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wow this is great stuff. Thanks!


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forgive my ignorance.. can you please enlighten me on the difference between the refineries mentioned here and the plants under Lotte Chemical in Johor or under BASF-Chemicals in Terengganu?

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Different refineries has different complexity. Nelson Complexity Index (NCI) is an index to determine its complexity. A more complex refinery can produce more products and can use more type of crude oil as input. Here is Lotte Titan product: and here is Petronas BASF product You can say BASF Petronas has a more complex output product, but its not a guarantee of profitability. Profitability still depends on the crack spread margin between input price and output price


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Thanks for your explanation. However since your infographic mention MY only have 6 refinery, shouldn't the number be more?


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Using this blog how to forecast Q3 QR?

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Hi, I have read your blog and found it very informative.You pointed out several things that I will remember for years to come. I look forward to reading your next informative work. Thanks!

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