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To be honest, all western leaders have failed to contain Covid19! In this type of situation, you need nerve of steel to pull the trigger! Unfortunately, Donald Trump fail to bite the bullet!
And so US becomes the highest infected nation in the world! If Donald fail to see this, he will also going to lose November election, if there's a November election given by then, serious outbreak of Covid19!
At this point, we may see repeat of Spanish flue that infected half a billion humans! Mind you, in modern terms, 3 billion will be infected in coming months!


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Crazy comment. Hot country is not going to happen.
Before tis happen china will take over usa land

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At this point of time, there's no vaccine or cure! Burn this in your mind! Absolutely no vaccine or cure no matter what media are telling you! And at certain point, Covid19 will mutate!


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Dear Datuk Sri,
Getting Covid-19 is not a dead sentence: Update as below:
China: 81,439 cases Death: 3,300 recover: 75,449
World: 714,453 cases Death: 33,617 recover: 150,181
What has been found?
Many people have recovered from Covid-19, meaning it was already known that the immune system can successfully fight the virus.
But for the first time, the research identified four types of immune cells which presented to fight Covid-19. They were observed by tracking a patient who had a mild-to-moderate case of the virus and no previous health issues.

At current stage since no vaccine or effective anti Sars-CoV-2 drug was found yet the best way is avoid getting Sars-CoV-2 virus from entering your lung by wearing mask,, social distancing and frequent washing of hands and building up your body immune system any way you can to fight the virus if it enter your lung.

Thank you

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