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34 minutes ago | Report Abuse


it was a terrible month.
let's wish the peak fear was behind us as stock players.

mkt forces r telling the New Owner to do the right thing.
take out your sexy co n put it into this stock.
never waste precious time...


45 minutes ago | Report Abuse


is chosen as the new component stock of the mid 70 stock index on KLSE.
this is the best catalyst for WCEHB to start the new beginning of the VALUE stock...
its the top strongest stock amongst the top 70 list to outperform on the upside going forward...

a few funds buy a bit each = it should fly v high.

At > 76.5, this looks like the power daily macd GC, the right timing pt:



1 day ago | Report Abuse

is solely producing 4 million eggs per day.
its making 10-15 sen per egg.
Say 10, then for a small co, the profit is a huge $0.4 million per day n counting...

its expansion plan is on track to increase to 4.5 million eggs per day.

Worldwide there is a paradigm shift in high egg demand.
EGG is new gold. All EGG co have the best biz.
Many countries r having Shortage of egg supplies, hence the increasing ASP of eggs for years ahead...
n many young exe work from home.
in the western countries, big co also supply hard boiled peeled eggs in their pantries.
this consuming UP trend is coming to asia.



Comparing 2 stocks in the space:

TEOSENG, QR PAT $43.8 million n mkt cap $483 million.
QL, QR PAT $122.6 million n mkt cap a humongous $13,670 million.
VALUE investing is with TEOSENG now.


a. GO for A1 stocks. Avoid sympathy stocks in the theme.

b. How much is an egg now in supermart?
in north america, 108 sen each for white n 186 sen for brown, medium size.
it should be abt the same prices in SIN.

ANG HH, [2023-11-22 7:28 PM]
Here medium sized egg is 50-60 sen each.


1 day ago | Report Abuse

Giant MSCI will do rebalancing today Nov 30th.

Some of MSCI stocks on KLSE will rise in super huge vol.
Try ur luck, key in at high prices to sell.
ur stocks could be sold at high prices at 4.50 p.m. n u buy back lower in the next mkt day.

YTL n YTLPOWR, both r A1 stocks n will masuk KLCI as component stocks.
KLSE will likely announce tomorrow Dec 1st.
n inclusion effective on Mon, Dec 18th.

This is a super good news for both stocks.
Could it be sell on news?
Or to super bull again to HH?


2 days ago | Report Abuse

is so busy with TNB, completed IoT job on 20k only, out of 96k substations.

n it has entered the giant Indon electric co too, i.e. 5 X TNB size.
n on the way to start new IoT biz with water utility co.



Comparing 2 TECH stocks:
i. SMRT, QR PAT $6.99 million n mkt cap $444 million.
ii. SFPTECH, QR PAT $11.03 million n mkt cap $2,220 million.

SMRT's IoT biz is on an exponential growing rate, has lots of increasing mkt cap to the upside...



1 week ago | Report Abuse

The good news flow by Harta on Nov 7th, 2023 with GAP UP
could hv peak for glove.play!



1 week ago | Report Abuse


so many countries r having SHORTAGE in EGG supply.
SHORTAGE = is the only word to super bull run in prices of any stock... like gloves in mid 2020.

TEOSENG's latest QR PAT was at $43.8 million per QR.
Say X 4 = $175.2 PAT p.a. for a small cap stock of $495 million.
A pure EGG supplier, it should be at 2 X ytlpowr price now:



NB: even giant iliot U.S. has shortage in EGG supplies.,.
n so goes up the increasing ASP to suppliers.,.
its unbelievable but TRUE.,.


1 week ago | Report Abuse

QR MONTHS OF 2, 5, 8, 11

a. RISK:
the day of QR PAT announcement is the most risky for stocks.
if bad #, gap down is horrifying.

It could be the months for good stock selection at right timing.
Stocks dare to fly new high on these QR months would be GWS.

NB: Be xtra careful.
mr mkt r away in these mths.
The reactions of QR now r:
v good, up 2-10%
good, down 2-5%
bad, gap down > 10%

Focus on NEW HIGH stocks on dip,,, v few, they r,,,

NB: STOCK MKT is the most efficient cleaning machine.
Do u ever hear that?
ALL those super kocky would be taken in to be completely cleaned up!
it happened to world most kocky in supermx then!

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1 week ago | Report Abuse

SHE suddenly is using reverse phycology on bye.then who needs help to ran on 2nd pres term.

helping an old fren in need is the best tactic.
n the Strategy: SHE will want to be the next G8 member.

n in 5 - 10 yrs, by default, CINA will be # 1 econ monster n so
the # 1 in G8.
no war is required to achieve this.
its RTO at right timing.,.

About 2,500 years ago, Chinese military strategist, Sun Tzu, wrote “The Art of War.”
In it, he said: “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory.
Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”
Tactics and strategy should always complement each other, and are two sides of the same coin.

A1 stocks r the greatest winning stocks on KLSE in every cycle.

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1 week ago | Report Abuse

taruk.dalam is # 1 in europar.
but wanted to be bigger than the u.s.

n what happen with no limit frenship?
taruk.dalam is UNDER SHE forever more.,.

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2 weeks ago | Report Abuse

PureBULL >>>, [2023-11-15 7:21 PM]

🖕 SHE has the BEST words for amore.tit to under stand deeply...

PureBULL >>>, [2023-11-16 1:55 PM]
SHE's message is clear with no uncertain terms.

CINA n u.s. r twin econ bro.
there is no other way out.

SHE was once viewed as the prodigal son, is back!
GOD knows...


PureBULL >>>, [2023-11-16 1:57 PM]
SHE has learned from GOD's best words:
❤️ your neighbor n
❤️ your enemy MORE...


bye.then is so so jealous of SHE who can rule for her lifetime.
n he has to PLP now to so many for big money usd2 billion min, to ran for pres election Nov 2024.


2 weeks ago | Report Abuse

I was asked to comment regularly.

YTLPOWR is 1 of the A1 stock n still is right now on KLSE.
Its daily chart is so so sexy.
Every of its macd GC is an entry pt (x1, y1) i.e. a series of HL, higher low.
n eventually 1 of the finale DC would be the exit pt (x2, y2).


a. n the pro will increase position sizing by pyramiding up.
i.e. enter on dips at around daily macd GC, with faster signal of 4 n 2 hr GC.

b. MACD is the best indicator or device for right timing a stock.
MACD is 88.8% accurate for GWS, great winning stocks only.


1 month ago | Report Abuse


We are pleased to inform you that the 47th AGM of Sarawak Consolidated Industries Berhad ("Company") will be held and conducted virtually through live streaming and online remote voting via Remote Participation and Voting ("RPV") facilities at https://scib-agm.digerati.com.my (Domain registration number D1A119533) provided by Digerati Technologies Sdn. Bhd. in Malaysia and the details are as below:-

Day, Date

Monday, 11 December 2023

2.00 p.m.
Broadcast Venue

B-21-1, Level 21, Tower B, Northpoint Mid Valley City, No. 1, Medan Syed Putra Utara, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan


1 month ago | Report Abuse

focus all energy on them if they appear.,.

most stocks in msia, r taichow from std 1 to std 6, then kaput for multi yrs.

only v selective few will be able to fight all the stale bulls in its CN, Correction,
n reborn to win once again n regrow into Form 1 to score all the way to Form 6.

some super lucky ones could even enter UNI of 4 yrs = MAJOR E of PRIMARY 3 wave.,. =
it means that biz or stock is good n so so good.,.


1 month ago | Report Abuse

PureBULL >>>, [2023-10-23 6:55 PM]
is a Concept & New-Owner-Play stock.

a new-owner is yet to tell the world!
n he might announce last minute like EWEIN did n flied immediately from 66 to 148.
nothing much to research on. stock chart looks tempting...

the huge seller Q could disappear soon.

The old was gone;
force SELL, on Jun 30, 2023. the close price on that day was at 47.

The new BOD is in:

PureBULL >>>, [2023-10-24 2:43 AM]
the GC comes...



1 month ago | Report Abuse

PureBULL >>>, [2023-10-24 3:12 AM]

the power GC to usher in the new beginning of PRIMARY 3,
n its commencement at Form 1 n beyond...

IoT is the latest global happening tech biz.
This should help fly the TP, target price up to Form 6 ++ overshoot by the FIBO ratio.,.



the above showed 3 external funds, FF in Aberdeen n principal n local ambank r buying SMRT...


1 month ago | Report Abuse


Jim Rogers - "Figure out the money and you’ll figure out what’s going on."
Jim Rogers is asking us, where is the big money in charts n to find them ourselves.

yes, where's the big money picture?

There r 4 ways to big money in stocks:

+ is the 3rd best way to win in stocks on KLSE.
+ n usually it gives the BIGGEST money if the new owners r the super greedy type!
+ greedy means, TP, target price could fly multi baggers to 3X to even 10X like hextech did last yr.
+ stock as PLC, is the fastest route for them to be the newly minted billionaires!

Many stocks r happening soon...
Catch them at right timing.
all tech talents r super GREEDY.,. the message i hope to see it comes TRUE soon in SYSTECH...


1 month ago | Report Abuse

PureBULL >>>, [2023-10-18 9:31 PM]
a PENNY stock with 3 new substantial s/holders of 25% of paid up, after 1 : 1 RI.
tis a just attempt at a new HH:



PureBULL >>>, [2023-10-20 3:13 AM]
Pang Kiew Kun, a new substantial s/holder.
His happening Talent:

In 2016, he set up a company named Aresys Industries Sdn. Bhd., an Industrial Automation and Digital System Integration Provider specialized in providing Industry 4.0 transformation, IoT system integration and smart factory solutions. Mr Pang currently is the Managing Director of Aresys Industries Sdn. Bhd. He has successfully supported various Malaysian SME factories to embark on factory digitalization journey via OEE and MES. Other major accomplishments are the complete digitalization rollout for a plantwide MES+OEE+ERP+CRM+E-commerce implementation for 1 factory under Industry4WRD Intervention Fund and also awarded to implement Vision Inspection System for 5 Rubber Glove Manufacturers in Malaysia and Thailand. In 2020, his company had been appointed by SIRIM Bhd to implement IoT & Digitalization for 3 factories, at the same time they also secured Vision Inspection system contract from 2 large Glove manufacturers and Factory Automation Project from a world-leading disk drive manufacturer and data storage company.



1 month ago | Report Abuse

2 mths of bull run on property stocks ended down with
big SS position:

do click on net short position to read n compare:

Mark Twain gave us his words of power:
The stock mkt is a GAME
played by the PRO n
against the little guys.,.


1 month ago | Report Abuse


Mkt Secret: there r 2 to 4 cycles p.a. on KLSE.
we saw
GLOVE rebound-play from mid Mar to May 2023
PROPERTY theme took over n began from Jul to Sep 2023.

A NEW cycle could take some time to show up.


BE GREEDY TO START OF GWS, Great Winning Stocks

i.e. convincingly at std 4 then
best is at Form 1 as round 1 n at Form 4 for round 2.

Be v FEARFUL at euphoria of
std 6 n or Form 6.

n extremely fearful holding stocks in CN, Correction.


1 month ago | Report Abuse

PureBULL >>>, [2023-09-29 10:31 PM]

all the money again is going in to help rebound up
GWS, great winning stocks, of the recent cycle, all the property stock + ytl n ytlpower.
GWS that dropped > 9% of their highest cycle price = must serve
jail term = CN, Correction of 6 to 10 weeks min.

the next new cycle needs money out of last cycle.
n mkt is yet to show a distinct brand new class of GWS of the incoming new cycle.,.

PureBULL >>>, [2023-10-16 12:02 AM]
Last good cycle of property stocks + ytl, ytlpower

r having stale bulls being caught at penthouse n below.
they must enter CN to do jail term.
It will take a long time of 6 to 10 weeks min. for CN stocks to get back to life to New High, or never again!

LOTS of money must be spent to help all the stale bulls to sell at break even pts.
much more money than during the good cycle play is required to go new high.
who can do that financially?

PureBULL >>>, [2023-10-18 3:12 AM]
The passing of property stocks today, is causing players to simply dump out all stocks.

The BUDGET indicated that msia is so poor n will never able to do HSR.
it can only be done if ai win BIG after GE16.,.

stocks that can easily take this heavy beating will likely rise as
the next GWS, Great Winning Stocks of the new cycle.,.


1 month ago | Report Abuse

to fly super high like the next ytlpower to be made component stock of FF index,
driven n mkt operated by the courtesy of 1 of the 2 FF index Insiders, the # 1 taichow.carr on KLSE, we hope...


1 month ago | Report Abuse

is in Form 1 now.
the next push with vol could be real esply
with macd GC at 1 hr edi n that leads consequently to GC of 2 hr n 4 hr.

Other sections / alignments are still under construction and will be opened in stages when completed. It is estimated that the entire stretch of the highway will be fully opened by 2024 =
its doable as all the machinery n man power from all the completed Sections, r channeled into the Section 7 for fast completion.

PureBULL >>>, [2023-09-29 11:02 PM]
Listen to this expressway user:
"WCE will be the first choice for traveling from Kuala Lumpur to North Malaysia because it has a shorter distance and lower tolls than the North-South Expressway. Another important point is that the section from Tapah to Ipoh and Ipoh to Jiangsar is a mountainous road and is relatively dangerous, so From Kuala Lumpur to the North-South Expressway, choose WCE"

'WCE will be the main channel from container lorries to Port Klang and Northern Malaysia, with shorter distances and lower tolls. At present, many container lorries coming out of the port still go around the Southern Expressway because Section 7 has not yet been completed, and if you want to go from Port Klang to Perak, you have to pass through Kuah and Tanjong Karang, which are traffic jam areas, so the container lorry People would rather go around the North-South Expressway. Therefore, once section 7 is opened, people heading north from Port Klang will definitely choose this new road. I'm personally looking forward to it. The section 7 intersection is close to my home and it will shorten my trip to KL by less than an hour. "


1 month ago | Report Abuse


PureBULL >>>, [2023-09-29 10:20 PM]
KLCI could represent the general mkt sentiment.
as indicated by the week chart, the mkt could be generous to give us 2 to 4 cycles p.a:


good to monitor this index constantly.
but play what mr mkt wants to play up.

Property theme play had taken many stocks to so high.
ytl n ytlpower, aax had run a solid course n r not cheap edi.
it's abt choosing fear or greed of the above.
All these stocks have to enter CN, Correction of 6 to 10 weeks minimum.
will they rise up to another HH of a MAJOR up wave?
let the stock charts prompt us to price action.

Rotation play to the next NEW cycle would see a new class of stocks.
New names should take over soon...


1 month ago | Report Abuse

PureBULL >>>, [2023-10-03 12:13 AM]
yinson as case study:

a. the longest weekly macd from DC down to GC = giant purebear
= big LOSS = never hold long term to kena this, gloves were the worst case in sejarah.

b. the longest weekly macd from GC up to abt DC = purebull
= big PROFIT


NB: Never fall in LOVE with FA.
n never ever neglect Price Action Theory of Stock charts.
Focus as the cyclical investors, use Macd, a simple empirical formula, as the right timing device, u must.

yinson's fin stat:
RM 1.2 bil cash
RM 11 bil debt


1 month ago | Report Abuse

PureBULL >>>, [2023-09-29 1:29 AM]
is the latest NEW.OWNER.PLAY stock.

Its new owner is the global top 5 manufacturer of the happening IoT products i.e. just getting started globally.
IoT tech helps in higher productivity n enhance yields in agri biz.
Systech is likely to fly HH like SMRT did, n much more...




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2 months ago | Report Abuse

bye.then, the # 1 gangster in our world is a total failed leader.
he boycotted CINA winter orrlampeak 2022 = the all important reunion dinner.
n there came the R WAR = causing hyper inflation n sufferings in all countries, msia included.

How can he being # 1 boycotted the reunion dinner?
so kurang.pandai he's.

CINA n little u.s. r twin brothers.
CINA was made rich by the grand plan of little deng who copied n learned super well from lky of SIN.
Twin bro can't afford to be separated!

Leadership is the issue.
both SHE n bye.then r too wrong for the peace n prosperity of our world.
they play afool.



2 months ago | Report Abuse

PureBULL >>>, [2023-02-10 2:55 AM]
is prep as a super A1 stock.
restructuring stock with a new.owner is the best subset to the origin of stock mkt that was designed to make
all s/holders super rich.
if the new.owner dares to hoot.9.e with new BIG money, we loot.9.e at right.timing pts.,.


NB: it must stay above 90.5 convincedly now n FOREVER is the word to BIG money!

PureBULL >>>, [2023-09-21 9:13 PM]
took 8 long mths of CN, Correction, to fly HH to the new blue sky...

https://www.tradingview.com/x/Cla5dv3Y/ https://theedgemalaysia.com/node/681232


2 months ago | Report Abuse

probably has hit the euphoria peak of std 6.

uems is the leader to lead all in the biz sector.,.
a meaningful CN, Correction of 6 to 10 weeks minimum is required
to THEN, create HH stock values into sec school of Form 1 to 6.,.



2 months ago | Report Abuse

sifu RCHI did it again at right timing call on entry.

WCEHB likely is the next new ytlpower.
It is entering Form 1 today. n should score all the way to Form 6 like ytlpower did to jln 222...



2 months ago | Report Abuse

gloves TIPU
so many times with
killer words = meaning NO money to buy UP but with words i.e.

hit the bottom edi or
ASP had increased 2 times this mth.,.

we watch.,.

NB: down TREND stocks can REBOUND = up 10 to 30% n that england word takes over again...


2023-08-31 14:45 | Report Abuse

the stock theme now on KLSE is:


lead by ytlpower
1st in Value.Investing as SIN power producer with increasing ASP per kw hr in big SIN dollar, in this HOT spell
n next
as Growth.Investing

with its 1,500 acres of SOLAR RE farm in Skulai = a huge clean green 500 MW RE n
in property as DATA centre to attract n relocate giant tech co in SIN.
it will be a reverse employment for foreigners with flat rate 15% income tax by staying in Forest City only!


2023-08-14 16:55 | Report Abuse

n the 2 new Solar RE Producers...


SUCH A HUGE # in high B n T:
Phase 1 of the NETR detailed 10 flagship catalyst projects and initiatives that could open up energy transition investment opportunities between RM435 billion to RM1.85 trillion by 2050:

Extract of the above news flow:
TIS clean gov has to make PNB n Khazanah rich only.

SOLAR.THEME.PLAY would be the biggest wave to prosperity...
The brand new super mega Solar RE producers r
1. UEM Group not S. but S has a chance by using the sea fronts
2. PNB with giant landbank of SIME will be the faster mover n has chosen
SIMEPROP as its huge Solar RE producer.

The 3 pioneer Solar RE contractors would become multi bagger big stocks soon.
They r

n many many stocks will go crazy wanting to copy them in doing Solar biz.

a. Solar RE producers r highly profitable, a high IRR biz from day 1, with short payback period of abt 4 yrs.
b. SIN is hyper hungry for RE n will buy perpetually, what ever msia can produce n supply!
c. All giant conventional black energy producers esply coal, will lose in values fast n soon.
Many solar RE co with networking, knowhow, money n landbanks will replace them n grow at high speed success...



2023-08-01 12:26 | Report Abuse

PureBULL >>>, [2023-07-31 3:08 PM]
has a substantial new owner, the co-founder of genetec.


SEAL will venture also into new beginning biz in SOLAR RE, the best huge biz now.

chart wise, it's close to or abt at euphoria level of std 6, I guess.
wish it goes into a mild CN, Correction:


News & Blogs

2023-07-31 02:15 | Report Abuse

TIS a super smart man
with the right e n e, encouraging n empowering words required for our country now.

Hopefully the masses will buy his words with power to cut 3 decades of losses.

our lovely msia loss 3 DECADES edi, as compares to INDON = they r so so KAYA.,.
msia is a great RICH country with GOD given resources.
n added with fully blessed with multi diversity of cultures n races,
the right recipe to prosper easily in this high TECH world.

wallstreet never sleeps. so is KLSE!
TIS a time to really work HARD in stocks NOW!


2023-07-27 17:09 | Report Abuse

The new theme this year could be


Solar RE will be the best huge super high growth biz to be in.
This RE biz will grow perpetually.
n so all the 1st movers in SOLAR will be gigantic stocks soon.

Tech innovative knowhow is replacing all ways of production n biz methodologies in the entire world 1 by 1.
There is nothing new in biz, it can't be.
Only Tech is the ROBBER of all old biz n is fast making them obsolete, like black coal power producers r the fast diminishing assets.



NEWS FLOW LEADS US TO GWS, Great Winning Stocks

RE would be the next coming BIG wave.
do u dare to Position well for it...?



2023-07-18 16:42 | Report Abuse


yes or YES, it will be as Nasdaq is the most efficient stock index of our 1 world.
n when Nasdaq moves, so will our TECH stocks be, even in the poorest stock mkt in the world i.e. KLSE.
there will be big play in tech stocks every yr!

unlike commodity stocks like steel, metals, palm oil, ONG in refinery, glove n etc that became yesterYEAR stocks.,.

MY READ, am not in these stocks. I focus on GWS, Great Winning Stocks only:
PENTA is the greatest major tech stock now;


But FF simply love INARI more.
perhaps this stock is the grand son of AVGO,
CEO of PFS, penang, msia, the oldest school in asean.,.



2023-06-27 11:46 | Report Abuse

is 3rd best way to BIG money in stocks.
The successful NEW.OWNERS know deeply How Mkt Works.
They used PLC as the MMM, Money Making Machines at hyper fast speed.

Clean stocks of widow owners, r always up for take over.
Paragon was 1 of those.


2023-06-27 11:09 | Report Abuse

PureBULL >>>, [2023-04-04 4:23 AM]
the imminent GC on 2 hour macd could be in next 2 mkt day. above 63.5 is GC.
Wish this is the power changer to fly it up to new blue sky...


PureBULL >>>, [2023-06-26 12:32 AM]
a NEW.OWNER.PLAY is flying furiously high.

likely is the next GWS, great winning stock on KLSE:



2023-04-23 16:35 | Report Abuse

PureBULL >>>, [2023-04-14 12:37 AM]
Expensive Lesson Learned

BI is a complete waste of time to investors n money to the co.
Most owners of stocks do not know How Mkt Works.
the IB advisory will kon them with BI so that they n fun can dump all their huge holdings on the best news planned to attract demand or retail buyers.
the s/holders structure or foundation of the stock, will be condemned n destroyed after the BI. it's mission impossible to convince another bigger s/holders to come in to buy.

the owners onli want big BI like 2:1 or higher.
then the stock price becomes penny = many funds r not allowed to buy!

PureBULL >>>, [2023-04-14 3:46 AM]
There r 2 to 4 cycles p.a.

This round, Glove Theme.Play is 1 of those cycles, UP 40 to 65% edi.
All the funds n most active players r all in gloves, a big sector that requires huge amount of money to move that needle considerably.
Being a poor mkt, KLSE can only handles 1 theme.play at a time, meaning all stocks stop to respect gloves, a big losing money biz now,,,

When glove is confirmed at euphoria peak, these funds n players will move their money very fast to other stocks n sectors.
Next week, we focus on n watch the next in-coming show.


2023-04-12 11:05 | Report Abuse

PureBULL >>>, [2023-04-11 10:40 PM]
In good times, prepare for bad.
This meaningful rebound is a MAJOR wave of big money.
When it matures, Intermission, IM takes over.
tg 115 ceiling vs 113 floor
harta 220 vs 214
1 of these 2 prices decides the trend. let's focus.


NB: glove biz is still a losing money biz. it takes time for fundamental to catch up.
Bernard Baruch, an ancient yahudi who excelled in stock investing n was chosen as the adviser to 3 U.S. Presidents.

Listen carefully to his quotes:



2023-04-12 11:03 | Report Abuse

PureBULL >>>, [2023-04-11 10:40 PM]
In good times, prepare for bad.
This meaningful rebound is a MAJOR wave of big money.
When it matures, Intermission, IM takes over.
tg 115 ceiling vs 113 floor
harta 220 vs 214
1 of these 2 prices decides the trend. let's focus.


NB: glove biz is still a losing money biz. it takes time for fundamental to catch up.
Bernard Baruch, an ancient yahudi who excelled in stock investing n was chosen as the adviser to 3 U.S. Presidents.

Listen carefully to his quotes:



2023-04-04 16:36 | Report Abuse

PureBULL >>>, [2023-04-03 9:22 PM]
this pic looks like it has just entered Form 1.
n the height of its potential big money in MAJOR C is tempting.
I hope it comes true soon.



2023-04-01 15:31 | Report Abuse

sifu Mikecyc,
let us all be sensitive only to all things RIGHT, o.k.
most importantly, catch early all the great winning stocks KLSE can ever provide in each cycle of good money,,,

Listen carefully to sifu pang72, he's daring at right stocks I know of.

Have FUN n enjoy with these:


the world amazing singer with deep touching feeling: