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Posted by ScrewDriver > 2019-05-31 22:00 | Report Abuse

Majority of the world indices sustained heavy beating since last week yet klci was rallying with minimal participations of small cap. The rally of klci was really artificial. Remember our klci pe is over 20, our 30 largest companies by no way is undervalued.


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Posted by KAQ4468 > 2019-05-31 22:34 | Report Abuse

Congratulation CP Teh


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Posted by ks55 > 2019-05-31 22:40 | Report Abuse

He sold his flat.
He sold his cub.
He sold his son's bicycle.

Now he sold all his stock and hold 100% cash.
Read carefully, today he sold only 2 stocks, Pos and Bursa.

He is really a big time gambler.
Sailang and sialang only in one or two stocks.
Either he makes or he breaks.
Fake accountant also cannot challenge him lah.

Get in and out too frequent with meagre capital will soon see his tiny saving vanish in thin air........


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Posted by RainT > 2019-06-01 10:42 | Report Abuse



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Posted by nckcm > 2019-06-01 10:53 | Report Abuse

Next monday the stocks you sold will be tank by foreign investors. They will look for safe haven


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Posted by newbie911 > 2019-06-01 11:09 | Report Abuse

Talk coke


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Posted by 7300 > 2019-06-01 11:39 | Report Abuse

ks55, is that sohai is so good he wont be collecting fees whatnot he no need PLP n canon behind horse,KYY has to work for him!


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Posted by FoolsGold > 2019-06-01 15:10 | Report Abuse

Is it a given, KLCI will follow the path of Dow Jones ? a sure bet could bring unexpected surprise to the assuming, let's see...


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