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Posted by calvintaneng > 2020-06-02 21:50 | Report Abuse

Good one

Any Singaporeans reading this post?

Can consider UG Healthcare

For all Malaysians who cannot benefit from this Spore listed stock?

Never mind

2 sanitizer stocks still got value are Nylex and RGTech

Both can do well like UG health as all are in the same battle against Covid 19

Posted by NinjaInPyjamas > 2020-06-04 00:44 | Report Abuse

I found that they don't own all their distribution companies. some 50%, some only 17%. And your calculation have not deducted tax. Directors salary and fees also very high. If they can make SGD8 million consider very good already.


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Posted by bryan2003 > 2020-07-06 00:20 | Report Abuse

hi guys,

just checked online the selling price of Uniglove's antimicrobial glove, the selling price is crazy. It is close to USD 250 per 1000 pcs. Please refer to the link below.


Even though this selling price is from the dealer or distributor. But let's assume Uniglove is selling at USD 150 to the distributor. What kind of profit they are making??

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