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Yeah, basically, Mohiden has no choice! Using Bersatu is like ship with holes! Beside, Mahathir Mukriz will be buggers years to come!
Insiders already proposed a new party called Perikatan! Yeah, it's that PN thingy!
Perikatan will be open to all! Because Assmin cartel has few non malays like Tian Chua and the rest to take care of! It's like PKR except malay first malaysian last kinda thingy!
I don't know! Despreate time require desperate measures i guess! But one thing is certain, Mohiden Assmin political career is on it's dead end!

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I guess Sheraton Move was ill planned! Both Mohiden Assmin are in deep turd! They are like captains in borrowed ship!


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Yes, agreed, betrayers or ship-jumpers won't last long. They'll be drown with time... We have seen many examples in the past. People just don't trust such devils who too used to ride on people they think are stupid and yell on 'Demi Rakyat, Agana. Bangsa dan Negara"... but actually demi perut dan saku sendiri....

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