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Don't give us the bullsh*t Mr. Mashal. more important now is to remove the leached radioactive residue in Lynas compound and Pahang, being a privileged Bumi, where is your patriotism in the land of Melayu. Big deal, spending extra 1.5B for leaching radioactive materials before shipping to Malaysia. We just cannot trust Lynas(you included) for a dirty industry. How much is a live worth, can you bring him back with 1.5B? No one can benefit from this, including our PM. I am a so called 'PENDATANG' and I am more concerned with what can happened to Malaysians in the foreseeable and unforeseeable future. Lynas had accumulated hundreds of thousands of radioactive materials in Malaysia. This must be shipped out of our country. This is a dirty industry and should have not started in the first place, no matter how much is foreign investment attracted. Worse, all rare earth materials produced are shipped to developed countries, exactly how do we benefit? perhaps for a corrupted few?

Posted by William Wang > 2019-06-24 17:52 | Report Abuse

Mr.Mashal, for your information, Aussies won't care for anyone especially ASIANS. Can't imagine that you can bend so low to entertain them for a few bucks'

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