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Since when did the SC become a tool to assist Bumi companies with possible nefarious intentions and dubious corporate governance? Simple answer, NEVER!!
I was furious when I read the above article.......and ALL investors should be. Wake up, please!

About SC.
Our mission is "to promote and maintain fair, efficient, secure and transparent securities and derivatives markets; and facilitate the orderly development of an innovative and competitive capital market".

The SC has direct responsibility for rule-making, enforcing regulations pertaining to the capital market, ensuring sustainable market growth and development, supervising capital market activities and market institutions including the exchanges, clearing houses and registered market operators, and regulating all entities and persons licensed under the Capital Markets and Services Act 2007. Based on the SCA, the SC reports to the Minister of Finance and our accounts are tabled in Parliament annually.

Our areas of responsibilities include:

Developing the overall capital market and its market segments such as the equity market, bond and sukuk market, Islamic capital market, fund management, derivatives and other market-based platforms and services;
Facilitating innovation and digital services through the capital market;
Creating avenues for a sustainable financing ecosystem;
Ensuring proper conduct of all market participants through our supervisory, surveillance and enforcement work;
Championing good corporate governance practices; and
Facilitating greater cross-border regulatory co-operation and thought leadership.

Underpinning all our work is a firm focus on investors. Our core mandates to regulate and ensure market growth are always done with the objective of protecting the investors, including initiatives to raise their levels of financial and investment literacy.


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Many investors especially retail investors lost a lot of their hard-earned money invested in these companies & cheated by the companies' falsification & manipulation of their reported earnings. When investors invested in a company, it is regardless of race but the fundamentals & prospects of the company. If a company continuously lost ton of money without improving and expect the government to rescue, the money is rakyat money. At the ends, the share price dropped 90-99% & the major shareholders have not been affected but might be better offs as they have sold off the shareholding earlier, who should protect the right of the investors, and can we forgive these type ugly manipulators. It is regardless of the issue of race! Definitely Awesome TV is playing race card & we should feel very angry & condemn them.


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Aiyo among Awesome TV's directors are Shoplot chairman and his son.


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The point is, if we want to invest in malay base control listed companies, just be extra cautious & do more due diligence to justify your investment loh!

For the chinese especially, remember no one going to help u other than yourself loh!


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AG chamber also withdraws the prosecution against SD .... everything will eventually go in order.....


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Syed Zaid Albar: A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing



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A few months ago, was this one said, he wanted to probe AG over the shares holding? (in which AG clarified that, the holding was not owned by him, but his brother, because his bother using his account for trading)

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