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Posted by chinaman > 2023-02-26 13:37 | Report Abuse

MYR275million budget vs MYr45billion revenue from tourism receipt. seems like very big mismatch.....


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Posted by TreeTopView > 2023-02-26 13:57 | Report Abuse

"In the budget speech by Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim on Friday, the ministry was allocated RM970 million. Of this amount, RM250 million was earmarked to promote tourism."

Spend the money wisely and stop complaining.

Perhaps there should be some consideration given to the type of tourists you want to attract. If it is Westerners and modern thinking Asians from places such as China, South Korea or Japan, then it might be time to have a serious chat with your Islam dominated states to review and reconsider their current dress codes.
Whether they want to welcome people with a fistful of cash who are keen to dress in suitable attire that suits the hot and humid weather that the country is dominated with doesn't need ANY money spent on it.

I would suggest that many would prefer to visit Thailand where there is no restrictions in attire and what they want to eat or drink.

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