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See even foreigners use the word BET for our Bursa Malaysia becoz they know we are Casino De Bursa!


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Posted by calvintaneng > 1 week ago | Report Abuse

The Salient Factors for Malaysia

1. Pro-active Govt
Pm Anwar roped in Nvidia & others to invest in Malaysia

2. Malaysia has abandon land, cheap labour, low cost water & power

3. Malaysia long neglected has a low based Share index

4. US Versus China trade war cause relocation to neutral Malaysia

5. Possible Trumph winning Election will drive even more FDI inflow from China & others

6. Highly skilled Tech workers since 50 years history in Bayan Lepas , Penang gives Malaysia an edge

7. To crown it all. Powell reducing Interest rate will cause FUNDS to move out of USA to Emerging Market in General

& Malaysia in Particular

Calvin's Best Picks

1. TSH RESOURCES (Must buy and hold)
3. JCY


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Posted by PureBULL ... > 1 week ago | Report Abuse

Mr Mkt is v focus.
he knows, only follow thru buying with tonnes of retailers in can only fly high a stock.

E-Invoicing, DC n now AI stocks shd hv high buying demand to power them to the new blue sky...

1) Starting a portfolio is like starting to do a new biz of risk with capital.
News flow tells the best biz to go into.
go after those stocks instead of doing biz ourselves.
GWS grows from that in every cycle. catch them early as low hanging fruits.

DC Theme is simply incredible right now...
its just abt to begin with all the top giant tech co confirmed coming all at once at right timing, into JB 1st n v few in KL.

2) Follow thru buying only will fly up a stock to new blue sky. stocks always hv that rocket trend power.
Focus on them to outperform.
WHY? bcos, if the entire nation on herd instinct play that stock = u chia..boey..leow betul..betul...

like top scorers in exam do,
spot that Essay Topic in stocks, then just do it...


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Posted by speakup > 1 week ago | Report Abuse

listening to BFM now : Bet For Malaysia (Judi Untuk Malaysia)
Bet small win small
Bet Big win Big
Ini kalilahhhhhhhhhhh!!!

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