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Posted by MuttsInvestor > 2021-10-09 21:55 | Report Abuse

LoL ...... Wait for 2021 Economy results of AUSTRALUSA ..... Besides the RECENT Purchased of Copper, Wheat and cotton are ONLY a SMALL amount. Nothing to SHOUT about. Besides ..CHINA .. DID NOT WEAPONIZE TRADE .... The GREAT USA .... Started the Trade War with China with SANCTIONS. As what the USA has BEEN DOING since 1980 and uses the US DOLLAR to weaponize TRADE. DO your Homework.

Posted by ProsperousRealm > 2021-10-10 01:12 | Report Abuse

Why like that one

Posted by ProsperousRealm > 2021-10-10 01:13 | Report Abuse

You think australia economy so small like nz geh

You think so easy for china to bully australia geh

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