a Muslim and ask for his birthday certificate

b) Accusing Obama and Hilary as the person behind ISIS
c) Do not dare to release his tax return and described his act of tax invasion as smart act.
d) Threatening to deport all Mexican and foreigner back to their own country.
e) Keep on assaulting woman and pussy grabbing
f) Don't believe the truth of global warming and described it as an act of Democrat to cheat others.
g) Homophobia to LGBT, don't believe that black life matter.
h) Do not have an actual plan on how to lead a nation but keep on saying have a fantastic plan that never think of yet.
I) No idea on foreign policy
The victory of Trump is an act of rage by angry voter. They will find out that how wrong they are after one year.


2016-09-29 22:43 | Report Abuse

Just wanna ask where is all the sifu like Harry and Erkongseng that promote it hard? All quiet now and go promote other counter? I hold this counter since last Dec and I have seen worse when their Solar business still losing money but company still trading at 80 to 90sen. Now with just three line cut ppl are giving extremely low TP. Just ask some question. Do you believe solar energy is the future? Do you prefer management to keep quiet and not doing anything during low demand or save cost? When other are pessimistic I actually see some opportunity. The problem on retailet are they tend to buy high when good result and sell low during bad news. However the decision still yours to make and by the time of speaking I hold some of the company share.



2016-09-01 15:42 | Report Abuse

Long time didnt come here. Fundamental still intact will hold till year end. Any comment from JNG and Chickmonk?


2016-07-20 09:44 | Report Abuse

this price is ridiculously cheap.


2016-07-20 09:07 | Report Abuse

seem like good Q2 is on its way, ppl start to goreng up


2016-07-19 16:30 | Report Abuse

Thanks a lot. I like this counter but not so familiar with solar business. So need to consult you. Thanks for the clarification.


2016-07-19 16:06 | Report Abuse

Thanks JNG for the clarification. I remember the management said the selling price become lower. Do you think it will affect the profit margin?


2016-07-19 14:54 | Report Abuse

JNG around? Need to consult him on the financial assistance provided by Tek Seng to TS Solartech.

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2016-07-19 14:39 | Report Abuse

Did I say other people wrong? Did I accuse anybody? I just hope you can get the fact right before you comment on other people. I just mentioned two thing, first of all the dividend policy for Hevea is 30% which is approved by the board and pubished in The Star Newspaper. Secondly, I said that I am not the author of the article which is also a fact. Appreciate if you are able to point out which part of my statement is wrong and I am happy to admit it. Thanks

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2016-07-19 14:15 | Report Abuse

Everybody is entitle for their different view, thats why share price move up and down. Please be civilize and don't call other ppl conman. I respect the right of free speech but please do it in polite way and fight with fact and figures. Thanks