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Posted by ThePowerOfGlove > 2020-09-19 00:50 | Report Abuse

Klu ten times 10% sudah jadi 100% juga

Posted by ThePowerOfGlove > 2020-09-19 00:51 | Report Abuse

Very good

Posted by ThePowerOfGlove > 2020-09-19 00:51 | Report Abuse


Posted by ThePowerOfGlove > 2020-09-19 00:51 | Report Abuse

Well done

Posted by ThePowerOfGlove > 2020-09-19 00:51 | Report Abuse


Posted by ThePowerOfGlove > 2020-09-19 00:52 | Report Abuse

Keep up the good work


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Posted by nklye > 2020-09-19 16:21 | Report Abuse

Keep up the good ranting... o:) 0:)


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Posted by zamriia > 2020-09-21 08:24 | Report Abuse

fly soon


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Posted by kun1971kun > 2020-09-21 21:31 | Report Abuse

waiting the QR.........


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Posted by zhm540 > 2020-09-24 14:32 | Report Abuse

186 million new esos shares... that's why keep dropping...very sad for those employees who subscribed to it.


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Posted by moneytr33 > 2020-09-24 14:38 | Report Abuse

Another netx in making.?


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Posted by Eric963708 > 2020-09-24 16:36 | Report Abuse

totally not fair for those buy at high price


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Posted by BILLC > 2020-09-24 16:55 | Report Abuse

What to do,,,,,Pang chow sai counter is like this lah,,,,,,


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Posted by zamriia > 2020-09-24 18:42 | Report Abuse

this counter got hope or not

Skng Keong

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Posted by Skng Keong > 2020-09-25 07:37 | Report Abuse

No hope lah.


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Posted by kun1971kun > 2020-09-26 00:19 | Report Abuse

QR out, ermmmm......no hope


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Posted by kun1971kun > 2020-09-29 11:39 | Report Abuse

This counter really very quite....


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Posted by moneytr33 > 2020-09-29 16:47 | Report Abuse

Not yet appoint Non-Independent Director to replace Robbie... goreng coming?


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Posted by tkl88 > 2020-09-30 16:29 | Report Abuse

Special Report: Hidden hands behind penny stock surge
The Edge Malaysia/The Edge Malaysia
September 30, 2020 14:00 pm +08


ASTUTE market observers would have noticed on the local bourse a group of individuals, supposedly acting in concert, who have amassed shares in more than 20 publicly traded companies. These companies — linked via shareholding and directorships — are often on the most actively traded list, with huge, fluctuating share prices.
“It (the companies) is all linked to the same person; usually, the most actively traded list on a daily basis involves these counters,” one source says when asked which are the companies that are linked.
However, research by The Edge (see chart on the 21 companies) indicates that while other businessmen have surfaced, the individual said to be in control of the group of companies is not officially onboard or present as a shareholder.

“This [his not surfacing] could be due to several issues,” another source adds.
It is also telling that nine of the 21 companies mentioned — AT Systemization Bhd, MLabs Systems Bhd, Focus Dynamics Group Bhd, mTouche Technology Bhd, Fintec Global Bhd, XOX Bhd, M3Technologies (Asia) Bhd and NetX Holdings Bhd — have their principal place of business, head office, business office or corporate office in Menara Lien Hoe, near Tropicana Golf Country Resort in Petaling Jaya. On its website, Lambo Group Bhd states that its address is at Menara Lien Hoe, even though the address in its annual report is in Old Klang Road in Kuala Lumpur.
In 2006, Lien Hoe Corp Bhd sold Lien Hoe Tower Sdn Bhd, which owns Menara Lien Hoe, to privately held E-Globalfocus Sdn Bhd for RM1 and the assumption of RM43 million in debts.

Meanwhile, E-Globalfocus was 68%-controlled by Cubes Innovative Sdn Bhd, a company 99%-controlled by Chuah Hock Soon. Chuah and businessman Datuk Kenneth Vun @ Vun Yun Lun were charged with four others in July 2014 for allegedly manipulating DVM Technology Bhd shares in March 2006.
Vun has had several issues with the Securities Commission Malaysia and, in 2009, had to restitute RM2.496 million — being the amount of company funds that he had caused to be misused for his personal benefit, according to the regulator — to his then flagship FTEC Resources Bhd.
Since FTEC — which morphed into Tecasia Bhd and later Mangotone Bhd — was delisted, Vun has had little direct presence in the market. However, Vun’s two sisters, Carol Vun On Nei and Grace Vun Siaw Nei, hold stakes of 3.64% and 0.67% respectively in Xidelang Holdings Ltd.

Fragmented shareholding
While Fintec Global seems to be a prominent company at the centre of the maze, its shareholding is fragmented, with several blocks of shares parked under Sanston Financial Group Ltd. In several of the 21 companies on the list, Sanston Financial is present in the shareholding list.
Other companies that surface as shareholders in these list of companies include Global Prime Partners Ltd and Cita Realiti Sdn Bhd, a private company wholly-owned by one Kamarudin Khalil.
Other shareholders, albeit usually holding small stakes, among the 21 companies include Datuk Jacky Pang Chow Huat — who, apart from a 11.84% stake in Sanichi Technology Bhd — has small stakes in DGB Asia Bhd, Focus Dynamics, MNC Wireless Bhd and Xidelang. Pang is also a director in Sanichi Technology.
Meanwhile, businessman Mak Siew Wei has 23.4% in AT Systemization, 17.07% in Green Ocean Corp Bhd and small stakes in Focus Dynamics and Xidelang. He is also a director at AT Systemization, Green Ocean and Saudee Group Bhd.

Datuk Eddie Chai Woon Chet recently acquired a 62.37% stake in restaurant operator Oversea Enterprise Bhd, and has a 6.71% shareholding in Anzo Holdings Bhd, where he is managing director and has a board position in M3Technologies (Asia). Another name frequently seen is Datuk Kua Khai Shyuan, who, besides a 5.9% stake in mTouche Technology, has small shareholdings in Focus Dynamics, PDZ Holdings Bhd and Sanichi Technology, and has board seats on Trive Property Bhd, DGB Asia and MNC Wireless.
Former Umno treasurer and former Bank Simpanan Nasional Bhd chairman Datuk Abdul Azim Mohd Zabidi surfaces as a director in four of the companies — Fintec Global, DGB Asia, Anzo and XOX.
Most of the companies are loss-making and small in terms of market capitalisation, with the exception of Focus Dynamics, which has a market value exceeding RM5 billion. Nevertheless, Focus Dynamics, which is involved in operating food and beverage outlets, seems to be the star performer, with its stock price hitting a multiple-year high of RM2.64 recently on Sept 17, despite mustering a meagre RM3.08 million in net profit from RM20.72 million in revenue for its six months ended June this year.
Year to date, Focus Dynamics stock has gained about 400%.

Irrational exuberance
Trading volume on most of the 21 companies is generally high, and many have .......

Posted by Bigsharkdestroyer > 2020-10-05 09:35 | Report Abuse

Up up up

Posted by Bigsharkdestroyer > 2020-10-05 09:41 | Report Abuse

Is time to wake up volume so big

Posted by Bigsharkdestroyer > 2020-10-05 09:53 | Report Abuse

Faster buy before it’s too late

Posted by Bigsharkdestroyer > 2020-10-05 15:30 | Report Abuse

Goreng soon

Posted by Bigsharkdestroyer > 2020-10-05 15:30 | Report Abuse

Up up


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Posted by KarLeongHo > 2020-10-12 18:29 | Report Abuse

gg liao

Posted by smallwhitemouse > 2020-10-14 12:33 | Report Abuse

this counter slept aldi? previous so many volume..now slowly up and down


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Posted by jimw88 > 2020-11-09 19:50 | Report Abuse

Faster Goreng again . hehehe


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Posted by kun1971kun > 2020-11-10 10:55 | Report Abuse

Anyonecan help? Need some info...
Can I convert mnc-pa now? Any cost?


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Posted by megat36 > 2020-11-12 14:27 | Report Abuse

go go go...goreng to 0.12...100% today..another 100% tomorrow...


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Posted by winterwolf > 2020-11-12 16:09 | Report Abuse

kun17971kun, why bother doing conversion, sell 2 lots PA at 3 sen and buy 1 lot mtronic at 6 sens work out to be the same.


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Posted by megat36 > 2020-11-12 19:13 | Report Abuse

where 0.12?goreng la wey....


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Posted by kun1971kun > 2020-11-13 01:35 | Report Abuse

@winterwolf, I'm not convert, just learning.... PA + 0.12=0.15...why people
still want buy PA???

Posted by flyingtomoon2020 > 2020-11-13 03:04 | Report Abuse

Mnc gogogo

Posted by flyingtomoon2020 > 2020-11-13 03:04 |

Post removed.Why?


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Posted by joni > 2020-11-13 09:56 | Report Abuse

high volume can go 65 anytime


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Posted by megat36 > 2020-11-13 10:43 | Report Abuse

at start game again ma....no one want to play mnc...


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Posted by hkhk > 2020-11-13 12:45 | Report Abuse

so fast game end ke


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Posted by L A > 2020-11-13 15:10 | Report Abuse

i think will be up


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Posted by L A > 2020-11-13 16:00 | Report Abuse

waiting 0.055

Posted by TheTruth88 > 2020-11-14 22:36 | Report Abuse

Tp how much


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Posted by Zolan2020 > 2020-11-16 00:02 | Report Abuse

12 sen next month


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Posted by hkhk > 2020-11-16 09:49 | Report Abuse

ada big news ke?


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Posted by 12king12 > 2020-11-16 16:14 | Report Abuse

wake up....


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Posted by bonds56 > 2020-11-16 18:12 | Report Abuse

MNC tomorrow hit 8 cents??

Posted by yoonzeng > 2020-11-16 20:22 | Report Abuse

can 0.12?


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Posted by thesteward > 2020-11-16 23:19 | Report Abuse

Yes possibillity 15 if hold

Posted by smallwhitemouse > 2020-11-17 08:52 | Report Abuse

wow..up so many??

Posted by smallwhitemouse > 2020-11-17 08:53 | Report Abuse

i hold for months..hope really up


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Posted by hkhk > 2020-11-17 11:24 | Report Abuse

need big news

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