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Posted by Hoho22 > 2022-06-25 20:11 | Report Abuse

Crying wolf is back again


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Posted by emsvsi > 2022-06-25 20:56 | Report Abuse



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Posted by Tobby > 2022-06-25 21:25 | Report Abuse

AYS is hopeless! Yeah, just my prediction!

Posted by enumaelish > 2022-06-26 08:18 | Report Abuse

Chart is downtrend wor?!


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Posted by hng33 > 2022-06-26 11:54 | Report Abuse

Typically asking everyone to help pumping again, then quietly dumping later, cycle to repeat again


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Posted by Sslee > 2022-06-26 12:43 | Report Abuse

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times, shame on both of us.

Dec 13, 2021 10:54 PM | Report Abuse 

As I said earlier, I started selling at 91 sen about 5 week ago when AYS started dropping. I continued selling until it has reached rock bottom 52 sen so that I have a lot of money to buy back at cheaper price. A few days ago when I saw its trend reversal, I started buying.

I openly wrote down trading for public information.
I wrote all these down so that those especially HIGHCHAPERAL who have bought my share when I sold can learn a good lesson. I have nothing to hide. I did not hide behind a fictitious name. Remember to sell when it is down trend and buy when it is up trend. The best time to buy is at the trend reversal pivoting point.
Koon Yew Yin


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Posted by Income > 2022-06-26 13:32 | Report Abuse

Cakap sedap hati Uncle saja. Nobody cares.


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Posted by GoldenShares > 2022-06-26 13:57 | Report Abuse

high gearing !


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Posted by Tobby > 2022-06-26 14:07 | Report Abuse

Posted by Sslee > Jun 26, 2022 12:43 PM | Report Abuse

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times, shame on both of us.

Answer : What shame! Grandpa Koon has 3 ton concrete face!

Posted by Want2MakeMoney > 2022-06-26 18:05 | Report Abuse

Sekejap hopeless stock, Sekejap banyak bagus stock. Roti-Prata King

Posted by TraderAlways > 2022-06-26 19:24 | Report Abuse

Ays is dropping continuously. Clever investor should know what to do.


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Posted by speakup > 2022-06-26 22:04 | Report Abuse

AYS good company
but reputation tarnished by KYY

Posted by nickinvests > 2022-06-27 01:21 | Report Abuse

i3 admin pls do ur work n stop promoting this trash


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Posted by Tiger62 > 2022-06-27 10:05 | Report Abuse

By Mr. Koon logic, a good company or a hopeless company is depend on the current market share price and NOT your so called misleading golden rule. You are conflicting, confusing yourself over and over again. The whole intention is to promote the company so that the retail investors will buy and being cheated again. Never ending scammer and liar. Someone should report him.


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Posted by piranha88 > 2022-06-27 10:35 | Report Abuse

All these sifus tell half the story only to enrich themselves. So sad for them - so rich yet so poor.


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Posted by beinvested > 2022-06-27 11:48 | Report Abuse

Deeds are contagious.

Do bad things, the rest will respond with bad things.
Do good things, every one will follow.
A person's characteristic is dependent on the environment he/she is growing up.

When inspiring people to do good things, the reward at the End is huge.
The End is referring to the Life in eternity which is not in this world.

The PE of this counter is less than 2.


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Posted by beinvested > 2022-06-27 12:07 | Report Abuse

Sufferings in this world is to clean the impurities in our souls.

lawsuits, financial losses, hospitals, sickness, disobedient children, divorce, inflation, unemployment, high national debts, bankruptcy...

Genesis - NIV

Genesis 2 -
7 Then the Lord God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.

The Lord is the Giver of Life, He breathed into Adam, the breathed of Life, then Adam became human and alive.

The souls belong to the Creator. Remove the souls, we are the dead bodies and lifeless. The souls control the movements of our hands, legs, muscles...

The sufferings in this world are better than the torture in the world after.
When the Lord to recall our souls, the souls will be returned to Him as clean as when given during the child births.


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Posted by TOP WIN > 2022-06-27 14:49 | Report Abuse

这个时候进场,很好的建议 。我跟 ...... 。


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Posted by speakup > 2022-06-27 16:12 | Report Abuse

AYS no movement, means KYY no more credibility already

Posted by Want2MakeMoney > 2022-06-27 21:14 | Report Abuse

Old man probably feels good when he get all these negative comments. I have said many times, despite all negative or sometimes abusive comments from everyone, he still likes to write. I guess he doesn't read comments from the community, still thinking people enjoy reading his articles. haha


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Posted by tehka > 2022-06-27 21:32 | Report Abuse

Must remember, uncle is here to make money from you and me, not to help you and me make money. There is no charity in share market, everyone is fair game


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Posted by Russel > 2022-06-28 12:31 | Report Abuse

KYY = Price from Holland who favorite food was Roti Canai Kari Ikan!

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