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SsLee, thanks for the like.


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TAWIN, December price was keyed in wrongly.
Was 19.5 sen

Today it rose to 24 sen and closed at 23 sen.


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Steel sector ... the new game after the glove game for all to make esee moni !

Just try a small amount n U will know lah.


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Shanghai steel futures fell from a record-high of 5,887 yuan a tonne, in tandem with the prices of steelmaking ingredients such as iron ore, after the Tangshan local government warned mills to tame market price surge and banned steelmakers from spreading price-hike information. Earlier, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang urged the country to take action to control the raw material price rally of recent months. Steel prices and profitability at mills have been rising on strong domestic demand at the start of the construction season, along with environmental restrictions. Global demand is also making a return as more economies reopen, with China’s finished steel exports surging 24.5% from a year earlier in the first four months of the y

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