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Posted by petronasgloves > 2022-04-25 11:25 | Report Abuse

is time to pick up .... T7 time to go for glory soon ?


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Posted by Noni > 2022-05-03 11:14 | Report Abuse

Petronas cable kuat

Posted by petronasgloves > 2022-05-06 14:16 | Report Abuse

Only hengyuan strong, sad....

Posted by petronasgloves > 2022-05-06 14:17 | Report Abuse

Petronasgas also strong.


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Posted by Weenome > 2022-05-11 12:26 | Report Abuse

Why this counter not active

Posted by petronasgloves > 2022-05-13 12:31 | Report Abuse

Good FA, but no volume, no sihu sihu bring them fly.

Posted by petronasgloves > 2022-05-19 11:52 | Report Abuse

Petronas bring everyone fly, my t7 no fly

Posted by petronasgloves > 2022-05-19 11:52 | Report Abuse



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Posted by Weenome > 2022-05-19 23:17 | Report Abuse



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Posted by didi7349 > 2022-05-25 17:36 | Report Abuse

qr so so....

Posted by petronasgloves > 2022-05-27 11:54 | Report Abuse

need more time only

Posted by petronasgloves > 2022-05-30 15:51 | Report Abuse

Good move, everyday moving small step

Posted by petronasgloves > 2022-06-01 02:37 | Report Abuse

One day up, another day down.... When want to sky rocket to the moon


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Posted by fooming > 2022-12-14 11:57 | Report Abuse

T7 Global Bhd’s unit has secured a work order from Hibiscus Oil & Gas Malaysia Ltd to undertake well workover, and plug and abandonment services.


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Posted by fooming > 2022-12-14 11:58 | Report Abuse

The two-year work order was awarded to Tanjung Offshore Services Sdn Bhd under the Pan Malaysia Umbrella Contract, on a call-out basis.


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Posted by ariffiin > 2022-12-15 12:33 | Report Abuse

T7 Global Bhd’s unit and Siemens Logistics Pte Ltd has won a contract to upgrade the baggage handling system (BHS) contract at Terminal 1 of the KL International Airport (KLIA)


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Posted by ariffiin > 2022-12-15 12:34 | Report Abuse

The new BHS will feature Siemens Logistics' VarioBelt belt conveyor, which will give the airport a higher storage capacity of 2,500 bag positions


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Posted by ariffiin > 2022-12-15 12:35 | Report Abuse

T7 Kemuncak Sdn Bhd and Siemens Logistics will execute the project, awarded by Malaysia Airports (Sepang) Sdn Bhd, in three sections while the airport is in operation.


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Posted by ariffiin > 2022-12-15 12:36 | Report Abuse

Siemens Logistics will provide the latest conveying technology including VarioTray to boost the baggage throughput. The VarioTray, [a] high-speed conveyor system connected between the Main Terminal Building and Satellite A, will enable bags to be transferred swiftly and securely between the two buildings.


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Posted by ariffiin > 2022-12-15 12:37 | Report Abuse

the system will have a high-performance low-level and high-level (BagIQ) control software, which enables the smart management of baggage handling processes and completes the overall offering.


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Posted by ariffiin > 2022-12-15 12:38 | Report Abuse

T7 Kemuncak will be responsible for BHS installation, steel support construction, refurbishment of supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) control rooms, server rooms and X-ray screening rooms and IT infrastructure.


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Posted by ariffiin > 2022-12-15 12:40 | Report Abuse

The project management team will deliver the project in live airport environment without intervening the daily airport operations .This marks another milestone for our construction division to expand our horizon in the airport logistics business," said T7 Global group


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Posted by Lsly88 > 2022-12-15 16:29 | Report Abuse

hope less ctr.. announcing such a big contract yet not a single research house talk about it,,no wonder price action lousy. might as well take pte lor


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Posted by azfar8 > 2023-01-25 17:13 | Report Abuse

Another big projects. But can this stop move up or still sleep? Investor might feel boring and frustrated. Let see what tomorrow bring about.


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Posted by newbie9893 > 2023-02-27 13:51 | Report Abuse

Very good quarterly results, QoQ +218.05% & YoY +263.11%...limit up ..


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Posted by Albukhary > 2023-02-27 16:35 | Report Abuse

50 sen should not be a problem


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Posted by sherlock > 2023-02-28 02:03 | Report Abuse

should take time to climb higher,but on steady path,next quarter onward BAYAN MOPU will start to contribute positively,can expect better result going forward,as contribution from MOPU alone should more than RM100 million Revenue per year for the next 10 year,i am looking on 15-20% Net margin on that.


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Posted by Kasik0rn > 2023-03-23 14:51 | Report Abuse



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Posted by csan > 2023-06-13 11:27 | Report Abuse

this stock will rally when bayan mopu hits first gas at end of this month


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Posted by UnicornP > 2023-06-13 13:24 | Report Abuse

Go in only if it pass 44c.


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Posted by adikkici > 2023-06-16 12:44 | Report Abuse

Same like menang-wc. Hope can touch 50 sen


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Posted by Jaeger > 2023-06-19 05:41 | Report Abuse



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Posted by HuatAh8809 > 2023-06-26 06:37 | Report Abuse

Secure 1.63 billion contract from a global oil player..

Will announce this week..

Be patience


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Posted by BursaKakis > 2023-07-12 14:31 | Report Abuse

T7 Global's TSeven Elise facility commences production at Bayan field


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Posted by smart88 > 2023-07-12 15:59 | Report Abuse

Not moving also....


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Posted by k3nthiew > 2023-07-14 09:18 | Report Abuse

T7 could possible be another Yinson. The MOPU will provide a long term recurring income to T7 like FPSO to Yinson. T7 1st leasing MOPU which achieved first gas in Bayan field will contribute significant amount to T7 while the second MOPU in Nong Yao is up coming.

Posted by badaksumbu > 2023-07-30 17:29 | Report Abuse

Gerak 1 hari je . Harap2 dapat cecah 50 sen


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Posted by Albukhary > 2023-08-24 18:19 | Report Abuse

Hooray... Hooray...


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Posted by linheng > 2023-09-04 17:54 | Report Abuse

Touch 50 cents straight cirit birit. Why?


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Posted by jojo85 > 2023-11-22 16:11 | Report Abuse

Another good qr, but price not moving at all


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Posted by choop818 > 2023-11-26 08:58 | Report Abuse

Anyone can explain why Tan Sri nik Norzrul Thani suddenly increased his shareholding? Will he eventually be the controlling shareholder? If so, why?


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Posted by cactus81 > 2023-11-27 08:59 | Report Abuse

Good quarterly result. Somemore Tan Sri bought it at 0.52.


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Posted by choop818 > 2023-11-27 20:32 | Report Abuse

Tan Sri allowed to take controlling interest by the other Tan Sri?


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Posted by Dehcomic01 > 1 month ago | Report Abuse

This is a Bursa energy services company. My analysis shows that over the past decade, there was a 0.72 correlation between the Brent crude oil prices and T7 Global revenue for the next year. This meant that Brent crude prices for the year can explain for about half of T7 Global revenue for the coming year. https://i.postimg.cc/tTYc8nHx/T7-Global.png
For the short term fundamental investor, this is must be a useful forward indicator. Unfortunately the average Brent crude oil prices in 2023 is about 25 % lower than that for 2022. Based on this simple indicator, we would expect T7 Global 2024 revenue to be lower than that for 2023.
This is not exactly good news. Its Sep LTM 2023 ROE was about 10%. Over the past 5 years before this, they were at best about 7%. The market reacts to short term news. Does it mean that the current prices are expected to decline?
If so why look at T7 Global when there are other Bursa companies while having an oil & gas arm is not totally dependent on it? An example is Naim which owns Dayang. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=quk378SFfCg


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Posted by jenabchen123 > 2 weeks ago | Report Abuse

Rally day for T7? Another Yinson.


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Posted by jojo85 > 2 weeks ago | Report Abuse

T7 = Yinson? Myb next hundred years..


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Posted by jenabchen123 > 2 weeks ago | Report Abuse

0.48 now. Can touch 0.50 today.


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Posted by starhock > 1 week ago | Report Abuse

going to break 0.5

Posted by harvest6138 > 2 days ago | Report Abuse

Good QR , when 2nd MOPU start operating (should be this quarter if not wrong), the revenue and profit shall increase accordingly...


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Posted by joni > 2 days ago | Report Abuse

hold for dividend. 60 sen coming

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