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Howard Marks, a yahudi is a great talent in high fin.
a grad from the v top school of the US = sure become orang.kaya.
he was top at Wharton, oso dtrum's school n did his MBA in U of Chicago, in quants = this MBA grad earn the highest salary upon graduation with high signing bonus, every yr of all MBA.

warren B said, the 1st memo he will read 1st is from Howard Marks.

if u r young, go n hunt for his knowhow.


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Excellent thoughts from Howard Marks

in euphoria people say to good to be true

and in over overpowering skepticism people also say to bad to be true

To say that palm oil bull run is dead is just being in over skepticism which also not
true at all

in this light we see people reacted to palm oil bull on the upside and then reacted to this palm oil brief correction on current weakness

We must have a balanced view by looking all around us

is cooking oil prices going up?

if yes then palm oil co that produce cooking oil should benefit

and look at petrol prices
are they going up?
if so then palm oil demand as a biodisel should be good

Behind every stock is a co selling real goods or providing real services to mankind

So if cooking oil does not collapse neither will the share price of palm oil co that produce it


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Palm oil will rebound from oversold as Cpo prices have stopped falling lower and rebounding due to sunflower oil export from Ukraine drying up and from high Brent oil in USA diverting soyoil to biofuel refinery

Plus last 4 years no more extra palm oil planted due to moratorium in Malaysia and Indonesia banning of forest to new palm oil estates

but from year 2018 till now last 4 years world population has increased by another 320 millions (80 Million more people per year due to 1% population growth of 8 billion people on earth)

Demand will exceed supply and price must rise


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another reason is this

glove is manmade and China could create billions and trillions of gloves at will

China built 1000 bed hospital in 10 days but for palm oil China cannot

Palm oil is by nature
And palm oil needs 5 long years from planting to see 1st drop of cooking oil

As such the bull run for palm oil is still ongoing and the correction is deemed to be only temporary

That is the reason both Tsh, Taann, Sop bosses are buying their palm oil co shares

Even Epf is now selling gloves and buying palm oil shares

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